If you want to know about your marketing strategies and different sales techniques well, you have come to the perfect article as here I’m going to discuss sales funnel and Sales Message.

First of all, what are sales Funnel is a marketing strategy to promote your sale on your funnel.

This strategy helps in gaining more traffic to your funnel and enhance the sales of your particular product hence this can be a very effective method or strategy to improve your sales and gain more traffic on your funnel.

What is Sales Funnel and Sales Message?

Key Elements of Sales Funnels

I was struggling with my marketing strategies and my selling strategies as I have just started with this type of business hence I learned about all the marketing strategies and all my selling points. The mistake that I did was that I was selling on the basis of logic and trust me when I say this is not the case in selling your should be able to know your product and butter coat it as much as you can.

3 Elements Every Sales Funnel And Sales Message Should Have

Now: when we talk about the Sales Funnels and Sales Messages then I have noticed a common thing between most of the user of such a method that happens to be emotion.

1- Targeting Emotion in Selling


When it comes to selling have you noticed that some sellers target you with the usability and your style while using any product well, that is Emotional selling Do you know the fact? That 50% of the buyer is convinced to buy a specific product.

So, when you are selling a particular product then be sure that you target their emotion and justify your product with the help of emotion, for instance, how would it look like when you use or what accessibility that it would provide for a particular use.

This can attract the buyer as you are talking about his/her daily life use and he/she could imagine it using and once imagined then their mind is made up for buying such a product.

2-Logic Selling

As in the emotional selling key, you would target your buyer’s emotions silently you would add your product in their daily life. Well, if your buyer hits of your selling speech as a scam then you can bring in your next weapon that is logic.

Run him/her down with the paper schematics and on paper reviews for the product hence then he/ she would be convinced that this product is not a scam.

As when you target some buyers they would suggest that the particular product that you are selling is a defected or refurbished piece hence they would call it a scam but when you provide them with a logical sheet of paper that would disclose all the featured then they would be satisfied.

Do you know that 30% of the buyer prefer and are attracted when you provide them with a logical rundown of the product.

First, they just made up their minds to buy that specific product but with this proof of logic, they would be willing to buy that product.

3- Scarcity Sale

When you use scarcity while pitching your sales speech then this can affect and determine the buyer to buy a particular product.

With that said, Scarcity is a method that includes limited-time offers or countdown or limited stock are the elements that implemented in the right way then this can enhance your sales and 20% of the buyer is buying through this method.


When you implement all these elements in one sales pitch then there you would have a 100% sales closure.