How to Make Money Blogging – Ultimate Guide

Posted 3 years ago

Make money blogging has been a trend for quite some time now.

People are often engaged in various online projects, businesses to earn hefty revenue. And the top of them or the most popular one is via blogging.

So for all those curious minds who intend to join the blogging community.

You can now learn all about it and more via this article. Even if you have never done any such thing beforehand or lack the basic know-how.

Make Money Blogging – (Complete Guide)

Make Money Blogging

Well, we got you all covered as we have jotted down everything relevant to blogging. After reading this article you will for sure become able to get hands-on a sturdy income.

Now, before you complete step into this world of blogging, it might not be easy. Yet once you are set on the right track, things will start moving in a flow.

For you to understand the major yet basic aspects, you need to stick till the end with us.

We all want a reliable source of income for maintaining our lives. And what can be better than something you can do almost anywhere?

That’s why we see a large chunk of people diverting towards this road. Yet almost half of them merely make it till the end, though it’s okay.

Still, we want you to be one of those who succeed in this journey and get something in your hands.

So without further delay, let’s dig in and take a look at things.

What is Blog or Blogging?

In simple words, a blog on the internet can also be considered as a weblog for the audience to read the writer’s thoughts. As for the definition, it is an online journal or site.

Here the information displayed is in reverse chronological order.

So the last thing you post will appear on the top or at first.

In other words, it is a platform for writers or groups of writers. They can share up their ideas, views, and more on any individual subject.

Make Money Blogging

Coming towards blogging, it, in fact, a whole set of various skills that you may need to run your blog. Or the process to load the web page with tools is also called blogging.

Now, these tools can be the reason to make writing, posting, sharing, liking a lot easier.

How Much Can You Earn from Blogging?

It doesn’t matter when you decided to opt for blogging.

As this source will only load you into earning something.

Either you need something to lower your burdens aside from the salary. Or you want to earn a whole lifestyle via blogs.

All you going to need is some hard work to put in so you can get the money.

If you have a doubt relevant to how much exactly you can earn from this.

Then there are quite a lot of inspirational stories of bloggers who succeeded.

Money from Blogging

For instance, the couple Bjork and Lindsay earned about $25k. All through their food and recipe blog at

Another example is of another couple, Samantha and Yeison.

They not only run along with earning $5k per month. But they also travel around the globe and share their stories/photos on the blog.

So as it is pretty much clear that with proper methods followed, you can also earn enough.

Yet the only thing required will be some patience as it may take months or years.

Things You Need to Make Money Blogging


One cannot start a new thing without actually getting into its depths.

The same is the case when it comes to blogging and you will need to bring a few elements together.

Here are a few things which you will be needing to accomplish the task of earning money while writing a blog.

1- Get A Blog

Of course, you need a blog if you want to start blogging. Or it would be like making an omelet without eggs. And if you are totally new or up making some money, there are a few options.

Nick Tsai

You can start with WordPress as it is the best, self-hosted platform for bloggers. Apart from that, another option is BlueHost which will host the new blogs.

It would cost you only $2.95 per month with a sign up if 36 months.

2- Create Great Content

After you have created a blog, you are all set to create some stunning posts for the readers.

Now, you need to push yourself hard and ensure that your content is of the highest grade.

Well, that is the reason why it’s called Great Content”.

Make Money Blogging

Every single day, millions of new blog posts crowd the internet. So if you want to stay out in the competition, you need to create a certain magic.

With so much available content and limited reader span, the posts must hold the attention. Only then your blog posts would turn out to be on the top and shared on the internet.

You can look up at a few aspects in your posts like:

  • are well-formatted and has great images
  • are entertaining and in-depth
  • are offering links to other posts for expanding points

3- Build up Your Audience

Any blog post or in general anything you put on the internet is useless.

Until unless you have an audience to witness your work. This rule also works in the case of blogging.


People can find you, your posts via various social platforms. Google, Instagram, Facebook, etc are a few to name. With time, the audience keeps growing.

Once you succeed in building your audience, making money becomes retrospect. The huge number of fans waiting for you to put up something, showing interest in your work.

