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50 Proven Social Media Post Ideas that Bring You More Leads, Followers, and Clients!

Posted 2 years ago

As the world is evolving, social media tends to be part of the marketing strategies for almost every brand.

For a professional marketer, there’s nothing more troublesome than struggling to bestow people with a creative block. 

Even a professional and expert marketer can fall into despair if he’s pressed to fabricate an original design to be run on as a social media campaign within a deadline. 

If you’re looking forward to the inspiration and need to shake off the rust from your back by creating something simple exceptional, then this article is probably everything you need. 

Fifty marketing inspirations, strategies, and tips are being provided down below that will surely help you to produce a productive social media marketing plan. 

So what are you waiting for? Scope out this prodigious list of social media post ideas. 

1. Infographics:

posting infographics on social media

Infographics tend to be a productive way to educate your audience with a ton of information about your company, your brand, or your product, with the help of visuals.

Visuals are a secret art towards success, as they come in handy with the ability to turn the boring statistics into eye-catching details and keep your audience hooked.

Whether it would be your infographic or a masterpiece of a curator, with a classy infographic, your audience will surely be drawn towards your social media post and due to the premium visual aspects of the infographic, the viewers will surely go through your post till the bottom. 

2. Motivational Posts:

Motivational Post

A lot of people go through thick and thin regularly and what lights the mood of the people is a little motivation.

When targeted to the right audience at the right time, a motivational post can generate a heap of engagement towards your social media account. 

These motivational posts can be easily designed by referring to the currently trending topic, but what will make your motivational post stand out from the average motivational post is the choice of your words.

As the words are the best tool to stop someone from giving up easily and can keep them going on strong on their path to success. 

To have an idea about what motivational post you can design for your social media platform, go through

3. Long Articles:

Long Articles Posts

@ Clickfunnels (official)

Just to be particular, the term long articles are referred to the inspirational stories or the experiences of celebrities or influencers who share their life experiences with the people to educate their audience about their day-to-day struggles. 

As long articles tend to liberate & educate entrepreneurs and inspire them with their life struggles and experiences, this social media post can grab a wide range of traffic towards your post and hence can prove to be fruitful for generating leads and followers. 

4. Plan Cohesive Campaigns:

Building a complete campaign proves to be an effective way to drive a message home.

Many people struggle to maintain their social media posts effectively as they remain dependent on their one-off posts. Building up a complete campaign will help you to stay organized. 

Writing a post on the fly can prove to be tough and a hurdle to be done within a specific deadline, hence running a social media campaign will generate enough traffic to your post, but will also help you to be effective social media content. 

The campaigns can be either a series of posts to promote your product or a chain of branded posts that carries a consistent hashtag or a message. 

5. The Blog Post of Your Company:

Does your business contain a blog? then you need to consider the fact that how you can generate a good amount of leads and traffic towards your blog! 

Having said that, sharing your company’s blog on your social media platform will prove to be fruitful content for your social media account, and side by side, your blog will get its publicity too. 

6. Posts Showing Your Company’s Culture:

Posts Showing Your Company's Culture


What can prove to be a much better way to showcase your business by sharing a post that reflects the culture of your company? 

In simple words, a culture post is an effective approach to portray the image of your business or educate people about what your business is about.

This can be anything, either you can show behind the scenes of what your employees do in their free time or it can be an article to make people aware about the wellbeing of your business or product. 

7. Industry News:

When it comes to the popularity of the articles, the articles that keep people updated with the latest news tend to attract more traffic and hence get more shares than an average article. 

If you’ll make users aware about what’s the latest gossip going on in your niche, or if you’ll make people updated about the ongoing operations in your niche, then you surely might have found a way to attract more leads towards your social media platform. 

Creating industry news is no big deal nowadays. You need to follow up with the latest proceedings going on in your surroundings, convert them into your post, and simply tweet it. 

8. Curated Content:

Curated Content

Curated content is one of the simplest ideas to create a post for your social media platform. The term curated content simply means to share the contents of other people within your niche.

It happens that sometimes the post you want to share with your audience is already designed or written by other people. 

Rather than converting or creating a post of your own, you can simply share their post and give them credit.

The advantage of Curated content is that you don’t need to create your own, and your social media will keep updated simultaneously. 

9. Questions Posts:

Questions Posts


Everything you share on your social media doesn’t need to be in a form of information or an article.

Sometimes you need to prioritize the feedback of your people, as the thoughts and feedback of your customers are what will make your company grow.  

A question, as simple as “What sort of content should I blog about next” is enough to generate a heap of engagement towards your post. 

10. Posting Videos or Photos of Your Company:

Posting Videos


Visuals are the best option to make your social media update to be classy and eye-catching. As per the saying of the experts, visuals have been the most essential way to generate high engagements.  

Just like the visuals, research shows that video tends to bring 135 percent greater organic reach.

It’s suggested that you should take advantage of this organic reach, and post videos of your company or your product on your social media account to grab the attention of the viewers. 

11. Customer Reviews and Testimonials:

Every company or product has some dedicated fans. Let the voice of your fans be heard, as they’re the people who make your product better with reviews and feedback. 

You can design a comment or feedback of any of your valuable customers and can thank them for sticking around with your company or product, and praise them for believing in your company or product. 

Sharing customers and reviews will not only create amazing content for your social media account but mentioning your customer in one of your posts will be a matter of great appreciation for him. 

12. Quick Tips and Advice:



Every individual is in search of tips and tricks that can help him while doing his daily chores.

Besides sharing a long dedicated article to educate your customers about your product and your company, you can grab their interest by posting helpful tips and tricks that will enable users to serve with your site, or use your product proficiently.  

Creating this tidbit proves to be an easy task for a social media manager, hence if you’re finding anything to post within a suitable deadline, then these tidbits can be your viable pick. 

13. Memes or GIFs:



As the world is evolving, today’s viewers need something more than average articles or information being shared without any entertainment for them.

Memes or GIFs proves to be the most effective way to grab the attention of your audience, and simultaneously share the information about your company or your product with elite humor. 

Memes and Gifs are the languages of the modern audience, and hence receive far more likes, shares, and retweets than an average social media post.

