What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and How To Get Massive Traffic And Generate Leads from It

Posted 2 years ago

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Nick Tsai: Hey, what’s going, Nick Tsai here. So in this video, I want to share with you how you can generate more traffic and lead using slot online , search engine optimization. But before that, I want to share with you my story. So it’s like 10 years ago, I was a real estate agent, I was a realtor. And by then actually, I was totally new to marketing, I was new to sales, so I didn’t know how to generate leads. I didn’t know how to make a sale. So all I did was, I standing on the street, I giving away flyers and sometimes I would try to knock on people’s door. I would ring their bells or sometimes I would do some cold calling or cold messaging, things like that. But guess what? Yeah, it’s really hard for me to generate leads. So I remember sometimes it’s pretty hard, but I still have to stand on the street and try to generate leads and guess what? It’s really frustrating, it’s really hard.
So sometimes I get luck. I can give some people get interested. “Hey, I want to buy a house.” Eventually they never show up or they never buy anything. So I was like, “Oh, I’m so tired.” So I eventually quit. I stopped doing that after a few months of a trial and error, but guess what? After a few months I got a game slot, so they say, “Hey, are you Nick?” I’m say, “Yeah, who you are?” He says like, “Oh, can you help me sell my house?” And then it was like, “But I’m no longer a realtor.” He said, “No, but I saw your website.” I said, “What, my website?” So that guy saw my website and that website is actually a blog that I created just for my personal use. So I used that as a notebook because by then I tried to learn about real estate, and there are so many things, I can not remember so much detail. So I tried to create a blog as my personal notebook, and I have some personal information on there.
So I write down everything I know, or I learn about real estate, like how to buy a house, or how to invest the house. And that guy, in my local place, saw my blog, they saw my content and they really liked it. So they reached out to me, that’s not only happened once. Then after a few weeks, it happens again, again and again, more and more phone calls. And sometimes I get emails reaching out to me, ask me to either sell their house or recommending them a house to buy. And that’s the first time I realized the power of internet. And also that’s the reason I tried to dive in internet marketing, because I realize there’s a power and that’s how I started my online business.
So what is SEO? SEO is a process of improving your site quality so that you can rank better on the search engine, like Google, like Bing, like Yahoo. So if you can apply SEO to your site, you can get more traffic, you can get ranked higher and you can get more high quality leads to your business. Here’s my results, I do SEO for many, many sites. And also, many of them are on my own website. So those are results, you can see I paid zero to ad. I didn’t spend a dime on advertising on our website. And I get so much traffic, especially if you know that traffic on Google is really expensive. Sometimes it costs you maybe $1, sometimes $2 per click. So if you can get so much clicks for free, it’s really well worth it. If your niche is really competitive, but no one is using SEO, then there’s a chance you should take advantage of SEO so that you can get so much traffic without paying for ads.
There are some pros and cons of SEO. The first pro is, SEO can bring you more traffic from Google, from Bing, from Yahoo, you don’t have to pay for ad. And if for your competition is low, as long as you get ranked, you don’t really have to pay a lot to maintain your position and you can spend the money to rank other more competitive keywords. So SEO is actually helping you build in an [adcent 00:04:09] if you can do it right. And also, it can bring you more high quality leads and traffic to your site. So when people are clicking on paid ad, they know it’s ad, so they don’t trust that link that much. But if you are showing a organic search result, guess what? Yeah, they trust it more. And that’s the reason why SEO can position your brand or yourself as the go-to option, as the go-to expert. So that’s a reason why you should do SEO.
Now there are some cons of SEO. So the first one, SEO is a long-term investment, you cannot expect that I do SEO today and I get ranked tomorrow, it’s almost impossible. Unless you are targeting a really non-competitive keyword, like new ways trying to rank on the keyword. Then maybe you can show up after a few days, but most of the time you’d have to wait for maybe months or sometimes half-years to see the results. So sometimes you have to be patient to see the result. And also the algorithm is changing all the time, so you have to keep on updating your website. It’s not like I pay for SEO once and it can run forever. You still have to pay a little to maintain the website, to update maybe the websites structure. Maybe you want to change the content a little bit.
And also, it’s hard to scale. What I mean by that for example, if you try to scale like a Facebook ad or try to scale a Google ad, all you need to do is add in more keywords or add in more campaign. But if you want to scale SEO, then you have to redo SEO for those new keywords, it’s not as easy to scale. So you want to make sure you try to rank those long-term and evergreen keywords. Try not to rank keywords that is short-term, like an event happening next month. Then it’s not worth it for you to rank that keyword.
So is SEO right for you? We have to keep in mind that SEO is not for every business. Some mistake people are making is that, “Oh, we want to do SEO for my company.” But actually their user, their audience, is not searching on Google for their problem. The first question you want to ask, is your target audience using Google, using Bing, using Yahoo, using a search engine to solve their problem? If yes, then SEO can be considered. And also another question is, how competitive are the keywords you are trying to target? For example, if you try to target keywords, like how to lose weight, it’s actually really competitive. So if you try to rank that keyword, you have to spend lots of money and you may even not get page two.
