Adplexity Review

Adplexity Review Walkthrough & Discount

Posted 2 years ago

AdPlexity is a powerful tool for spy ads and it has been used by several Ad spying companies that it has grown its popularity amongst the community. 

Through this Ad spying tool, you can spy on the ads that have been popular and can help you grow the audience that you need.

This is done when you spy on your competitor’s ads to get a vivid idea that how you should post or advertise your service or product to receive the required response. Hence this has grown on people and companies in order to gain more and more audience day by day.

What is AdPlexity?


You might wonder what is AdPlexity? This is an Ad spying tool that can help you spy on your competitor’s ad to understand better about the product and you can also enhance the sales and traffic through your ads.

This is a software that has a clean and minimal looking interface with a simple dashboard and easy to navigate tabs that can help you in navigation as all the options are upfront, you won’t need to find anything or any integration that you need. 

With AdPlexity you easily counterfeit your advertisements to enhance your company’s sales and traffic. With this, you would know that how you should present your Ads to your traffic to engage them in buying the product or your service.

AdPlexity Overview

AdPlexity Overview

Let’s take a look at the interface for this fascination software that has changed the marketing and advertising industry for good. 

User Interface

The user interface is as simple as playing a game. There are sliders and drag and drop features for you so that you don’t get confused from making an ad.

Other than that navigation is extremely easy for all the options and features. You can easily direct yourself towards the latest and greatest techniques for your promotional ads hence you can easily get what you need in just seconds. 

I’m not here to explain all the integrations and features of AdPlexity but here is the overview of how this can work and how you can navigate. Other than that, the working method is simple you just need to buy an ad and you have to pay for that or the traffic that the particular ad has gained.


When you signup with AdPlexity the first thing that you notice is the dashboard of the software. And as I said, the user interface is extremely simple hence the dashboard is also simple and minimal at the same time. 

When you use the Dashboard then you will come across three main parts of the Dashboard one is one is search menu on the top of the dashboard, second is the campaign filters that you can access on the right.

Thirdly you can see narrowed down search menu on the left side of the dashboard. These are the main parts that make up the Dashboard of AdPlexity.

Top Menu

The top menu consists of main navigation tabs and a search feature that allows you to search your preferred lender or ad according to the filtered search bar that can help you in easy access to different ad lenders and different ad concepts smartly.

This can be profitable because it can provide you with preferred and required results according to your search.


This filter search can be a huge help in making your traffic more enhanced and you can create a subtle search for your advertisements.

Other than that, this filter menu is equipped with various options that can enhance your searching speed and your Advertisement creation speed. Through this filter option, there are all relevant options that can help you in various enhanced searches.

Discount for AdPlexity

There are some features that I don’t like such as the pricing of this software. The pricing of this software is expensive sometimes such as you have to pay for the traffic on the ads that you get from the lenders.

Basically, you have to pay for the ads individually, hence there is a discount that you can get to lower the pricing and make it under your budget. There is a 33% discount on this software that you can get from to achieve that discount.

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