Memes and Gifs add a fun spin to your plain and dry posts and make it too irresistible for your audience to skip through it. 

You just need to make sure that the meme and GIF you’re opting to post on your social media accounts related to your company or your product. 

14. Contest Posts:

People nowadays love to take part in the social media contest that is held worldwide.

A much bigger firm runs social media contests on their social media accounts and promises viewers a free give away. 

This giveaway can be a little price cash as a token of appreciation, or it can either free services of that company or product.

The point is that this contest post grabs a lot of attention from the viewers and urges them to participate enthusiastically.

These contest posts can surely be one of the best social media posts and hence will lead you towards more followers. 

You need to remain clear about the objective of the contest, think out the best possible way to make your audience participate in it. 

15. Holiday Posts:

No matter how successful a business you run, or a highly demanded product you have, you need to post content on your social media account that would give people an idea about how you relieve your stress.  

And what can prove to be a more attention-grabbing post than posting some aesthetic pictures of a holiday destination that the employees or the boss of the company are planning to go on? 

By these posts, you’ll surely generate a heap of engagement, and your audience will love the fact that the employees of your company are real people that love to take their days off to enjoy their lives. 

16. Photos From Company Events:

Company Picture


If you’re done with our Cultural post idea and want to take a step ahead of that idea, then this could be a viable pick. You need to look for a couple of events your company has organized or participated in over the years. 

Take out the pictures of that function and post them on your social media account with a caption of “Flashback”.

Not only this will educate people about the past of your company, but surely will allow the company to relive that splendid day.  

If this is not possible, if you’re a company as a host to a charity event or fundraiser, your social media would be a great source to spread awareness of the events. 

17. Post an Answer to a Commonly Asked Question:

You must have received a ton of emails or direct messages on your social media platform where dozens of customers would have asked a ton of different questions.

Instead of solving the queries of the users one by one, you can create a social media post that contains the answer to that relevant question, to solve it all at once. 

You should make sure that your answer should be a detailed one to clarify users with similar queries.

Having said that, posting an answer to the commonly asked question will make your customers have a positive impact on your firm, and will surely grab you a heap of engagement. 

18. Start a Conversation With a Leader In Your Industry:

Nowadays, the people that are in a higher position in their respective firms have started coming forward on social media, to cross-talk with a fellow employee where they both discuss the operations and proceedings held at the company.   

Cross-promoting by having a conversation with someone within your niche proves to be an essential way to spread awareness and information about your company or your product and hence can surely attract potential leads to your social media account. 

19. Links to Free Resources:

Everyone loves to get free stuff, whether you offer your viewers access to free ebooks, white papers, or other free useful content.

Everything that comes for free will surely be appreciated by your audience. 

Create a link that provides users with access to an ultimate bundle or a downloadable infographic, that makes people aware of the proceedings and operations of your firm and prove to be a helpful resource for them to be used for further references. 

Share and promote this link on your social media account, so that it could be accessed by dozens of people, and hence would bring an optimum reach to your social media account. 

20. Podcast Episodes:



As the world is evolving, if you want to run your social media successfully and give tough competition to other developing brands, then you need to think of something more than articles to publish on your social media account. 

Reading tons of information is no fun! Apart from being time-consuming, it can make your viewers super bored.

Hence to grab their attention successfully, start a podcast of your own, and publish it on your social media account. 

Podcast not only provides the audience’s eyes a break but can prove to be a viable option to attract some potential leads. 

21. New Job Listings:

Are you looking forward to expanding your team? then what can prove to be more fruitful than choosing your next new employee from one of your audiences. 

Nobody will work with more hard work and dedication than one of your company’s fans who has witnessed your company grow and have been standing with your firm since day one.

While posting a job list on your social media account, you precisely describe what positions you guys are hiring for. 

22. Hiring Announcements and New Team Members:

Once you will post your new job listing post on your social media account, you’ll probably get the right candidate for you within no time.

Now take a step further in this regard, you can create a post to welcome the new member to your team. 

In your post, you can share the qualifications, hobbies, and what plans this new member has for your firm. In short, you can introduce the new member to your audience.

This post will serve as a welcoming post for the new member, besides that, it will surely grab interest from lots of potential leads. 

23. “On This Day In History” Posts:

What can prove to be a more classy and eye-catching post than keeping your viewers updated about how amazing your day went in previous times.

Besides being one of the best content for making your social media amazing, this post will offer users to relive this best particular memory once again. 

Find something that happened a year back at this exact date, and let your users know about it! 

24. Event Promotion:

Event Promotion


Many popular firms and companies organized different types of events to promote their services or their products to the audience.

However, how are your users supposed to know of an event, if you don’t share and promote it on your social media account? 

The best way to promote your events on your social media accounts is by creating banners, interesting aesthetic logos, and by using trending hashtags.

This will not only be helpful to promote your event but would serve as a premium and optimum post for your social media account for sure. 

25. Live Videos:

If you have been using your social media for years, you must know that most of the social media apps like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc provides you with an opportunity to interact with your admirers and fans over the web by going live from your social media account. 

But to go live, you need to consider the social media platform that’ll prove to be fruitful for you and will be watched by a maximum number of people.

While many people won’t be active and will not be able to interact with you on your live video. 

You should post that live video on your social media account. That will not only be the best content for your social media platform but also will enable users to interact with you in the comment section. 

26. Promote Email Sign-Ups:

If your company is organizing a webinar or demo to educate or brief youngsters upon a particular topic.

You’ll need to let your audience know about it by posting eye-catching designs of sign up forms for webinars or demo on your social media account with the finest detail of engaging content. 

This post will surely help you to generate heaps of potential leads towards your social media account, as well as help you to make your webinar successful. 

27. Image Scrambles:

Just to be particular, the term image scrambles means an image that is hard to be read by your audience. 

Many popular and well-known brands post the scrambled images on their social media accounts whenever they are launching a new product in a market and provides people with the opportunity to guess what the scrambled image means.  

Mainly, the audience and viewers love to scratch their heads to figure out what’s behind your scrambled image.

Hence having said that, image scrambles proves to be one heck of a post for your social media account. 