So it’s really hard for you to get ranked on those highly competitive keywords. And also, can you wait four months to see the results. So sometimes if you are trying to target for event is happening tomorrow, then don’t go with SEO because you can not make it. For a keyword to get ranked, it normally take months. And also, can you convert your traffic into leads and sales? So before you bind any traffic, before you doing all this strategy, you want to have a funnel in process, you need a selling process that is working. So that no matter how much traffic you drive, you can make money from that. So you don’t spend that money on traffic and you get no sale. That’s the key things to consider before you do SEO.
So if you do think SEO’s for you, then there’s two major parts you have to do in SEO. The first one is on-site, another one is off-site. So what are they? On-site means anything you do on your website. The first thing is content, which means all the title, tag, description, the heading, the internal linking. So it’s all about your content must be relevant to the keyword you are trying to rank. So if you try to rank for keyword, how to lose weight, for example, then you can now type anything, like how to make money online, because it’s not relevant. So you always want to make sure your content is relevant and it’s not image, it’s words. So you must have how to lose weight on your title, on your tag, on your description and your content. That’s how you can make your content relevant to your keywords.
Another one is quality. So you want to make sure you can create some long article, long article can rank better than short articles. And also retention rate is really important, so how long people will stay on your page. One trick you can try is, you can embed a video on your page so people will pay more time to watch the video, and they will stay longer on your page. And also the bounce rate, which means if they click on other links on your website, or they just leave or they click on maybe the back button to another site. So you want to make sure they can stay not only on your page, but also they can stay on your site as long as possible.
And also, the website quality, which means your website structure or website speed, or if you’re obviously mobile friendly. So if you can optimize your website speed, make it really speedy and make your website really mobile friendly, you can get it ranked better. And also, domain names matters. If you try to rank keywords like keto diet, then having a keto or having a diet in your domain can help you rank better. But make sure you don’t use exact match domain. So if you do try to target keyword like how to lose weight, and you register a domain like, guess what? Google will punish you because they think you are cheating. So even though domain can help you get ranked, but don’t use exact match domain. So that’s the tips for that.
So besides on-site SEO, there are also off-site SEO. So off-site SEO is all about backlinking, which means you want to build links from other sites, linking towards your site. So how do we do about that? The first one is we want to build massive high-quality backlinks to your site. So the keyword here is high-quality. We don’t want to spam links, we want to build high quality links from those legit websites. So the links must be from a relevant site. So if your site is about my business, but you try to build links from parenting sites, they either won’t help you with SEO. Because Google will see how relevant are your website and those links are, to determine if those links can benefit you with your ranking.
Another one is your link profile must look natural to Google. So Google will see if your link, is it really like you do SEO in the literal way or where you try to spam? And Google can detect spam easily, the algorithm is really smart. So that’s reason why I say don’t spam. Here are some ways you can do to build backlinks. The first one is links from your other sites. Assuming you have two sites, then that’s great news. As long as they are in the same niche, you can just link each other and that can help each other grow and get ranked higher. Another one is guest posts, which means you can reach out to other people, maybe other brokers, other influencer. You can say, “Hey, can I either pay you, or I can just post on your site? And maybe in return, you can post on my site.” So you can reach out to those influencer and you can negotiate a deal to post on their site.
Another one is press release, which means you can announce a press release. And if those journalists, they like your content, they will feature you on the news. And so those news links are really precious. And also you get some links from press release as well, and also social media links. So if you have like Facebook profile or a LinkedIn profile or Twitter profile, make sure you have a link linking to your site. So that can help you with your SEO as well. Also, forum links, which means you can go to some online committees and you can post some great content there, or we can reply to other people’s questions. And if it’s relevant, then you can link back to your site. But be sure the link must be relevant or you may get punished, or you may get banned from those communities. So be sure don’t spam.
And the last one is PBN. Now PPN is actually not legit, it’s blackhat, google hate PBN. So what is PBN? PBN stands for private blog network. So there are some people, they will build lots of blogs, not for the content, not for posting content, but to sell links. And Google hates that. And the reason why I want to mention that there, is because I want you to be aware of this blackhat method. Because there are so many [unlegit 00:13:02] agencies, they try to use this method so that you can see a quick result. But in the long term, it will damage your website ranking. So be sure, don’t do PBNs. So the reason why I mentioned that is because I want you to be aware of this one. So as you can see, I follow all the framework I just mentioned, and I get so much traffic from SEO. So if you can apply SEO for your business, it can help you get so much traffic organically without paying for ads.
Now there’s only one issue with SEO. As you can see, SEO is actually really complicated, there’s so much detail. So as you can see, it’s really hard for a newbie to get it right in the first place. So actually it take me years to master the art of SEO. But if you want to do SEO, you don’t have to figure out everything yourself, because here’s the great news. My team can actually do it for you. So if you want to work with my team or you got interest in getting ranked on top of Google, you can go to, and to learn more about our SEO service. And you can book a call with us, or you can try to do it yourself, there’s no problem. But if you want to save all the frustration, then you can go to to book a call with us. So I hope you enjoyed this video, I will see you soon in the next one.

