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Don't Trade Trust With Money

Don’t Trade Trust With Money – Why I Don’t Promote Clickbank Product Much And Why It’s Good

Posted 3 years ago

There are several reasons why a person does not do something that is required.

If you understand this statement then you would know that what it is like to do not respond to something that is viable and important.

So, have you ever noticed a feeling when you block a friend well if you have then you can easily relate with my story?

Yes, Story here I will share one story that will help you understand why you should not trade your trust with money.

So stay tuned and relax as we discuss them both.

Don’t Trade Trust With Money:


When I first started I had a friend and we used to hang out a lot. He was an email marketer. I trusted him so much. I followed him all social media accounts.

When I came across a YouTube channel then I was impressed with the approach of this person and I wanted to learn new and evident things related to Email marketing.

One day, I bought the product he highly recommended by mentioning that you will make a lot of money from it.

The product was quite expensive but I was convinced about the idea of making more money from it. 

Can you guess what happens after purchasing the product? It was so BAD. And there was no more refund policy. I feel like being cheated.

The reason he was promoting and appreciating that product was that he had an affiliate link to the product.

So, he’ll be getting paid for each sale made.

But guess what?

He really broke my trust. That’s why I blocked him right away. I unfollowed his channel and everything. 


I know there are many email marketers who are just selling products for the sake of their affiliate links of the product from platforms like Clickbank, Jvzoo, etc just for the sake of money.

You have to start caring about your audience and if you will not care about your audience.

Then your audience will not care about you either. You have to build your reputation. 

Trust of your audience is worth more important than the money you just made from cheap affiliate links.

I want you to buy the product first and try it out on yourself. If the product is good, you can start promoting it.

If your product is good then the audience will return to buy some more. They would probably want to buy more good products from you.


When you have gained trust or trusted something then you would not want to break it because it will be the most devastating gesture to do.

And suppose there are people trusting the quality and the material that you provide but when you break that trust for saving or earning some extra money.

Then it might be the worst thing that you do to them and eventually, you will lose the following. 

The story that I have shared with you is the prime example of that software that promotes you to do this type of gesture.

So, that’s why I stopped using ClickBank’s for those affiliate marketing links.

Increase The Perceived Value

How To Increase The Perceived Value Of Your Offer?

Posted 3 years ago

Have you ever bought anything that is an irregular product such as stones, or any other similar item from any online shop?

Well, there are people who use to sell this type of stuff and I was one of them.

I started selling stone and to be exact whiskey stones so that they were the perfect alternatives to ice cubes as it melts down but the stone does not and it keeps your whiskey cold.

This is the product that is always used when it comes to advertising a whiskey ad

They don’t use ice cubes they use Whiskey Stones instead t keep it more floating and on top.

How to Present your Offer?

Present your Offer

When I was a seller then my numbers were high as Iw as selling with good profit.

When the competition increased then I felt that I was behind everything.

But still, I was able to sell 10 or 20 max products in a day. 

One day I woke up and I saw that my sales numbers are 0 yes 0 I was shocked and then I knew that.

The competitor was selling the same thing which I was at a half-price than I was. 

Here I will show you 6 tips that you can also follow if you want to enhance your sales and these tips are all about how you can easily present your product to your customers. 

Give it an Exciting Name

When you give your product a name that is appealing and attracts attention then that plays a vital role in selling that product.

If the Product name is catchy that describes the product itself but with a stylish way then that product may be easily sold. 

This is an old trick that has been applied by various companies and large firms.

So, giving your product name with the description of it in the name then it can be perfect when it comes to selling that product.

High-Quality Photos

High-Quality Photos

Then comes the main part from which 70 to 80% choose their product photos.

Selecting computer generated photos for your product or having a proper photoshoot for your product is viable when you want to sell that product. 

As this has a powerful impact on the customers whom you are selling to.

They choose or will click on that product by just looking at the image.

They won’t read the description or title they will notice that appealing image that you uploaded.

Assign Values

Assign Values

If you have a package based product that is required to have a proper and accurate rate or value.

Then you should do that because you will be making your product valuable thus.

That will also intrigue the customers who are choosing that specific product.

Describe Benefits

Then what you would want to do is that you should be able to describe the benefits of your product.

Yes, I said, pros not cons and if there are some cons you should mention them but in a hidden form.

So, describing the benefits of your product may help your customers determine what is best for them.

Social Proof

Social Proof

The best thing to sell your product is to get reviews from the users who have actually used them.

If you gather those reviews enough then you might be able to sell anything or any product that you want.

Because people read reviews to check the quality and if the reviews are good then they would buy it thus making your sales easy and enhanced.

Risk Reversal

If your product is health-related or anything that can affect a person then you should mention that.

The product will do no harm to you as it is risk-free and it does not have any consequences after using it.


If the competition is high and other competitors are selling the same product at half the price you can use these techniques and methods to make sure that you sell at a higher price. 

Yes, with the help of these ways you will be able to sell your product at a higher price then they are. 

How To Get A Domain Name For Your Website

How To Buy A Domain Name and Registration? (Step By Step Guide)

Posted 3 years ago

When you are in the business of an online store and then you must have a personal and professional domain. Because if you have a personal domain then you can unlock doors of an endless path to earn success.

In this article we are going to discuss why having your own domain is important, and how can you make this happen. This article can help you get a domain name that is personal and professional to start your business.

Why You Should have Your Own Domain Name?

Your Own Domain Name

First, let’s discuss why it is important for you to have your own domain name. There are three main concepts that are important for you to have your own domain name.

  • Asset
  • Brand 
  • Control

1- Asset

When you have your own domain name them you sill be able to have your own personal assets yes you can launch your own brand through your domain name.

2- Brand

With your own domain name, you will be able to create a brand that can represent your merchandise. The brand will be the name that you select for your domain.

3- Control

With a personal domain name, you will be able to control your merchandise and all the traffic. With that, with your own brand name, you will be able to control your store pretty easily.

How to Come up with a Domain Name?

If you are thinking that you can easily name your domain as well, that is not the case. This type of name your audience won’t remember this name they want a more suitable and substantial name to remember.

Domain Name

So, you will do that to get a simple yet meaningful name for your domain. There are three factors that you should consider while you are coming up with a domain name. 

Easy to Remember Name

As I said, you should choose a domain name that is easy to read and sticks in your mind. That can be the best thing when it comes to choosing a name for your domain.

In the end, you should choose a name that is easy to remember and sticks in your mind.


Choose a name that is attractive and that has a catchy rhythm to it. As when you are choosing a name the name should be attractive and catchy that can easily be used as a brandable name.

Domain Selection

Choosing a proper domain with a name that js also important. Domain selection as such.Com, Net, Edu. These are the most respectable names used as domain aside to some attractive names.

Avoid General or Highly Competitive Keywords

Using highly competitive keywords for your name can be a disadvantage for you as it can be bad for your SEO. SEO can be the best thing that you should consider before or choosing a Domain name.

So using highly competitive keywords will harm the SEO search for your name.


This article holds some of the factors that you should consider to read before creating a name for your domain. You will have a vivid idea that what type of name you should select for your domain and on what basis that name should be based on.

So, if you read this article then you will be able to easily create and choose a Domain name of your own.

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