28. Inspirational Quotes:

Inspirational Quotes


Many social media marketers find inspirational quotes to be cheesy, therefore they avoid using inspirational quotes, especially on their social media account.

But if used correctly, then no other social media tends to be effective than posting inspirational quotes. 

Your audience would love to read relatable quotes from the leader of your company, hence posting inspirational quotes will not only grab the attention of your audience but will surely be the finest way to spread motivation and inspiration among your followers. 

29. Company Accomplishments:

Whether you agree with this fact or not, but your fans and your audience look after you just like your very own. They care about you and want you to succeed in every aspect of your life.  

Having said that, what can prove to be more beautiful than sharing your achievements and success with your viewers and counting them in, in every victory of yours.  

Whether it’s an award that you or your company earns somewhere, or you completed one decade of your services, keep your audience included in your happiness! 

30. Host a Twitter Chat:

If you’re looking forward to a social media post that connects you with your audience, and brings loads of potential leads towards your social media platform, then hosting a Twitter chat can prove to be fruitful for sure.  

Hosting a Twitter chat means providing your fans and audience to have a conversation and share their thoughts and reviews over one unique hashtag.

Having said that, you can promote this new initiative on your social media account to make people aware of it, and enable them to participate in the conversation effectively. 

31. Social Media Polls:

As you must have got to know by the heading, this review is about prioritizing what your audience wants to see on your social media account.

Your audience always keeps some expectations from you, and what can prove to be more beautiful than making your next post according to the suggestions and advice of your fans and audience. 

Hence you can post a question on your social media account that states “ What do you think our next post should be”? 

This will engage your audience towards your post as the audience will share their thoughts with you in the comment section, and you’ll surely be able to increase your potential leads. 

32. How-to Videos:

Besides going live, or posting lengthy paragraphs to make people understand the functionality of your products or the services you offer, videos tend to be much easier to explain your agenda. 

How to do videos are the videos that are created to explain to people how a particular feature or tool works.

Not only this, these videos provide your audience with an in-depth look at your tool, and will most likely engage them to try this tool themselves.   

Having said that, these videos will surely be the most engaging and most effective post to be posted on your social media platform ever. 

33. Product Reviews:

Reviews play an essential role in the life of the audiences, as whenever they’ll need to purchase something, they will look after the reviews of the products first.

Having said that, reviews are proven to be the sales driver of your product and hence would serve as one of the best ideas to create content for your social media account.  

If you’re working in E-commerce, then this can prove to be a great tactic for you.

Sharing the reviews of your products or your services on your social media account with your audience will surely grab their attention, and will bring your heap of engagement for sure. 

34. Images or Videos of Your Product:



You often must have heard about this famous saying of a nobleman “The most attractive product sells the best”.

Having said that, if you want to grab the attention of your viewers towards your post and generate a heap of engagement towards your social media account, you should try to capture aesthetic pictures of your product, and put it on your social media attractively. 

Nobody buys anything online without seeing the visual representation of the product. Just like this, the better the picture quality you’ll post on your social media, the more engagement you’ll be able to create. 

35. Question/Answer Session:

While looking for a thing to be posted on your social media, you need to look at something more than visuals and long articles.

You need to consider the fact that the post you’re about to post on your social media will be able to gather enough engagement or not? 

Hosting a question-answer session on your social media platform can prove to be fruitful for you as it will enable your audience to ask and clarify their queries with you while being engaged in your social media post. 

36. Spotify Playlists:

Do your friends trust you for the great music choice you have?

Well, then they would love to listen to something that you suggest! Sharing Music with friends is one of the best ways to discover new artists and new bands. 

Sharing music is also one of the ways that can give you a reason to talk to someone! A person can learn better about their music choices as well! 

Spotify has sharing tools that allow you to share your personalized playlists. If you have some fans, they would love to know what are you listening to! 

37. User-Generated Content:

If you have amazing fans, then it’s only fair that you share fan-worthy content with them as well! 

A lot of actors and influencers give “shout-outs” to the fans that do something related to their idol celebrity or leave amazing product reviews.

Some of the examples that may include this type of Leads is when a fan posts a photo of them with some gear that is related to a celebrity or a brand.

And to be very honest, it feels like a huge win! 

This is indeed one of the best ways.

38. Posts Telling about the Company’s History:

Posts Telling About Company's Past



If you have been the one whose brand or company has been around for quite some time now, then you have a lot of history to share with your fans to get them to trust you better! 

When people see the progress of a business from the place where it started to the place where it currently is, it leaves them motivated as well as they are inspired by your brand. 

Sharing your history is a great way to do something amazing to keep your fans intrigued. 

39. Company New Announcements:

Company New Announcements


Sharing news with your fans can make them feel like they are a part of your company and is one of the best ways to generate better leads!

Is your business currently moving, or do you have any news overall that needs to be shared company-wide?

What better way there could be than sharing the news publicly and let the people in on the news who care about them too? This way you can get your fans to get excited too! 

40. Create a Regular Series:

Are you still in search of ways to create unrealistic leads and the above options haven’t clicked with you? This is one of the best options: to create a weekly series or a show.

The two ways that you can do this are: 

  1. By using the standard talk show format. 
  2. Bringing in a Star guest each week.

There are businesses such as Paste that are benefiting from this strategy.

41. Repurpose Blog Graphics:

Designing new visual content for every individual social media post can be a lot of time and resource-consuming. Innovate a bit and use Blog Graphics with Social media in mind! 

If you want to be doing this, you need to create versions of your blog graphics rather accurately for the platform that you are going to be using. Using these Blog Graphics, you can even create whole campaigns! 

42. Share How-to Videos:

The Internet is known for helping people to make sense of something.

By doing this, you can help people and make a positive image for your brand as you will be saving them the time and effort they would need to do to switch to a website to search for something that they want to get done! 

If you are selling products, then it would help a lot to your buyers finding out how to operate your products! 

43. Sharing Case Study of a Customer:

People just love seeing and hearing a positive review. Do you have a client that has nothing but positive things to say about you? 

You can get that particular customer in on a case study that you are doing, and then share it with your followers on social media!

