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Big Domino Statement – How To Plan Your Content Marketing And Email Marketing Message That Sales

Posted 3 years ago

When you are a part of an Email marketing game then you might have at some point discussed or talked about providing value to your audience and customers.

It seems like obvious or more like a cliche move that you have to commit for your audience and customers.

For instance, “if you want to have muscles and a maintained body then I can provide you that”. 

In this way, you have to make sure and make your audience or customers believe that when they are buying your product then it is their own logical decision to go for.

The trick is not convincing them or making their decision on by yourself. But giving them the opportunity to decide for themselves. 

You should definitely not send them emails to buy your product again and again. If they want it and you present it properly then they will buy it.   

Big Domino Statement:

Big Domino Statement

When you are doing such things then you can use a powerful yet useful tool called ‘Big Domino Statement’.

This statement is a symbol that signifies that you are giving your customers a chance for making this purchasing decision on their own. 

This is to educate your audience or your customers through your marketing campaigns that buying your product is completely their choice.

This also signifies a relation of the product to you and your customers at the same time.

Suppose you want to have accessive weight loss and there is a proper routine that you want to share with your audience.

This can be possible as there are many factors and risks as it plays. They might be following another routine for a long time or any other factor.

But if your routine has more explanation about the workout that is better for performing excercise then it might work for you and your audience might change their current routine to adjust your routine in their life. 

So, to change that you need to make your routine pretty evident that if you want to have a well-constructed body shape then your audience should follow your routine.

So, in this article or to be exact down below, I have subjected a complete template that you can follow to make sure that you implement the Big Domino Statement. 

Now: if you want to decide the outcome depending on your customer or audience decision then you can do that.

How? You create a unique mechanism.

By this, I mean that you give them an offer or some intriguing motivation through your offers so that they can help themselves to decide any longer options.

Their heart and mind both justify your recommendation. This is mainly because of the Big Domino Statement that you give them.


This one is powerful because you have to come up with unique mechanisms so that they cannot Google it and find it anywhere and buy some other people’s products.

The only place you can get the results is you. Only you can add value to the content in your campaign.

Marketing Tips

Marketing Tips Disney & Nintendo Teach Me – How To Maximize Your Life Time Value With This

Posted 3 years ago

Now when we talk about tips for marketing there are many people using different techniques and methods to market their product.

And as far as Disney and Nintendo go they use a more traditional method that is forgotten by time. What is that method? We are going to discuss that in this article.

Marketing Tips that Disney and Nintendo Use

They have a simple concept to sell their products they will regain the cost and make that product worthy again. How that is possible.

Well, when I went to their seminar or a meetup we can call it. There I noticed a person who is playing games and not participating in any the work or conversation.

Marketing Tips

I was intrigued by this behaviour a person who is attending Disney seminar not even care to talk with people just olay games that he can do at home why come this far.

When I was shocked then I thought he is the person of interest for me and I want to create a conversation with him. So, I waited to trust me for a long time to finish his game.

And when he was finished I approached him and started the conversation by introducing myself. When the conversation became casual then I asked him which game were you playing.

He replied Mario.

Well, I was again shocked because Mario was an ancient game in this era and he was playing that game on Nintendo. As I was confused he explained that there was a new Mario game that has new features and updated graphics.

I disbelieved him as the trend for Mario is long gone and when he showed me I was surprised yes it was Mario but remastered. Then that struck me their technique for marketing.

They use a more traditional way as I said that is called repurposing. Repuspiing is a method where you reintroduce any product or service with a more refined and attractive look according to the time period.

That was done by Disney as they refined Mario and inserted some more features and released it again now they don’t have to target a different audience or even find a different audience.

They just need to repurpose their game and present it to their current present audience who are a fan of this legendary game.


This method is traditional and it is still being used by several high-level firms. And that can be advantageous for you if you start using this method that is used by Disney.

Because it can help you launch your product that is already in the market. You just need to refine or remaster it and voila people will buy it right away.

Content Marketing

How To Create Content Fast With This Proven Content Creation Strategy?

Posted 3 years ago

As you know there are various marketing techniques and tips that you can use for promoting your product. So, if you want then you can merge them all and connect them all to create a dynamic marketing diagram.

Here I will show you a technique where you can create one in all methods where you create one and the rest are created by themselves.

Content Marketing Tips

Content Marketing Tips

Here we are going to cover up most of the popular marketing techniques and merge them into one. As I have discussed in several articles the best methods to have content marketing. 

  • Blog.
  • Video.
  • Audio.
  • Email.
  • Social Media.
  • Courses.
  • eBook
  • FAQs
  • Forums
  • Advertisements.

These are the best and top used marketing techniques that are being used right now.

What if I say that it is possible to merge them together or you can create one Marketing method and by that, you will be able to create all of them.

Yes, it is possible that by just creating one marketing method you will be able to create all of them for your product. Consider that as a chain reaction that is generally possible in most chemical equations.

Suppose you want to create a video, well to do so you have to create audio and use that audio for Facebook live sessions or pre-recorded video. And by that there you have combined both of these marketing methods.

Well, you must be thinking that it is obvious a video without audio is meaningless you have to create them both.

Well through that audio-video combination you will be able to create blogs and that is possible if you get a transcript of your video. This is beneficial for your article posts or blog.

And there is another way to convert your videos to blog and that is hiring a ghostwriter who would write your article through your video.

And when you have created your blog content through that you can create other content.

Suppose you have created a blog post and through that, you will be able to create social media content such as you can generate some key points and create social media posts.

And with that with blogging, you can also create some questionnaire through which you can interact with your audience and make sure that you are getting enough appreciation from your audience or not. 

And with all of that you can also create different forums for your audience and with the help of blog content you will be able to send emails for subscription and create an eBook content that can help you diversify your marketing through different methods.

And with the help of blogging, you will be able to create ads and apply them on different platforms for more and much better results. The last thing that is left is the course.

How will you create courses?

Well, that is also connected as when you create audio and video through that you can also create courses to publicize your content through content marketing.

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