Here we are again with another article that can explain to you about the activecampaign review and pricing plans. As this can be the perfect way to enhance your business strategies and other ideas. 

With that said, ActiveCampaign offers you almost everything you require within your newsletter marketing tool, with that the automation is advanced and is hard to beat too.

Now talking about the plane the entry-level or you can say the basic plan is starting from $9 goes to the top to$49 per month.

Complete Guide on ActiveCampaign

The most important feature of this campaign is its automation feature that allows you to an autoresponder. Well, not only that it also helps you as it is based on the myriad conditions it allows you to manage your contacts list.

Active Campaign Review

With the help of the contact list manager, you can also apply this method of CRM or commonly known as Deals.

This allows you to add up notes on your contact lists, book appointments, or simply you can directly reply messages to your users.

ActiveCampaign Review

Well, just for this review I ran this campaign just to see whether it works perfectly and what it does with or against other alternatives.

This is just a marketing tool that may help you be connected with your users hence making this to be the perfect for your online store as it opens a portal for endless possibilities that you can apply for your online store and enhance it in better ways to make the best out of your Shopify or online store.

With that said, having an active campaign on your online store can only help you enhance the connectivity from your user and the traffic providing them with better service response and with proper attention from the seller.

The features that allow you to be more into the store helps in several ways such as now with this campaign you can have various advantages that can help you to gain more traffic and enhance your sales from your online store.

ActiveCampaign is a newsletter that allows you to connect with other traffic as with that you will get other features that can help you with various campaigns multiple ideas hence making this to be perfect and ideal to enhance your sales and to engage with the traffic. 

Pricing of Active Campaign:

Active Campaign Review

With several packages to use there is every package for perfect business enhancement. With that said, here we are going to look at a detailed review of the pricing of each plan and what you can achieve from that.

1- Lite Plan

Well, let’s start with the lite plan that is cheap and effective in pretty much ways. There are different and variations in pricing even in Lite plan as if you want a 1000 subscriber then you would have to pay $29 per month but if you want to start with a higher subscriber rate then you would have to pay exactly $139 for 10,000 subscribers.

With that, you can start with an even higher subscriber rate with a higher plan fee that can be expensive but this can help you for gaining more subscribers and will also provide you with some other features.

These features will help you to connect with your traffic and your users such as:

  • You would get an Unlimited Sending feature.
  • E-Mail Marketing.
  • Send Newsletter.
  • Marketing Automation.
  • E-mail Support and chatbox.
  • You can have a maximum of 3 users.

2- Plus Plan

Well, this plan is more upgraded than the lite one and this can help you in several ways to enhance your business strategies and can provide you with the flexibility of having an upper hand over your traffic.

With that said, you can have this plan on as low as $79 with the gain of 1000 subscribers but with that, you can have several features and options to go from.

With that, if you want a higher subscription rate then you would have to pay more but the features would stay the same hence making it more advantaging and profiting.

Other than that if you opt for a 10,000 subscriber rate then for that you would have to pay $249 per month with other features.

These other Features includes:

  • You would get everything from the Lite plan.
  • With that, you would get an Unlimited sending feature.
  • There you would have CRM sales Automation.
  • Contact and Lead scoring.
  • You would get Deep data integrations.
  • Custom domain.
  • With custom branding of your store.
  • One on One training.
  • SMS marketing.
  • The users would be up to 25.

3- Professional Plan

With this, it is a rather more professional package hence this offers you to target those strategies and other features with that the starting price is as low as $159 per month for 1000 subscribers and when increasing to 10,000 you would have to pay $249 per month.

With that, you would get several features that can help you professionally to help you with all your strategies and marketing techniques. Such as

  • You would get everything from the Plus plan.
  • Unlimited sending feature.
  • You are getting Site messaging.
  • Attribution.
  • You can add up to 50 Users.

4- Enterprise Plan

With this enterprise plan, you would be able to fulfill all the gaps that there is to achieve the best marketing strategies with all you can get this plan with the price as low as $279 for just a 1000 subscribers with other features.

Other than that, if you want a raise in your subscribers then you should be paying $499 for 10,000 subscribers.

The other features include:

  • Every perk that you are getting from an Enterprise plan.
  • Unlimited sending option.
  • You are getting unlimited users.
  • There would be a custom mail server domain.
  • Dedicated account rep.
  • In-depth Onboarding.
  • Free design service.
  • Free social data.
  • You would get Phone Support.
  • Uptime SLA.


When using such a strategy you would want the result and with this marketing strategy, you are getting a proper and sufficient effect on your business enhancing your traffic and your trust with your traffic as it would provide you with features that can help you connect with your traffic and users eventually enhancing your sales from your online store.