44. Share a Survey:

Surveys are one of the best ways to learn about your customers and to get their feedback on a lot of things.

This will allow you to build stronger leads as well as allow you to see what you can do better to promote your business in a better way. 

This will also make your followers feel special.

45. Promote a New Product or Event:

What better way could be than giving your customers deets about something that is going to be launched shortly or some event that company is going to arrange? 

This will make your customers feel like they are a part of a closed-loop and will allow you to gain more leads and followers.

46. Share a Fill-in-the-Blank Post:

As already mentioned above, making customers feel like their opinion is valued can prove a lot healthier for you and make it easier for you to generate more leads and attract more clients. 

If you are looking for ways to hear something from your fans, then a Fill-in-the-Blank post is the best option! This will allow you to hear the unique reviews and opinions of your customers.

47. Reshare Your Top Performing Posts:

Doing something unique is not always the answer. One of the ways to generate better leads via social media is to share your greatest hits! 

This will turn a lot of followers of your online into buyers hence bringing you profits! After all, everyone loves a positive and a working solution. 

48. Share Some Interesting Industry Research:

Share Some Interesting Industry Research


In today’s world, having up-to-date information and research is an important factor for being a step ahead of your competition.

One way you could keep your followers intrigued and generate more leads is by sharing statistics that are related to your field! 

In these statistics, you could give statistics on something that can be improved by using your products. Make sure that the statistics that you provide are accurate. 

49. Preview a New Product or Event:

One way for your fans and followers to love you more is to bring in the upcoming products. After all, everyone loves being looped in on something that is not known to the general population. 

You can get a lot of new followers and clients by regularly sharing snippets of the new products and features that are going to be introduced in the near future.

This will allow you to get more leads as your followers with visit your social media handles to see what’s new. 

50. Giveaways! 

Freebies are one of the best ways to keep your followers attracted to what you are selling. After all, who doesn’t like freebies?

One way to generate active leads and gain more clients is to incentivize your followers on social media by offering a freebie. 

This will enhance your brand’s products and will allow you to create a better reputation for yourself. 

As an example, We have Sony: Sony offers a free customized theme for a PlayStation in the scenario that customers pre-order a game.

Designing a lot of social media posts to keep your customers entertained is one of the most complex things to do. Not only is it hard, but it is also costly in most cases. 

You should work smarter and acquire services that do your work for you. Not only this will make things easier for you, but it will also save costs for you as well. 

Content Calendar

Through this plan, you will be able to receive plans for up to a year. Here’s the best part: The Registration is pretty basic as well! All you have to do is sign up via Email. 

What are you waiting for? Work Smarter Today, Reap benefits now with this content planner.


These are the best 50 effective ways to generate unbelievable leads for your business. However, you should keep in mind that your dreams won’t work unless you do.

Start Working on these if you want to generate more leads, followers, and clients. 

There are plenty of options to choose from and Who knows, which might prove to be the best one for you?

Click Bank University 2.0 (1)

Clickbank University Review – Is It Worth The Price?

Posted 3 years ago

Clickbank is a platform that has introduced the course of Clickbank university also known as CBU 2.0 for training Affiliate marketers to earn more money.

It targets all the marketers and vendors who want to make money online and wants to know the right tools and tactics for it.

Want to know the best part of it?

Clickbank University Review

Clickbank University Review

In this article, you will be able to know all the things related to the amazing and helpful Clickbank University.

This review contains all the information about the contents of the course along with the befits it brings to its customers.

You will also get to know whether Clickbank University is worth the price you are paying for it or not.

This will give you a proper insight into the value you will get from investing in the contents of Clickbank University.

We will give you a brief but detailed overview of the course plan and which topics it covers the most. This will help you in knowing what you are getting with your money.

You will also be able to evaluate whether it is worth your money or not.

This review will also enlighten you about the real price of Clickbank University along with the upsells it comes with. It will help you evaluate that if this course is worth the price or not.

So let’s get started with the good stuff folks!!!

So without taking more of your precious and important time, we will take you straight towards the diligently produced review about Clickbank University.

This will give you a keen look into everything and also tell you that if the Clickbank university is worth the price you are paying.

Clickbank University

There are many courses online which could help you in performing well as an affiliate marketer and create your products and brand.

Well, Clickbank University is on top of them because of its amazing content and indulging training sessions.

Clickbank University Review

It is a complete course which allows you to earn about the product creation process and marketing them as a vendor in the market.

It makes sure that you can know every aspect of this process and gain the most benefit from it,

Clickbank University courses also allow you to know the marketing process well and work as an affiliate marketer to earn a good sum.

It comes with a complete package of information to drive more traffic to your products to make better sales.

CBU 2.0

Clickbank University has also introduced the Clickbank University 2.0 version which is the improved form of the courses.

The updated version has rectified the things that were missing in the courses and also have added new content for better understanding.

Click Bank University 2.0

They have added the latest and updated content to help you learn all the essential tactics which will allow you to move upward in the marketing industry.

It will also make sure that you would earn better too.

Sneak Peek in The CBU 2.0 Members Area

Clickbank University Review

Clickbank University is an amazing accumulation of content regarding the ways to create and market your products.

It also tells you how to work as an affiliate marketer and earn a good amount of money.

The whole course has several things in it and we will give you a quick sneak peek into it before we get into the details.

You will get to know all the important things that you will find out in this course.

It will also help you know the practices which you will learn during this course.

Request Forms

The request forms are for all the permissions you want to ask for during the whole course.

This means that you will be able to know all the things that are required to make you a better salesperson and affiliate marketer just by accessing ore information.

Request Form

Clickbank University allows a limited number of sessions open for you and suggests you to more gradually.

But if you want to move forward quickly you need to send request forms after filling it.

The customer support will help you in getting access to all the stuff after receiving your request form.

This will make sure you get the proper training and all the content essential for you to learn the things need to master your trade.

Vendor Training Section


The vendor training section covers all the important and effective points which allow them to dominate the market.

It gives them a proper understanding of the product creation process and also helps to create a better customer avatar.

It results in better product creation and marketing that product to boost sales and earn a better profit.

