If you are wondering how you can create a Facebook ad? Well, you have come to the right article as here I’m going to show you that way to spy on your competitor’s ads campaign and apply those features with a change in your add regime.

There is a tool that can help you do this process, and let me be clear I’m not teaching you to steal from your competitor’s ad campaign this would be wrong and you can be banned from this process.

But I will show you the way to get inspired and create your ad on Facebook.

Facebook Ad Campaigns

Facebook Ad Campaigns

In these recent years, Facebook has become the perfect platform for your marketing campaigns and while putting an Ad on a Facebook timeline you will see the response immediately.

Facebook is used by billions of people around the world and you can see this exact figure on the downloads section of the play store. Hence there is more chance that people see your ad and it can be effective to some people that they contact you immediately.

So, now Facebook is used for several marketing campaigns to attract its users into a particular product or service.

Facebook Ad Spy

There are several ways to create an Ad on Facebook the oldest trick is to create multiple profiles with mixed genders and different locations then target that age group and location organized list on Facebook with your Ad.

But in a bad situation, Facebook might ban your profile or it can be hectic to control every profile to see the response. This strategy then later converted into spying strategy but still, this was hectic because everyone wanted their ad to be unique and creative. 

As Facebook is only providing you marketing platform the attraction of the users in 80% dependant on your Ads. Hence this way people used to spy on their competitors or other marketers ad to get inspiration.

But the same problem would occur either your account gets banned or this can be a hassle job to do.

Big Spy Tool

Big Spy Tool

Now: to avoid that hassle and hectic strategy I want to present to your a tool that makes it easy to spy on your competitor’s ads and take inspiration from them to create your ad.

Spying is necessary because then you would know that want kind of people is attracted to what type of ads.

So, this tool makes it easy to Spy on your competitors who are leading their way up on the marketing ladder.

The user interface of this tool is simple you can find a particular niche in this tool to spy on ads and you can just simply search your preferred ad requirement.

Either way, this can be a helpful tool to begin spying on your competitors for better understanding the user and the mindset of them.


When you use such tools then you would be able to get some unique ideas of creating different designs of ads and different types of posts.

This is all right and legal as this is not stealing you are just taking inspiration from another person’s idea that’s all.