Why you should not apply SEO at the beginning phase of your business

Why you should not apply SEO at the beginning phase of your business 

SEO, or Search Engining Optimization, has been promoted online for years as a popular way to get free traffic.However, not all business fits this traffic strategy. The term “FREE” may sound attractive, but there are more traps than benefit when it comes to business.

There is some disadvantage of SEO :

Unpreditable cost :

Ranking a website isn’t easy and it usually took months to years, after years Google has changed its algorithm, it takes multiple factors – original content, backlink,  domain ages …etc into consideration, you will have to create lots of contents and build lots of backlinks, in order to rank, however, the cost isn’t estimate-able because you never know how much is enough . And when everyone is competing for the same group of keywords, it makes ranking on Top even harder.

Unstable Traffic 

Unless you reach top pages of Google, you will hardly get any traffic, it usually took months of work in order to get top pages, but you will never know when the algorism will change and when you will be outranked by your competitors. Especially when you are competing with hot keywords, your competitors will spend as much money and time on new content and backlink as you do.now you are in Arms Race of link-building.


Scalablity is the secret for all 7 figure business, and unfortunately, SEO traffic isn’t scalable, imagine that you had spent months of time to rank your website, how do you 2x or even 10x the result? you have to do it again! and it’s really frustrating!

Better Alternative?

I always recommend my client to run PPC ad to drive traffic, it’s on demand and you can see how things performance, it might take times to optimize and it does cost money to start, however, the beauty is in its speed to get traffic and it’s highly scalable

Remember, all 7 figure business is because of its scalability, not its ROI

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