Course Videos

The whole curriculum is designed to provide the best learning experience. It gives a solid understanding of everything through video lectures and training.

The good thing is that all the things taught in the video lectures are also covered in the written content too. It allows you to learn everything.

Customer Avatar Creation

In the marketing world, it is important to make a proper customer avatar.

It is a symbol of their brand which allows people to stay interested in their content.

Clickbank University Review

This can be an essential hook for attracting the customer’s attention to buy your products.

Creating a better customer avatar can be an amazing thing for your business.

It allows you to market your products well and it is also helpful for the affiliate marketers to attract an audience and turn them into potential customers.

Partition of Courses

The whole course of Clickbank University is partitioned into two main categories.

These categories are divided as users who will learn and implement these strategies.

The first part is designed for vendors who want to create their products well and market them well.


It covers all the things which you will be needing as a vendor to succeed in the market.

It makes sure you learn the right tactics and can implement them to earn more money.

The second part is for the affiliate marketers who want to learn new techniques for marketing the products better.

It will help them better ways to attract audience attention and turn them into potential customers.

Here you can find all the details about these two sections and all the things which are explained in them.

This will give you a proper overview of the whole thing too before you buy it.


Clickbank Affiliates

The first section is for the vendors who are capable of creating their product but do not know the right ways to market their products and maintain their online appearance.

These are all the things which you will be taught in this section. We have made a list of proper details to help you understand the process.

1- Setup Success (How Things Work)


This part contains an introduction to the whole process.

It contains information regarding product creation and marketing it as vendors.

This whole section comes with a deep understanding of the tips and tactics which are essential for building your business and marketing it properly.

It gives you a whole idea of how things work in all the sections of this course.

2- Create your Proper Avatar

The customer avatar is really important because it is a symbol of your business.

People get indulged if you have a good Avatar for marketing your products.

Clickbank University Review

You must make one for your brand if you want to boost your sales. Clickbank university has the best tools and tips to help you make the right one.

This section has all the stuff you need to make your avatar look perfect.

It will boost your sales patterns once and for all.

3- Finding The Right Product

This section of the Clickbank University covers the ways you can find new products for yourself.

It contains all the essential information to recognize the right products.


It will give you the ways to choose the one which people need the most.

This includes the production capacity to withhold in the market and ways you can use it for your benefit.

This section gives you the right tools to seek out the perfect product for you to market and make money from it.

4- Sources To Maximize Sale


YOu will get to know the right sources that would increase your sales percentage to a remarkable extent. All the information in it will help you choose the best one for your business.

There are many different kinds of tactics that you can use as a marketing tool.

The audience needs the right type of attraction for the sale of your products.

This section will teach you how to attract your audience and make sure they love your product.

5- Content Creation Strategies For 4 Weeks

Content is the most important thing when it comes to a better business to attract customers.

In this section, you will get to know the proper plan to create better content for your audience.

Content Creation

The better the content you will be able to make the more customers will be attracted to your products.

You will get to know the ways to create amazing content for almost 4 weeks beforehand.

In this way, you can schedule the whole procedure of content production and keep the audience indulged to make more sales.

6- Joint Venture Management

If you start a business with some partners you must know the ways to go with a joint venture.

In this section, you will be able to learn all about joint ventures and how you can manage them properly.

It can be a great step for the progression of your business to the net level of success.

7- Ways To Scale Your Business

Scaling a business and marketing is an essential task to make sure it grows. This means that it is important for a business to be scaled properly to grow and succeed in the competitive market.

You will be able to learn about scaling your business properly to make sure your business does well.

8- How To Sell High Ticket Products On Webinars


webinars can be an amazing way to create and sell better products.

It gives you a chance to interact with your customers and market your products firsthand.

Moreover, your customers can talk to you about different questions they want to know about your products.

If you make the webinar go well then it can help you sell high ticket products right there.

In this section, you will learn about everything to make your webinars effective and leave a good impact on the people who attend them.

Affiliates Marketers

Clickbank University Review

The second main section of Clickbank University is dedicated to the training of affiliate marketers. It allows them to analyze the market well to make more money.

This section contains all the tips and tricks that could uplift the whole game of affiliate marketers and allow them to earn better commissions.

Here is a list of all the things which this section covers and allow affiliate marketers to raise their game in marketing essential products.

1- Building Squeeze Pages

A landing page or a squeeze page is essential for any business that wants to boost its sales.

There are different helpful software that can help you to create amazing squeeze pages for your business.

Squeeze Pages

In this section, you will learn about all those Softwares and which could be the best one for you.

The Clickbank university will make sure you get to build the best landing pages for the marketing of your business.

2- Capturing More Email Addresses

Getting people to sign up for email promotions is a process that should be done with a lot of care. It requires a lot of effort and marketing skills to do so.

This is why all the information in this section will help you learn new ways to capture more email addresses from the customers.

3- Managing Email Lists

Email marketing is an amazing way to market your products. It gives you a chance to build more personal relationships with your targeted customers.

Email List

The ratio of purchases because of email marketing is high.

This is the reason why you should make sure you manage your email list properly.

In this section, you will learn all how you can do it and make sure you boost your sales even more.

4- Driving More Traffic

Traffic is essential for every business and your business must get flooded by it. This will make sure that the business will do great every time it is against its competitors.

Clickbank University Review

This section deals with all the essential ways that can help you in making sure that your business gets more traffic.

More traffic means more audience and more audience means more chance of gaining more money for your business.

Upsells of Clickbank University

Clickbank University

Many courses add different upsells with their products to make more sales and earn a better profit form their customers. They aim to milk the cow as much as they can.

This can be a great tactic if you are businessmen but you have to do it wisely.

Sometimes the customers get annoyed with the upsells if you present them too often to them.

Here are two upsells that Clickbank university offers along with its courses. It includes the Clickbank builder which allows the marketers to market their products in a better way.

The second one is the advanced training to earn money from marketing your products and also working as an affiliate.

Clickbank Builder

The Clickbank builder is one of the most amazing upsell which you can get from Clickbank University.

It allows you to manage your marketing websites and pages and allows you to build better landing pages for your product.