All these points towards the incoming money.

The only tough patch to fix is finding and building the audience.

Promote Your Blog


If you are not going to promote your blog, what’s the whole point in it?

People won’t show interest in your posts or know by themselves about your work.

You will need a proper promotion to get done with so the attention is all caught up. Focusing on these elements can take your blog on the map.

Ways To Promote Your Blog

Make Money Blogging

1- SEO


SEO is something we all have heard by now at least a few times. People might think that the time of SEO is bygone, but that’s a false notion.

SEO has always been one of the greatest traffic sources for people who will buy from you. Or even sign up to your email lists, etc.

So you can even read some great articles like WordPress SEO Guide, The SEO BluePrint.

2- Social Media

Social media sites are one of the sturdiest platforms for gaining traffic. If you get to put your promotions on these sites, consider yourself all set.

Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit, and LinkedIn are a few to name.

Now, even here you will see a distribution among the audience.

Social Media

For instance, Google+ and LinkedIn have potential traffic from professional readers. Facebook, Instagram brings more visual targeted readers.

WordPress on the other side also offers a whole variety of plugins.

With its help, you can put up the social sharing buttons on your posts with ease. Or you can always opt for other options like Sendible.

This is an optimal tool for managing social media.

3- Paid Advertising

If you decide or opt to pay for traffic and clicks on social media, search engines. It can turn out to be a great option for marketing your blogs.

Paid Advertising

So when you go towards the paid methods, it is like a quick route to reach the destination. You can right away pay for all the traffic and clicks on the posts.

Further, if you succeed in targeting the audience on the right channels.

You can also build the audience quite easily with advertising to amplify the efforts.

4-Build Your Email List

When starting something new you keep hearing a lot of things. And one of them will be or might have been about the list.

To a great extent, you need to focus on it.

Once you have thrived in building the audience, you need to hold fast to them. This happens to most of the bloggers that 9B0% of the readers leave after 1 or 2 articles.

Make Money Blogging

Hence rather than missing out on all those potential readers, you can get them back. Use the service; Aweber or GetResponse for this purpose.

You can like other bloggers, offer some free courses in return for the email addresses.

In this way, a vast number of readers would stick around for your new updates and work.

Moreover, the key here is to keep the previous readers while making an expansion for new ones. This will ultimately boost the number of readers/audiences in minimal time.

5- Launch the Minimum Viable Funnel

One thing that you will be able to notice if you look around.

The entrepreneurs; they sell out the products even before it’s created. Yes, we get it, that this does not sound professional, or is insane.


Or it is against ethics to ask people to buy non-existent products. The only reasonable answer to your question is Kickstarter.

You might have heard of sales funnels? That is what you will need to do.

You can create a minimal funnel to show that your product would be out soon.

Later you get to see how many people sign up so you can the worth of making the product.

If you see a little audience, you can refund the money and start all again. This time with another product only.

To put into other senses, the final step in to have something; a product to be particular.

  • by promoting affiliate products, identify the demands
  • find a quirky mechanism for coming out superior
  • test the demand for mechanism before creating the product

Ways to Make Money Blogging

Make Money Blogging

Now that you have learned the basic things you will need for blogging.

It is time to get to know about various ways you can engage yourself in. These will for sure help you out in a way or other so eventually make money.

1- Online Courses and Workshops

Yes, there are quite a few methods and ways you can adapt and one of them is online courses/workshops.

People who make some heavy profit from their blogs are using these.

Online Courses

They do it via various offered courses and workshops. It’s reported that Ramit Sethi crossed almost 10 million dollars in annual revenue. All this from his suite of premium courses.

The plus point here is that there are no limitations. It isn’t supposed to be business or wealth relevant to succeed. There are blogs almost on any topic one can imagine.

2- Affiliate Marketing

Nothing can beat the affiliate market when it comes to making some real money.

So you can create a few splendid passive income streams through your blogs. 

In exchange for a commission, you can recommend digital services, physical products, etc.

Make Money Blogging

Currently, in Amazon Associates commissions the Digital Photography School made above $500,000. Astounding, isn’t it? All they did was promote photography tools and equipment.