How To Acquire A Publishing Habit

Posted 2 years ago

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Speaker 1: Hey, what’s going on [inaudible 00:00:02]. And today, I want to talk about how you can really build really great publishing habits, right? So as you can see, I stopped publishing for a while. I was taking a rest. And the reason why is, I was burned out and I feel like I don’t want to publish anymore. So I wanted to change my publishing strategy. And so I started reading some books about building habits or building a great habit, a high performing habit. And I found that there’s one thing that I didn’t do, right? So in order for you to build habits, the first one is you want to remember the frequency is more important than the quality of your work, right?
So if you want to publish, you can spend hours to create a really long video, or you can just spend a few minutes to create maybe a podcast, which one is easier for you, right? So if you want to make it hard, guess what? You will burn out. So my old strategy is that I published lots of videos and guess what? Yeah, I burned out. So I decided to change my strategy, I tried to go back to the basic. So the first thing is, you want to build a habit before you make it quality, right? So the first thing you want to do is, you want to make it easy, right? So the first thing is you want to make … It’s easy.
So you can start publishing something short, maybe a short social media post or you can do podcasting like this without fancy editing, things like that. And the next step is you want to give you some great reward, right? Because that’s how you build a habit. You need a cue and you need action and you need a reward and you want to increase your investment over time. But you want to start small, you’ll start building the habit until you make it habit, right? Don’t do anything fancy until you make it a big habit. So, the first thing you want to do is you want to make it easy.
For example, you can create the two minutes audio every day or you can publish two minutes, like a podcast every day and that’s … Oh, don’t do anything fancy. Then you can just do it daily until it becomes a habit. Then you can start to increase the time. Then you can start to change the format. Maybe you can try to publish a video or things like that. And that’s the best way for you to acquire habits. So habit first, quality later. Because it’s more important to build the habit, then make it really high quality, right? So that’s it, the tip for today. How you can change your habit. How you can acquire a habit by doing easy things daily. I hope you enjoyed that. I will see you tomorrow.