The whole idea of using a builder is that the visual content that helps you in promoting your product is amazing and people should be indulged in it.

Clickbank Builder

The Clickbank builder is not just a CMS system it is much more than that.

You will get to know about its benefits once you start using it.

The best part is that you can pay for it in two easy payments.

There are two payments of 297 dollars which comes at a total of $594.

This may seem too much but as compared to the benefits it provides, the price is nothing.

Advanced Training

Advanced Training 

The second upsell that comes with the courses of Clickbank University is advanced training.

It is the accumulation of all the content that will help you reach the next level of success if you are in the marketing business.

Advanced raining just cost 97 dollars after you buy the regular course.

It comes with all the things that could refine everything that you have learned in the Clickbank university basic course outline.

The advanced training targets all the points which you need to ponder to be an amazing affiliate marketer in the market.

This training will make sure that you could be able to earn more than your present income.

Is It Worth the Price?

Clickbank University is one f the best and most efficient learning courses when it comes to product creation and marketing.

It covers all the aspects of selling your products as a vendor and also as an affiliate marketer. It cost 47 dollars a month for gaining access to the courses of Clickbank University.

But at the same time when the tax is applied, it will cost you 54 dollars per month. We can say that it is worth the price.

Clickbank University Review

It is worth the prices because of the indulging content in the whole course which allows you to learn better about affiliate marketing and product creation.

The whole course is designed to help you with better marketing tips and tactics to earn more.

Not only the video content but also the reference and the written content is effective too. It allows the users to understand every part of the marketing skills deeply.

Customer support is available 24/7 which is a good thing.

This is because all of the representatives are experts and are eager to listen to all your queries and help you will all the problems.

There are amazing benefits of the Clickbank University courses for earning through affiliate marketing.

This is why all of the content you get from it is worth the price and you will have a lot of growth if you learn and use it well.

Benefits of Clickbank University

Benefits of Clickbank University

Clickbank University is one of the best and the most amazing course you can have to learn everything about product creation and marketing.

It is the perfect accumulation of all the information which allows you to market your product as a vendor successfully.

There are many benefits of this amazing online course.

Here is a list of some of the major benefits that you could gain from Clickbank university and make sure your business succeeds in every manner.

Faster Learning

Faster Learning

One of the biggest and the most amazing benefits of Clickback University is that it allows you to learn faster.

The whole curriculum is designed to allow you a better outlook of the things you need to learn to be a better marketer.

You will also get to know the essential tricks to create your products and market them amazingly.

All of the content in the course will allow you to master the skills to do that.

The whole course is designed in such a way which allows you to learn faster and better. So buy your Clickbank University Today.

Interactive Dashboard

One of the most amazing benefits you will get from Clickbank University is that it comes with an amazing and interactive dashboard.

It gives you complete access to all the essential components of the course.

clickbank dashboard

The dashboard also enables you to have everything right in front of you and it is easy to operate too.

This makes the learning process easy and has a better impact on the learning and implementation curve.

Indulging Videos


When you plan to purchase an online course, there is a big chance that you might lose interest in learning. This is because of the boring content included in the course.

But the whole thing will not happen if you buy from Clickbank University.

All the videos included in ClickBank are filled with amazing content that will keep you indulged for a long time.

This will help you to increase your interest in learning new things for the creation of your product and marketing it properly.

The better the video quality and the content in it, the better you can learn the new stuff for a longer duration.

Better focus on the Product Creation Process

When starting a business and marketing it online, it is important for the business owner to know all the essentials of the trade.

If you master the skill properly then you will be able to access a better rate of success in business.

Clickbank University Review

The Clickbank allows you to have a better understanding of the product creation part. It allows you to learn every step of creating useful and efficient products.

This will help you in managing a better standard in your business.

Clickbank university describes every step of creating amazing products in detail. It also makes sure you market them properly as a vendor.

Responsive Customer Support

When you buy a course from any platform many questions might arise in your mind.

Everything is new and many of the things require a certain way in which they had to be done.

Efficient and responsive customer support is essential for this purpose. They make sure that all the queries are answered and better information is delivered to the users.

The representative at the customer supports are experts in that field.

Customer Support

They can assist you in every type of situation and also allows you to gain a better chance of understanding the whole process.

You can always count on customer support. They target better performance and access to all the information in the course.

They also have an amazing way of indulging the customers to make sure the members understand everything properly.

Written Version of Videos


Usually, people have less time to see all the videos properly. It requires a certain level of dedication and commitment.

It also takes a significant amount of time to see every video of the course and learn from it.

The good thing is that Clickbank University courses come in the written version too.

Everything they teach in their videos, they also make an ebook for it.

You can simply download then and have a better understanding of the courses through the written ebook.

The good thing is that all the videos are written easily and understandably which makes it simple and comprehensive too.

Question Answer Session

When you start to learn something new there is a whole different set of rules apply to that process.

This means that there will be a lot of different questions that will arise in your mind.

As marketing requires different tricks and tactics to attract a large number of audience, there are different approaches to every task.

Affiliate Marketing Guide

You would be familiar with some of them but there will be a line of questions in your mind about the course outline.

The good thing is that the whole course comes with an amazing question-answer session for the members. It will enable them to understand all sorts of information in the whole process.

You will also be able to ask as many questions as you want. The experts will assist you in every possible way to rectify your problem properly.

Gradual Progress Training

When it comes to the training process, you must be able to make gradual progress with time.

This whole process gives you a proper sense of learning the essential skills and also gives you the right sense of direction too.

Clickbank University works on this principle very well. It gradually unlocks different portions of the course for you once you have mastered the previous one.

This gives you a keen understanding of every part of content creation and promotional tactics.

These qualities are required to work diligently and master the art of affiliate marketing and product promotion amazingly.

Promotional Tactics Learning

Clickbank University gives you a proper chance to manage your learning experience and learn about different promotional tactics.

These are some tips and tricks that can help you in making sure you get all the right ways to market your products as vendors.

Clickbank University Review

The first portion of this amazing course covers all the things you need to know and learn about marketing and creating your products as a Vendor.

It also tells you the right ways to manage the whole process. You will also be able to know the right promotional tactics like creating your avatar to market your brand.