Along with that, the number of companies offering referral programs is huge.

So they can spread a lot more relevant to their products or services.

As a result, the number of available affiliate marketing options also enhances.

3- Advertising

Though it is obvious that people tend to avoid advertising as an option. You need a million visitors a year for a large network to take in a serious notice.

Apart from that, the affiliate marketing tends to be more beneficial and passive.


Keeping it all aside, some vocation i.e. fashion, recipes, news need monetization. They for sure need some other, reliable, quirky methods for doing so.

In such scenarios, nothing seems to be a better, promising option other than ads. So placing up a few ads will only be an auxiliary source to earn.

4-Books and EBooks

You will see that only a few writers have aggrandized their success in the form of books. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck by Mark Mason is a great example.


After millions read his book, he got a deal with Harper Collins. Later, we succeeded in selling above $3,000,000 copies in the US only.

People have even thrived in self-published books.

One of the major stories is of James Altucher who wrote Choose Yourself. Till now, more than $500,000 copies are sold.

5- Speaking Gigs

Those who prosper or whose blog takes off might know about this. Once you get recognized, you will get a huge response and several invitations.

Make Money Blogging

You would get invited to speak over at different conferences.

The plus point here is that it is monetarily beneficial. Now, who wouldn’t agree to talk if he/she is getting paid

6- Consulting/Coaching

Now, most of you might not feel excited about this particular option here. And it is completely okay if you want to avoid but first look at the bright side.

It might sound difficult but all you have to do is provide a tidbit of coaching.


Want to know the best part? Even if the audience is small, you get a good sum, that too over the phone.

You only need a boost of confidence in yourself and know what you are up to. Things will automatically fall into perfect order and work for you.

7- Selling Freelance Services


If consultation is not your cup of tea, this will be. Freelancing; who hasn’t heard of it, of course, we all have. It is, in fact, a far better source of income than others.

Yet it comes with a pitfall of draining your energy and requires time.

Still, there are bloggers out in the world, making money from blogs with even thousands of readers. What they do is, they use their blogs to get clients.

If you have any digital skills like designer, writer, programmer, photographer, or other.

These cannot only get sold but you must put them in use from day one.

The Benefits of Blogging

Make Money Blogging

Who may have thought that something like blogging will turn out to be so beneficial? Yet it did and in several ways within these past years.

Of course, the first-ever blogger didn’t think of making money from this. But as time evolved, so did the goals behind blogging.  No matter what sort of blogging you do, the plus point is almost similar.

Market Your Business


Being a business owner is one hell of a responsibility in itself. But wouldn’t it be a cherry on the cake if your company gets recognition online?

For any entrepreneur or company, it is pretty exciting to get visible on the digital market.

This not only helps to expand the business but also grow the visitors, leads, and revenue.

And what else can be a better choice than creating an intriguing blog? The blog will have content that is helpful and valuable for the readers.

So ultimately you get to see the desired growth in your work.

Express Yourself and Share Your Passions

Blogging is not bound to a particular topic or idea. It is as wide and open as any ocean. The times have changed and so did the perspectives.

Yet a lot of blogs are today serving as real platforms for various people.

These people can voice out their notions, thoughts, and emotions, and so on.


It does not matter which field or area holds your interest.

Blogs give you a chance to connect with the world, with the people.

You like food, photography, sports, politics, history, or anything else.

There are some people with the same interests as you out there.

Build Your Professional Network

Blogging is strive based on community.

We all know it well that people often engage in it only for networking. It doesn’t matter if you own a business or are a solo worker.

You will need networks and nothing can beat blogging at that.

Make Money Blogging

With the help of this platform, you can climb several professional steps. Once you have accessed the online network, you can get your hands on so much more.

To name a few tools, software, workshops, seminars, other events.

Share Your Knowledge


Knowledge is something that won’t lessen up even if you share it. So if you have some tips and tricks about a certain thing or have that passion in you.

You can use blogs as a source to spread it around.

Social media is a great source of information and knowledge for many of us.

If you can teach others with the same interests as you, So why not?

