Want to know the best shopify pricing plans and which is the best plan for you according to your requirements?
Then lets dive in the step by step guide on how to choose the best plan.

At first, let’s discuss an overview of what shopify actually is?


Shopify is a platform for all those small business owners that are coming to the market with an ambition to sell their or other products for a profit margin.

This platform has helped and will help all those newcomers who want to take the initiative of starting their own business.

With that said, if you want to know and you are starting your own Shopify store then you should read this article as here we are going to discuss all those features that matter and that can affect your store so stay tuned with this article. 

What is Shopify?


Now the real question is what is Shopify. This is a platform or a web application that helps you and aids you with the resources to create your personal online store.

The resources include a wide range of template themes to select according to personal preference to connect with the user’ immediately, with that it also provides you with branding strategies and fulfill that requirement too, and when it is all done it aids you for selling either physical or digital products such as Electronic devices to website theme templates or any software. 

The main and foremost benefit of using Shopify is that the user of this application can create a website or web design without any help from designer or developer as the resources provided by this application are fulfilling that requirement.

Moreover, if you are yourself a designer and are equipped with the skill of coding in HTML and CSS then this would please you as Shopify offers an advance mode that is for a coder hence now you can have further command on your designing skills with the help of HTML and CSS language editor in Shopify.

How Many People Use Shopify?

People Use Shopify

According to an online survey, there are several users of Shopify and to be exact there are over 1,000,000 users that are currently active on this platform. Not only that the revenue generated over sales is approximately 183 Billion dollars.

Well, this massive right? No, this not the exact numbers as these sales generated in dollars is expected to be more than this quoted amount.

With that said, this platform is larger than you expect it to be hence we can say that this e-commerce platform is well-established and safe to use as a startup plan for your business.

When you are choosing a hosting solution for your online store then you are putting your complete trust in that platform to do justice and provide you as per said, and this is done by Shopify as they value their users and provide them with various facilities and feasibility to run their store. 

For instance, take Magento to study such a case as it was once a best Shopify store platform but the user had to evacuate that platform and move their stores to another platform at a short notice because of Magento’s blunder yet effective mistakes and problems.

Because of its large user base community, Shopify stores avoid any type of financial difficulties to a company that is based on Shopify, hence also avoiding the prospect of a store disappearance. 

Pricing on Shopify

We will discuss further more functionalities of using Shopify but let’s first discuss the pricing and pricing criteria on Shopify. 

There are 5 different pricing options that I have listed down below:

  • Shopify Lite- $9/ month.
  • Basic Shopify- $29/ month.
  • Normal Shopify- $79/ month.
  • Advanced Shopify- $299/ month.
  • Shopify Plus- in this the price is negotiable but that lies under $2000/ month.

Shopify Lite

Shopify Lite

With selling unlimited items on your Funnel with a low price payment.

But there may be a catch continually is, that this plan won’t allow you to create your purposeful and separate website however this provides you with the feasibility of selling your items via:

Your Facebook web page. Allows you to manage inventory and sell items physically rather than virtually.

This offers you the right of entry to Shopify Buy Button that we are going to speak about now.

Shopify Buy Button

Shopify Buy Button

This Buy Button works in a similar manner as a PayPal Buy Button works, but as this button hyperlinks back to the Shopify keep subsequently imparting you with greater practical alternatives that can assist in monitoring orders and other fulfilment popularity are available.

With that, you could also use this Buy Button to redirect a listing of categories onto any other web page or website.

You can also use Shopify Buy Button to combine your Shopify store into any other site that is constructed on a one-of-a-kind platform.

The platforms that are included in this feature are, Squarespace or WordPress; the result is the features include the users who are pleased with the use and you can also integrate some Shopify e-commerce onto your website.

Other Pricing Plans

Other Pricing Plans

There are other pricing plans too as I have mentioned above and the not unusual factor among them is that in contrast to Shopify Lite.

They allow and provide you with complete functionality of making your standalone website or web site, therefore, they may be used for a better experience.

But the price is one-of-a-kind in all of these plans because everyone gives you distinct and exceptional features that can be a useful resource in tremendous ways.

Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus

With Shopify plus, this can be effective for all those high and premium enterprises as this can offer them with several opportunities.

The features are high-grade solutions for their strategies and counter-strategies to immerse their business on top; with that, it provides them with advance features of security and fulfilments of API’s

There are Shopify payment methods and payment gateways to control the transactions: with this, you can have multiple to be exact two methods and opportunities of accessing master card in Shopify.

If you operate this, you don’t have to worry approximately transaction costs at all, which is great. However, there may nevertheless be a ‘credit card rate’ to consider: in the US, you may assume to pay a charge of among 2.4% and 2.9% of every credit card transaction (plus on some plans, a further 30c).

In different nations, the rate is lower (the UK variety of credit card expenses, for example, stretches from 1.6% to 2.2%).

The fees of the payment could depend on the preferred plan as it is in every online product, Because of the rock backside transaction pricing, you can have the foremost pricing values at lowest subscription rate possible.

Alternatively, you may use a third-celebration ‘charge gateway’ to technique card transactions — of which there are over one hundred to select from (far more than are to be had from competing systems Bigcommerce, Volusion or Squarespace).

Using a 3rd-birthday celebration price gateway requires a hint of configuration – you’ll get to observed out a ‘merchant account’ with a price gateway provider.

Depending on the fee gateway company you appoint, you will assume to pay a percentage of a transaction rate, a month-to-month price or both.

Shopify Themes

Shopify Themes

With Shopify, you would get 8 unfastened e-commerce themes or template that you may use for your web site or store. Each of those templates is to be had in two or 3 variety so one can translate to a reasonably first-rate choice of designs.

The pre-provided templates by Shopify are attractive and unique but there is a catch, they can kill some of the features but can provide you with other features such as being responsive.

That means they can be accessed from any electronic device such as a smartphone, laptop, tablets, etc. They won’t distort the website with the wrong alignment and placement.

If these free templates do not work for you then you can also try the premium and paid templates that can fulfil your satisfaction of you can use different subject templates in case there are 64 and every subject matters when you are creating your Shopify store.

These home in price from $a hundred and forty to $180, and just like the unfastened topics, they’re all fully responsive.

In the topic store, you may browse all of the free and paid templates employing a wide selection of filters: for instance, you may view templates by means of industry, home web page type, layout style and so on.

This makes it easy for you as you don’t have to find different subject themes and templates one by one it creates a place where you can access them all and they are displayed in one place.

Well, coming towards the design approach and appearance of the templates they are sleek, responsive, provides a professional look and have an attractive appearance.

And in fact, if you are no longer content with the theme offering provided by means of Shopify and need to make something that’s absolutely distinctive, there may be usually the selection of constructing your very own subject;

It is straightforward to get entry to the subject matter code, and tons of support materials are provided to will let you develop your very own Shopify template.

There is one factor common in every theme so, you can choose easily that every theme is supported via Shopify integrations and features so you are not losing anything that is important and necessary. 


Using Shopify as your online store platform can be the best option as it has low plans and provides you with various useful features hence many new companies and many business ideas are welcomed here.