It will also help in building a personal brand for yourself.  This will make sure you promote your products better and build a strong personal brand.

Effective Builder

The Clickbank Builder is not a CMS if you think that it is what it is. The builder may be an upsell for the course but it comes with a wide range of benefits.

It allows the members not only to master the craft but also to help in marketing your products better.


At first, you will not understand the purpose of the Clickbank Builder and how much it can help your business.

But after you go through the course you will get to know its importance and how much it can help your business.

It s one of the biggest package benefits which you can get from Clickbank University.

It will allow you to master the craft of promoting and creating your brand and be a better salesperson online.

Drawbacks of Clickbank University

Nothing is perfect in this world. There are some drawbacks to everything. This is why you need to make sure that you make the right choice for your product selection.

Drawbacks of Clickbank University

Clickbank University is one of the best online courses that could help you grow and sell better online. but it also comes with some flaws too.

Here we have accumulated some of the drawbacks of the Clickbank University.

This will give you a quick insight into the things which you could look for when you buy the courses from Clickbank University.

Less Information about Affiliate Training

As the introduction of Clickbank University suggests that it is training for the affiliate marketers to earn better online, but this is to quite it.

There are two different portions of the course. Clickbank university has amazing content for the members who want to know better promotional tactics.

Make Money Blogging

When it comes to the first part of this amazing course comes with a bundle of high-quality content to promote your products as a Vendor.

It gives you proper assistance to make sure all the requirements are filled properly. On the other hand, the affiliate training program is rather less informative than it should be.

It does not come with all the information to assist the members to earn a proper amount of money as an affiliate marketer.

You need to make sure you know a little bit about the ways to get al the information about affiliate marketing because it is necessary if you want to succeed after this course.

Locked Training


Another drawback of Clickbank University is that when you purchase the course not all the parts of this course are available for you.

The system wants you to gradually access the course.

This means that you are only allowed the first three sections of the course and if you want to access the further parts then it does not permit you to do so.

The solution to this problem is that you can call the Clickbank University customer support and ask them to unlock all the portions of that course.

It takes a small amount of time to get done but this can be a problem for the users who want to learn quickly.

In this way, you can also lose some of the precious time which is required for you to complete the course faster and invest it in building your brand.

Untold Upsells

Another problem with Clickbank University is that the whole thing is filled with two major upsells. It does not wait whether you are a former member or just joined recently.

The whole system is designed on fearmongering and selling their products faster and better.

Untold Upsells

They even pitch new upsells even before you have unlocked your purchased course or even started it.

This is not the right way to promote products.

You need to give your customers some time if you want to add some upsells to the whole course.

Our Opinion

Clickbank University is an amazing cause that can help you build a proper brand. It comes with all the essential information which will allow you to dominate the product generation process. 

Clickbank University helps you to create fine products and teaches you to sell them efficiently as a vendor.

Clickbank University Review

It also gives you thorough information about the best ways to keep your products in the market.

Though it has not much detail about the ways you can succeed in the market and earn money as an affiliate marketer.

It has somewhat low-quality information products that will allow you to market your products better and build your brand.

On the other hand, it comes with less amount of information on the tools and tactics which can help you be a good affiliate marketer to earn money.

It lacks some of the essential features which might be important for training people to be better at affiliate marketing.

Other than that the overall review about Clickbank University is amazing. As it comes with an amazing price we can simply say that the whole thing is worth its price.

It has more benefits than its drawbacks and the upsells are not as bad as it seeks. You will get to know about the Clickbank builder after you have taken the course.

This is our true opinion after seeing all the facts and figures related to the Clickbank university. It will also help you make your decision too.

Hence we just want to say that Clickbank University can be an amazing choice for you if you put your heart into it.

We just want you to learn from the best and Clickbank University is the best choice. This is why we wish you happy learning and you will have better marketing ahead of you.

Wrapping It All Up!

Clickbank University is a complete set of courses that allows you to learn everything about creating and selling your products as an Online Vendor.

It also has multiple benefits that might help you in the long run for promoting your products and managing them well.

So here is a detailed collection of information about Clickbank University accumulated in a review.

It covers up all the essential topics which are necessary to be known if you are willing to spend money on Clickbank Courses,

I am sure that you will love all the bits of content in this review.

All of this is because of the informative and real content which is properly research for you to get proper assistance.

Every piece of content here in this review will allow you to create a better perspective of Clickbank University.

We hope that after you gain all the essential information about Clickbank University, all your doubts will be in the wind.

But if there is still something which is left unclear then there is no need to worry about it at all. We will provide you with all the essential things to help you understand better.

You can ask us anything that you need to know about Clickbank University. We will give you all the right information along with proper assistance to make sure all your doubts get cleared.

Every query will be properly analyzed to make sure you get the best possible solution. Every solution will be compiled in a proper form.

Until then we just want you to stay tuned with us for more amazing and informative content related to your favorite topics. All the things will be those that spark your interests. 


SamCart Pricing & Review – Is It Worth The Money?

Posted 3 years ago

For a long time, this was an issue among the marketers that when they were selling any product they would get complaints about the checkout pages that were presented when their customer bought products. 

This was a downside of normal e-commerce pages and that can ruin their image in the market. So, if the same problem is with you then don’t you worry as we here are going to present you with a solution. 

SamCart Pricing & Review Samcart

A solution that can change your life and your marketing technique for good.

There is a tool that is named SamCart what this tool performs we are going to discuss it under the next heading but this tool can be extremely advantageous and useful for you and your business.

You can enhance your sales and engage with your customers. Enough curiosity created let’s go the function and features of this tool.

What Is SamCart? Samcart Pricing

SamCart is a tool that can solve your problem of checkout pages. Didn’t understand? Wait let me explain. Through this tool, you can create some excellent and well-established checkout pages that can present your appreciation to your customers. 

But the technical and on-demand explanation is that this is a high-end shopping cart tool for digital marketers and professional marketers. 

Either you are selling a physical product or online product this tool has rings and whistles to make your desired wishes come true when it comes to creating checkout pages and scale up your business.

Features of SamCart

Sales Funnels

When it comes to features and functionalities this took offers some unique selling features that are advantageous for both the user and the customer.