Learn How to Make Money Blogging

Make Money Blogging

Long gone are the days when you had to step out to earn a lifestyle. Because now the time has revolutionized and so did the trends.

Most of us begin with one blog at a time.

But as time passes, we become experienced and get chicer ideas too.

As your initial blogs teach you a lot, you get completely trained. So instead you can use all those experiences to earn some money and maintain a lifestyle.


Wrapping it all up, blogging has been here for quite some time now. A lot of people have earned millions from it. Some were profound enough to get it all from a single blog post.

It not only prompts your monetary status but refines your skills. If you own a business, you get to expand and provide it with the desired exposure.

There is so much more you can learn and do via blogging as Arriana Huffington did.

If her single blog can earn $1 million, yours can too. Or as Peter Rojas, Rand Fishkin, Brian Clark, and many others did.

Imagine if these people did it, and others are also doing it, so you can also.

It is only a matter of time and a bit of patience along with consistency. You will see your blog posts trending, earning you millions and what not.

All you have to do is follow up with the ways and other major aspects mentioned above. We hope you will find this article quite helpful and would start your blog soon.

In case of any further query, feel free to contact us or ask us for help.

Youtube SEO

How To Do Youtube SEO With TubeBuddy & VidIQ?

Posted 3 years ago

What is SEO? It is a procedure where you can optimize your videos to the top side of the search section. For example because of SEO anybody searches about a relevant topic to your Youtube video then there is a chance that your video will appear on the top 10 videos in searches. 

This is SEO and this is YouTube SEO. There are several techniques to do SEO for your Youtube channel and videos but the most effective tool is TubeBuddy and VidIQ.

So in this article, we are going to discuss them in detail to understand better and enhance the traffic on your YouTube channel.

How to use VidIQ for YouTube SEO?


It is a smart assistant that can suggest you some keywords to put in your title and description.

This is the basic explanation for this tool and if we dig deep inside the toll then you will have several options that can aid you in enhancing the SEO of your particular video.

Such as if there is a need for a keyword that is searched frequently and your video is related to that then VidIQ will suggest you use that keyword for enhancing the SEO search for your video.

Other than that, this can also suggest you some vital keywords to insert in your description for better SEO results. 

Not only that, but there is also a checklist that you need to follow and a set of tags that you need to input before uploading that is suggested by VidIQ.

The checklist has some simple instructions such as “insert a video card in your video, put an end screen video” these tasks are simple yet they are effective hence you might want to follow that checklist for better SEO results.

These are the reasons why I recommend you to use VidIQ for better understanding and for better SEO results.

Disadvantages of VidIQ


The disadvantage of using VidIQ is that you will get limited. You might wonder why?

This is because they have a limited quota of applying tags on a video in a month.

For example, you upload daily so you will be limited by this quota system that lets you upload a particular amount of videos per month using VidIQ tags. This is the only disadvantage of using VidIQ.

How to use TubeBuddy for YouTube SEO?



The thing with TubeBuddy is that it doesn’t limit you with a monthly quota of uploading videos. Unlike VidIQ it has some perks to it such as you can use unlimited video tags that can enhance the SEO searches of your video.

Secondly, you can use TubeBuddy for inserting some advantageous tags and keywords like VidIQ but the keyword suggestion is more responsive and more accurate than VidIQ. 

Other than that, this is more like VidIQ hence the integration of TubeBuddy with Youtube Studio is simple and easy and with TubeBuddy you can also enhance your video searches to your required need.

This also has some perks with a list that you can follow to achieve a more desired result and traffic control on your channel or video. The list is more accurate and in-depth than the VidIQ so, you can follow that list for better SEO search results on your video and channel.

Disadvantages of TubeBuddy


The only disadvantage of TubeBuddy is that this tool is not for free.

What did you think that every special feature is for free, everything and every feature that is provided by TubeBuddy is for a price.

I know it is for an affordable price but when it comes to comparing TubeBuddy and VidIQ head to head then you might want to opt for TubeBuddy.

The pricing plan is on a monthly basis but the pricing is also affordable and cheap.


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