How To Generate Leads Using Content Marketing

Posted 2 years ago

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Speaker 1: Hey, what’s going on? Nick Tsai here. In this video I want to share with you how you can generate lots of leads and sales using the power of content marketing. But before talking about the nitty gritty details, I really want to talk about why content marketing is so powerful. Before that, I want to share with you my story.
10 years ago, I was a frustrated real estate agent, but then I was totally new in that industry. I was a realtor, but because I knew, I don’t even know how to do marketing, like I am right now. I don’t know how to sell. So all I did, I was standing on a street and I tried to give away fliers to generate leads. Sometimes I’d stand on a street and I would stand on there for whole days, giving away fliers and waiting for someone to come to me, say, “Hey, I do want to buy a house.” And guess what? Yeah. It’s really rare I can meet someone they do want to buy a house. Normally I would stand on the street for whole days and I would get no leads. I feel really frustrated, so I tried a different approach.
I tried cold calling. I tried to knock on people’s door. I tried to go through websites, things like that. But because it’s so frustrating, I tried to take some courses. I tried to read books. I tried to buy some online course about how to sell a house, how to buy a house, how to invest that. I tried to learn as much as I can about real estate, but because there are too many information and I’m not some kind of person who like to take note on a notebook. I like to take note on internet, because for me, if I put my content on a website, I won’t forget. Where is that? Sometimes I take a note on a notebook, I will forget where my notebook is. So I started a mini blog back then. I tried to take note of whatever I learned about real estate on that blog. But because I still feel really frustrated, after a few months I quit it. I would feel burnout. I was like, “Hey, I cannot do this. I’ve got no leads. I’ve got no sales. I have no money right now.” So I quit it.
I started my online business back then. But interesting enough is that after a few months I started to get some phone call. I started to get some emails from someone I don’t know, and they asked me to help them sell their properties. They asked me to help them sell their houses. So I was like, “What happened to those guys? How can they find me?” I replied to them and said, “Hey, I really appreciate that you reach out to me, but how did you find me?” And they all reply the same answer. They said, “It’s your blog.” They said, “I read your blog and I think you are a professional guy. I want to work with you.” So that’s the first time I realized the power of internet, the power of content marketing.
After a few years, I got my entire Amazon account shut down. I tried to restart the business. And by then I got another email asking me to sell them a house. And that’s a Aha! moment for me. I said to myself, “Yeah, I can do the same. I can start a blog. I can start publishing content.” So I did that. I started to create many, many blogs and that makes me multiple six figures. Content is so powerful.
There are three reasons why publishing content is so powerful. The first one is the key, because it can position you as a go-to-expert. We know there are so many YouTubers. There are so many bloggers. There are so many influencers, even though maybe they know nothing about the topic they are talking about. You know there’s so many nonsense on the internet, but guess what? People are listening to that. People are following those guys like crazy. And that’s the reason you should publish content. I’m not saying that you should say anything that is nonsense, that there’s no scientific proof. But what I’m saying that if you too have some expertise, it’s your obligation to publish high quality content, to serve the world, to make people have the right information. So, publishing content is so crucial.
Another one is, it brings you organic traffic, which means you don’t have to pay for ads. And if you do have a great content, those content can bring you traffics for years to come. That’s really powerful. And also your content is your asset, which means if you have a high quality content, which is ranked on either Google or YouTube, it can bring you lots of business and leads and sales, without paying Google or Facebook, so that’s really powerful.
If you do want to do content marketing, there are two major types of platform you can publish your content on. The first one is social media, which means Facebook or Instagram or LinkedIn or Twitter, things like that. Another one is search-based content platform, like your blog or your YouTube channel, things like that, or Amazon. The publishing strategies are different from platform to platform, which means you cannot use the same strategy you use on Facebook to publish on Google or on YouTube, because when people are searching on Google, they already have a question. All they are looking for is the answer. But when people are browsing on Facebook or when they are browsing on Twitter, they are here to have fun. They don’t really care about you or maybe ten easy steps to lose weight.