There are tons of features that you should know but we can cover a less than a ton.

Just kidding the features that we are going to cover and immediate and are of extreme use by several marketers.

We are not going to discuss the customer features that this tool provides but we will mention the advantages that the customer is achieved. Without further ado let’s start with the features and explanation.

Payment Gateways

Payment Gateways

When it comes to payment gateways, unfortunately, you are out of luck in this aspect of the tool.

If you want to use some other gateways than Paypal and Stipe then you can’t use them because SamCart has not added those options in the Payment Gateway opportunity.

I know it is a pioneer in making the checkout easy but not adding additional payment gateway options is the only thing that stings in this tool.

But you can set up the following Payment Options with SamCart:

  • You can have one-time single price offers.
  • There are different payment plans.
  • Various subscription options
  • You can do payment processing with not commission by SamCart
  • You can set a personal payment structure either for weekly, monthly, yearly or custom completely up to you.
  • There is a free trial option that you can provide to your customers.
  • This tool provides you 8 choices in currencies
  • The quantity limitations that you can set are fascinating and you can also decide the shipping option.
  • Due to the test payment feature, you can try the pricing of the product before launching the product. 

High Converting Checkout Templates

Samcart Templates

When you are getting a beautiful array and collection of templates that you can use for your checkout why would you not use it? Instead, not only the templates are great and fascinating but the options that you receive are also great and fascinating. 

Not only SamCart provide you with an attractive collection of checkout templates but there is more to it. It also provides you with a new user interface that we are going to discuss. And there is a feasibility of A/B split testing.

But the High conversion Checkout Templates are extremely well set and these are the changes and advancements that you can make in those templates preset.

  • Preset Colors
  • Define Your Colors
  • Logo Upload
  • Fields (Billing Address, Shipping Address, Phone Number, Email address, Zip Code, Quantity)
  • Custom Fields
  • Button Text
  • Guarantee Title & Text
  • Bullet Points Title, Bullet Points & Image
  • Testimonials Title
  • Custom Content
  • Terms & Conditions Checkbox
  • Terms & Conditions URL

New User-Interface

Now: this tool offers you a new user-interface and design of the UI. You can now just drag and drop any feature and tool that you want.

A/B Split Testing

When you are in the Split testing mode then this tool will not edit your variations and controls and aside from that the A/B split testing feature of SamCart is great.

Bumpers & Upsell


When you are using SamCart then you might experience some advanced features that this tool provides to their customers in creating some extraordinary Checkout Pages.

With that, you can set different upsells, coupons, and bumper offers in your product that can enhance your product sale. All of this is possible with SamCart.

Autoresponder Integrations

When it comes to integrating with E-mail Marketing autoresponders then SamCart is able to integrate with some of the biggest and major tools in the autoresponder market and E-mail Marketing.

There is a room created by SamCart that mentioned more native autoresponders like Teachable. If you can’t see your preferred Native Integration marketing tool then you can always connect zappier and insert your preferred E-mail Marketing tool.

Customer Support

If you are concerned about the customer support then the SamCart support is limited to E-mails, Live Chat, Facebook groups and articles. But the most expensive plan offers you priority support.

Advanced Features

Samcart Pricing

There are some advanced features that I will tell you but will not be able to explain to you because of the shortage of words. But I will make sure that I have mentioned all of the advanced features so that you can look up and understand better.

1- Dunning

This is provided by SamCart so that you can imply various products to your audience that have a subscription. These products can be premium or related.

2- Affiliate Center

SamCart also provides you with an Affiliate center for better enhancements and scaling up your business.

Samcart Pricing

Samcart Pricing

SamCart offers you three main pricing plans and all of them are uniquely distinct from one another.

With the three main plans mentioned below, you can start SamCart free trial for 14 days to understand it better and work off your techniques and creativity with SamCart.

  • Launch Plan
  • Grow Plan
  • Scale Plan

1- Launch Plan

This plan is for those entrepreneurs who are launching their first digital or physical product and there are some downsides to this plan so it is not for upscaled businesses as they would want different payment option features and Upsell feature and those features are not included with a launch plan.

That’s why you have to pay up to $49/month for Launch Plan.

2- Grow Plan

With Grow Plan, you will get what the Launch plan lacks such as the ability of customer management, subscription charge reminder, advance subscription cancellation, and more. And you just have to pay $99/month for Grow Plan.

3- Scale Plan

By the name, you would have guessed it that this is the most premium plan of SamCart. Firstly this plan includes all the features that the Launch and Grow plan have.

Instead of those features this plan offers you advanced features such as Dunning tool, Affiliate center, Cart Abandonment, Built-in A/B testing tool, CRM integrations, Webhook, and Priority and chat support.

All you have to pay is $199/month for Scale Plan.

Pros & Con of SmaCart

Samcart Pricing


  • It is a user-friendly platform to sell your products either digital or physical.
  • There are Sales Funnel capabilities included in this tool that are order bumps & one-click upsells to increase order value.
  • You can check advanced stats and reporting time as lifetime value.
  • The coupons and bumper offers are extremely easy to create and set up.
  • SamCart offers different Payment Models such as one-time, subscriptions (billing frequency control), payment plans, trials
  • You can also use the A/B split testing mode for your landing pages.
  • With the knowledgebase, you can access SamCart training resources.
  • There is a checkout page cart abandonment feature that can be useful.
  • The Scale Plan offers a Built-in Dunning feature.
  • User-interface is simple with drag and drop editor.


  • SamCart only supports Stripe and Paypal.
  • The launch plan pricing is high considering the features that it provides.
  • There is no digital sales tax calculation included in this tool.
  • The affiliate system is not equipped with Affiliate Id capability to track them.


This tool is one of it’s kind and this has helped several businesses. I know the plans are a bit expensive but when you start using it the plan criteria will look more affordable than ever.

Other than that, the best plan for you is the Grow Plan but if you are new to this community then you should opt for the lunch plan but definitely not go for the Scale plan. 

Because firstly the pricing will be expensive for you and secondly the features will be of no use. Other than that, this tool can be worth your investment.

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