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One Funnel Away Mantra

Is “You Are One Funnel Away” A B.S? My Opinions

Posted 3 years ago

You Are One Funnel Away this was the basic Mantra that was repeated by Russel Brunson. This Mantra is a special one as it tells you you should not quite before the results.

You might wonder how does it says that we can’t see the help in this Mantra well, I’m here to explain that. 

“One Funnel Away” Mantra

One Funnel Away

When we talk about this mantra you should know that we are not actually talking about Funnels we are taking Funnel as an example to understand that the peek is not that far. What I mean let me elaborate.

Have you ever visited camping or hiking with any family member who is older and wiser than you? They keep you focus in one place while making you travel 100 miles through hiking. Have you ever wondered how did they do that? 

With this mantra, they keep your focus in one place and keep saying that the endpoint is near right around the corner. Even though the corner is far and the endpoint is nowhere to be seen but they keep you focused in the time that you forget to ask that.

Eventually, you reach the endpoint and you wonder have we travelled that much distance? Well, if you had the same incident then go and ask you would have travelled a long distance.

This Mantra says that you should not quite without trying as you should think that the job is easy and you should have the confidence in you that you can do it. And in the end, your results would be fascinating.

This Mantra has been the slogan of Russel Brunson and through this, he is teaching you that when you start a business you would feel more tired and slow.

But when you follow this mantra and use ClickFunnels your endpoint will be around the corner and you have to hustle to get there. This is what the Mantra explains to us.

When started then you should hustle but never quite because quite is a loser and nobody in this world wants to become one.

Follow this and for sure it will take some time but when you are reciting this mantra everything and every step will look easy and in business every step you take you to progress exactly like hiking.


With this Mantra, Russel Brunson has taught us the way to ease your life problems. As this Mantra does not help you with the business it also helps you with your daily life problems and who doesn’t want to relieve themselves with their daily problems. 

No, I’m not saying that this is a magical Mantra and this will solve your any problem it just gives you hope that the endpoint is near one leap of faith and there you are.

You just need to have confidence in yourself and on the people that you are on this life’s ride. So, I won’t say to follow Russel Brunson just follow this mantra for better and beautiful results.

Prefect Evergreen Webinar

How to Build Prefect Evergreen Webinar Funnel With Clickfunnels?

Posted 3 years ago

Disclosure: I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.

Are you in search of an alternative to sell your product using a Webinar? Here in this article, we are going to discuss how to make Evergreen Webinar funnels using click funnel by following the steps below:

Webinar Funnel

  • First of go to the click funnels and click on Add new
  • Then you click on create a new funnel and select Host webinar, your screen will appear two options of Live webinar and Webinar replay. You can select the webinar of your choice to create the evergreen webinar funnels.
  • For example, we selected the Webinar replay then your screen will appear the name and group tag option fill it as you wanted to then click on build funnel.
  • The screen will show you a list of four steps to creating your funnel. The first one will be to select the template for building a funnel. Moreover, here we want to conclude that you can create the webinar funnels like any other funnel but the only difference you’ll see in evergreen funnels is that you can set time and auto email sequence after people register to the webinar.
  • Then go to settings and select webinar settings and you can select the option by which the number of times you want this webinar to occur and don’t forget to save your changes and come back to the previous screen
  • By this process, you can change the images, texts etc on that particular screen and then, in the end, don’t forget to save those changes.
  • Then your next step would be automation, to send down the confirmation emails to our registers then click on edit and you can change your testier.
  • This was the basic reminder for people to join their webinar and you can see that there will be several reminders over there which are also said to be the email sequence.
  • After you are done with all that confirmation go to the webinar countdown page now! There you can enable the register to see what’s going on in the webinar and you can select the template as well that you want to add to your page and anything you want to add to that page and wait for a while to access the changes. Again don’t forget to save the changes on that page.
  • Then go to the webinar broadcast page, and select how you want to function that broadcaster.

Moreover, here we want to conclude this amazing feature that you will also love to use during this is the PI button that you want it to be delayed, we will tell you now how to set that up.

In addition to this, you will see the buy buttons showing up on your screen that you don’t want to be there at that time when people will be entering the webinar room but right after you have done pitching on the webinar, just go to advance if you want animation and setting up a delay time e.g 5 minutes when you start pitching.

Save the changes of that particular page and come back to the previous one and you won’t see that content which you delayed for 5 minutes while pitching and the best part of this is that it will make your webinar less Scelzi and you can also set your video to autoplay.

And if you choose to block the pause then the video will become more likely a live video in your webinar so these were the few things you need to do before going to the replay page and you need to do the same steps over there.

So that’s how you can easily create an evergreen webinar using a click funnel. We hope that we were able to educate you about all the important aspects of evergreen webinar funnels.


3 Reason Why Your Funnel Isn’t Working?

Posted 3 years ago

Are you one of those who are struggling to make their funnel work? It’s not an easy job to create sales funnels. Before you have a ‘set and forget’ system, it requires some twitching and positivity.

When a funnel didn’t work for you, you might have stopped on what may have been a full game changer for your company too early. Funnels will fully change your business if you have a course based or service-based company.

In this guide, I will be sharing with you 3 reasons that result in the failure of your funnel. Also, I will be providing you with effective strategies and tricks that will help you in making your funnel work even better. 



This basically means that you are having conversion issues. Traffic is one of the essential elements to achieve conversion goals.

If you are not able to attract enough traffic, then your funnel might stop working. 

Check the traffic numbers if you may not have sufficient users to make the funnel effective.

If, for example, you have less than 1,000 visitors, and the statistics are very low, find strategies to bring more people in the funnel.

In fact, good marketing and traffic management plan should be in place. Sending emails whenever something is published is a successful first move, but more effective approaches can be tried.

Consider posting guests and ask others to connect them to your material regularly. It is not only beneficial for brand awareness and SEO but with time, you can create a network of connections on which you can rely on success.

However, the process only makes 20 % of the success of your funnel. The other two things carry equal weightage. 




So this point here basically means that you are not having the right audience. Or you are not targeting the right people to sell your product.

For example, You put up a Ferrari for sale with an amazing offer and you have a good salesperson to reach out to the good audience. But, the people receiving your offer cannot afford it.

So, irrespective of your amazing offer and a good process, you are not able to reach your goal. Because you are targeting the wrong audience. 

You can overcome this by; Begin by ensuring that you identify your business ‘target audience.

Conduct an online poll or email poll to find out what your current public thinks about issues, and what support is needed to them.


At this stage, you are not able to provide a convincing offer to your targeted audience. This gets even difficult for you when your niche rivals are giving better offers than you. And this will make it harder for you to convert them. 

So, you need to give it a deep thought and come with an effective and convincing offer that your audience has no option but to accept it. 

Packing Up!

These were the reasons that your funnel might not be working successfully. You need to get all these things right and when you have everything in line, you don’t need a great sales copy.

This is the end of our guide, if you have any suggestions or queries you can email us.

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