The key for publishing content on social media is you want to grab their attention first. Social media is all about attention. That’s the reason why viral videos, funny videos and memes are so powerful. The best way for you to get people’s attention is you want to do things differently. That’s the reason why being different is so powerful. We do that by implement pattern interrupt. What is that? Which means we want to look for what other competitors are doing, then we want to do things differently, because people will pay attention to the things that are different. So you want to really see what your competitors are doing, then you want to do the opposite.
Then you can follow the formula Hook, Story, Offer, which means you want to grab their attention first. Then you can tell a story, because people will not care about your topic unless they know your story. So you want to tell them a story why they should care about your content. Then you can give them the content. Or you can send them to another page to consume your content, or you can introduce them your offer. So this formula, Hook, Story, Offer is really powerful.
Right now you may say, “Hey, Nick, I don’t really want to publish content on social media. I want to create my YouTube channel. I want to create my blog.” Then you should follow another strategy, that is keyword based content strategy. If you want to use maybe a blog, maybe a medium, maybe Amazon, it’s all about relevancy. This kind of platform relevancy is more important than a hook. You can have a great hook, but if your content is not relevant, it won’t get ranked. Your number one priority is, you want to make sure your content is relevant to the keyword, to the keyword people are searching for. Then you want to create content based on the search keyword, which means you want to see if the content is worth creating. You want to see how much, such a value, of those keywords. Then you want to determine if you really want to publish them. You don’t want to publish anything that no one is searching for, or it’ll become a waste of time.
You really want to do your keyword research. You want to know what are the high value, the competition keywords, so you can create content based on those keywords. Then you can follow the title formula Hook Plus Keyword. Hook can help you increase your click through rate if you have a high relevancy content. But the relevancy is the key. It’s the number one priority. You cannot sacrifice your relevancy with your hook. You cannot put a video about how to lose weight, but you have a thumbnail titled Funny Dance. It’s not relevant. Then you won’t get it ranked high. Also, you want to optimize your content to make it more and more relevant to the keyword.
Right now we learned two different ways to publish your content. We want to know content marketing is a long-term game. You won’t see any result overnight. You cannot say, “Hey, I publish a video and I will become rich tomorrow.” No. It’s like a marathon. You have to be consistent. Consistency is key. Perfection is the enemy of done, which means you don’t want to be perfect. I remember when I first publishing my video. I really hate them. Nowadays I still want to [DD 00:09:20] them, but I want to use them to remind myself it’s a process. You will never be perfect. You can always be better. Sometimes if you look back, maybe after 10 years, you look back at your video today, you will say, “Whoa, those videos are horrible.” But guess what? That’s a progress. That’s how you improve. You will never be perfect, so don’t care about your video is not good. Maybe the lighting is not good. Maybe you are too fat, things like that. Don’t care about that. It doesn’t matter. Get things done. It’s more important than being perfect.
And also, good enough is good enough. As long as you have a great content, people can understand that. That’s good enough. Also, keep things simple, stupid. Because I know there’s so much temptation for publishers like you and me to make everything super fancy. Maybe you say, “Oh, I really want a professional looking video.” No, don’t do that, because I know there are so many YouTubers that have so many fancy videos, but they can do that because they have a big budget. But if you don’t have a big budget, don’t worry. You can still build a great channel. You can still have a great blog, even though everything is super simple and stupid.
And you don’t have to do everything at once. We mentioned Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blog, but you don’t have to do everything at once. You can choose one platform. Maybe you like video, then you choose YouTube. Maybe you like writing, then you choose a blog. If you like social media, you like making friends, maybe you choose Tweeter or Instagram. You choose one to start with and stick with that until you master that. That’s the best way for you to generate leads and sales using content marketing. I hope you enjoyed that. I will see you soon in the next video.

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