Aweber Pricing – How To Choose The Best Plan?

Posted 2 years ago

When it comes to E-mail Marketing then AWeber has made that easy. This software is created so that it can support all those E-mail Marketing Campaigns and all those E-mail Marketers.

With this Software, you can easily acknowledge the perks as this hides some features up its sleeves. With AWeber, you can easily market your product with the help of E-mail Marketing.

In this article, we are going to discuss some features and the pricing of this software so that you can understand this software and determine whether this software is for you or not.

What is AWeber?

Aweber Pricing

I have evidently explained about AWeber in the introductory paragraph but now I will explain AWeber in explain and we will also cover some of the special features that it offers.

The features will be discussed when we talk about pricing but in this heading, we are going to discuss some features and sole purpose of this software.

AWeber is a simple software that offers you some tactics and strategies while offering you with some basic opportunities to do E-mail Marketing.

This tool is completely focused to do all your E-mail Marketing related tasks such as promotional tasks, signup tasks, E-mail Advertising task and much more. There is no limit for this software when it comes to E-mail Marketing.

Why Should You Choose AWeber?

Email Marketing

I Agree that there are several tools that can help you with your E-mail Marketing Campaign but why should you choose the AWeber tool instead of other E-mail Marketing tools?

Well, I will explain to you with some fast bullet points that why should you choose AWeber.

  • The functionality is superior to the factor of user-friendly interface. THus for using this software you don’t need to be a computer geek.
  • There is a customer service that can solve any problem that you will face in understanding the AWeber software. It is pretty fast and convenient.
  • Your E-mail servers are synced and optimized in sending E-mails according to the autoresponders and newsletters as fast as possible. This will send you autoresponse and messages in a click of a second.
  • You can also be organized with your E-mail contact list and create a template for E-mail marketing.
  • The factor you can send Unlimited E-mails pr month can shake you right. Most of the E-mail marketing softwares and tools charge for this service but AWeber considers one-time payment.
  • With the help of the autoresponder, you manage a sequence of E-mails that you want to send eventually.
  • With AWeber, you can also follow the activities of your Subscribers.

These are the main advantages of using AWeber thus now you can easily manage those complex E-mail lists and sequences that you want to market. Now selling your service or your product is simple.

AWeber Selling Features

AWeber Selling Features

No! I’m not going to explain AWeber but in this heading, I’m going to cover some of the main features that this software offers so that you would have a vivid idea that what you are getting into.

I will keep these features short and precise hence you can understand this software better.

Creation & Editing of Newsletters

This feature allows you to create your personal Newsletter with a variety of templates to choose from. This will help you enhance your marketing game for good.

E-mail Autoresponder

With the help of this feature or functionality, you can send E-mails to all your audience sequenced so that you can be organized and well-managed. This works automatically thus you don’t have to type E-mail every time.

HTML E-mail Templates

You can also create personal custom HTML templates for your E-mails.

Atom App

With this app, you can finally keep track of your activity and your Marketing Campaigns from your Smartphone.

E-mail Marketing API

YOu can now integrate your E-mail with this software for convenience it connects through API that is already present in this software.

Sign-up Form

YOu can also create Sign-up forms with this software. This Software can also help you with this feature.

Pricing of AWeber

Aweber Pricing

Well, this is what you were waiting for? Here are the pricing plans of AWeber I know this can be expensive and affordable at the same time but when it comes to the service that this software provides it is exceptional and valuable for the price.

This Software offers you 5 pricing plans and all of then are unique from one another. There are some core features that are common in every plan so we are going to discuss them first.

Core Features

  • Unlimited E-mails.
  • Automation
  • Segmenting
  • Analytics
  • Customer Solution
  • Sign-up forms
  • Integrations
  • Image Hosting
  • 6000+ Stock Photos
  • 700+ E-mail Templates

Plan 01- $19/Month

Yes, you have read it right $19/month you can start this software with minimum pricing of $19/month.

But take this plan as a starter plan and the best thing about these plans is that it offers you all the features and functions that you need there are no ups and downs of any plan but the difference between them is subscriber rate.

Such as in this plan you can have subscribers from 0-500.

Plan 02- $29/Month

If you think that this pricing is expensive then you should not be in this market. As the features are the same but the subscriber rate moves up to 501-2500.

See, you can have higher subscribers in this plan.

Plan 03- $49/Month

$49/month huh! It can be affordable when you directly compare to the features that this plan offers and the subscriber rate that you can have with this plan the pricing seems to be affordable.

You can have 2,501-5,000 subscribers with this plan.

Plan 04- $69/Month

If you take a closer look at the pricing criteria of this software then you would notice that they are categorized pricing as low as possible.

For instance, take this plan, for example, you are paying $69/month and getting 5,001- 10,000 subscriber rate great right including all the features that I will mention after mentioning the pricing.

Plan 05- $149/Month

Yes, I know this pricing plan can be effective when it comes to expenses.

But when you see the features and the set of functionality this plan is offering this pricing seems to feel affordable as you can have 10,001-25,000 subscribers with this plan including all the core features.

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