How To Turn Your Followers And Leads Into Client Using Sales Funnels

Posted 1 year ago

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Nick Tsai: Hey, what’s going on, Nick Tai here. So one question that I get really frequently recently is “Hey Nick, I already have an email list, I already have some followings, I already have some leads, but how do I convert them into my clients, into my buyers?” So today, I want to share for you how you can actually convert your target audience into your buyer. But before talking about the details, I want to share with you one really important principle, that is, good marketing won’t always work. So Gary V. Said, “The best marketing in the world can not fix a bad product.”
So before you… We talking about how to use the message, the process, you want to make sure you have a great product, and great audience in place. So your audience accounts for 40% of your success and also your product or offer account for another 40% of your success, which means that if you are targeting people that have no money or that have no interest in your product or service, it’s really hard for you to convert them into your current client, into your customers. And also if you have a really bad product or your offer is wrong, you didn’t have a product/market match, it’s really hard for you to sell to your audience as well, but as long as you get these two things right, as long as you target the right audience and also you have a really great offer, then it’s time to talk about the process.
How do you rediconnect your offer, your product, and your audience, right? Before talking about the liquidity details, I really want to share with you my frustrated E-Com Seller Story. So before I started my own online course business, I was E-Comm Seller and I tried to sell on Amazon and also on Shopify Store. So when I was starting my own Shopify Store, I felt really frustrated because I can barely make a sale, it’s really hard for me to sell on the Shopify Store. Even though I follow all of the training, all of marketing principles, like I built a list, I built a following, I sent an email, I provide value, guess what? Not that many people were buying.
So I was like, “What happened?” So eventually I hired an E-Commerce coach. So he checked my store, he checked my story and he said, “Yeah, your process is great, but you made one big mistake, that is, you send people directly to your homepage.” So I was like, “What’s wrong? If I don’t send people to my homepage, what should I do?” He said, “No, because if you send people directly to the homepage, it’s really confusing, and a confused mind will never buy, because on your homepage there’s too many buttons, there are too many items here so people don’t know where to go.” So he said, “You need a process, you need a sales funnel.”
So I started to research, what is a sales funnel? I started to learn about a sales funnel, and guess what? After implementing a sales funnel to my E-Com business, I saw a huge difference. So before that, it’s really hard for me to make sell, but after implementing sales funnel, I see a huge difference for myself. So it’s really important to keep in mind, a confused mind will never buy. So what is a sales funnel? Sorry. So a sales funnel is a predesigned selling process that converts your prospect into a client. So you can think of it as a virtual salesperson right?
Well, so if you enter a store, and there’s no one standing there taking care of you, maybe you’re just visit yourself, maybe you’re just looking around and you left, right. But if there is one salesperson, maybe there’s a person standing there say, “Hey, how can I help you?” And they say, “I want to look for this item, I want to look for this product.” He say, “No, that’s not the best for you, you have to choose this one.” So they give you a direction, they say, “Hey, this one’s best for you, you should buy this as well.” Guess what? You may probably buy more, and you would buy even more because you like their service, so a sales funnel is like a virtual salesperson. It gives your audience direction, and remove their objections, right? So normally, a sales funnel can do those things. The first one is, can provide some bait to make your prospect enter the funnel, so a bait can be something curious or something that is, have great value and you’re offering great discount, right?
So normally, we will have some bait to get people enter the funnel, and also we want to give them problem awareness and solution awareness. So as we said before, in order for someone to buy from you, they need to have a problem awareness, they need to have a solution awareness, and also they need to have product awareness and also brand awareness. So your funnel will give them those awareness, and also, they will make your prospect desire the outcome for your product and service, so you are actually not selling the product or service, you are selling the outcome, the desire, a dream. So you make sure your product is not important if they don’t desire for your outcome, and also you want to handle the objection of your prospect. So we normally do that in FAQ, and also you can give them a reason to buy now. Maybe it’s a limit-time offer or maybe you got some countdown timer, give them some urgency, and also you want to make them buy more.
Why does this funnel work? Because a confused mind will never buy, but by using sales funnel, you’re giving your audience a really clear path like “you should buy this, you should buy that, this is the problem, this is the solution,” so it’s really great if you can have a sales funnel because right now, you are removing those confusion, and also you are give your audience the problem awareness, the solution awareness, and the reason to buy now, and the reason to buy more. Right, so right now we have learned what is a sales funnel.
You may be wondering, so can you show me some examples? But before showing you the examples, I want to show you the actually many different types of sales funnel. So I learned this category from Russell Brunson. So he said that there are three major categories; the first one is Unboxing Funnel, the second one is Presentation Funnel, and the third one is Call Funnel, so what are they? The first category is Unboxing Funnel, so when we are using this funnel, we are offering some irresistible offer to our audience. So maybe you can be a free plus shipping offer so they say, “Hey, you can grab this item for free and all you have to pay is shipping” or you can say, “We are offering this item for a huge discount” or you can say, “We are offering a $1 deal” or you can say, “Try it for free today, and only pay if you like it. So we are offering some great deal for them so that they can not say no, that reason why, because we want to use this kind of deal as a bait to get them into our funnel.
So after they purchase, we want to sell them more related items, right? So after they purchased A or maybe A is their plan, we can say, “Right now you need this recipe so that you can prepare the food that actually follow this step plan.” Right, so you want to upsell them then other related item in order for you to make money from Unboxing Funnel. So right now, let me show you some examples of Unboxing Funnel. So the first one is from my mentor, Tom Brown. So in this funnel, he tried to promote this free book and all you have to pay is a shipping fee, and also he’ll give you some bonuses. If you grab this book for free, then you can get all the bonuses. So they try to make an entire offer and no-brainer, and after you purchased this book, guess what?
They would try to sell you, but not an offer. So this how Unboxing Funnel works, they will sell you something of low price first, then after you purchase, they will upsell you another product. As you can see, the price of this upsell is way higher than the initial sale. That’s how unboxing funnel works, so let me show you another example. So this is from Frank Kern, so he is a legend in marketing. So in this offer, he tried to sell all of this book for really a low price right. So as you can see, this is a no-brainer offer, so after you purchase those books, guess what? He would try to upsell you or not an offer, so you can get a chance to upgrade your order by purchasing this upgrade. So that’s how normally an unboxing funnel works, they will show you something for a low price, then after you purchased, it will upsell you something for a higher price. That’s how they make money from Unboxing Funnel.
Another one is Presentation Funnel, right? So sometimes you may go online and see they offer free webinars, they offer free training, they are offering free challenge, and guess what, normally is a Presentation Funnel. So we are offering a free training as a bait to get our audience into our funnel, and we are offering some training and in this training we want to build a relationship, we want to build trust and desire, and also the awareness of your unique solution. Right, so in this training we are going to sell them the idea, the unique solution so we don’t actually sell the product, we sell them the idea. So if we buy into the idea, the only logical decision they can make is buying your product.
So you really want to think about what’s your offer, what’s the product, and how you can come up with the idea that if we believe in that idea, the only logical decision they can make is buy your product, right, and also you want to spend 80% of time, provide excellent value and position yourself as the go-to expert. At the end of the training, you want to offer them an opportunity to apply whatever they just learned by buying your product. Right, so here are some examples of presentation funnel. So the first one is what we call webinar. Right, so this one is really common nowadays in the internet. So they were friended as a free training, and during the training, they would position themselves as an expert, and also they will build your awareness about the solution, about the problem and the product, and at the end of the presentation, they will have some offer, right.
Another really common type is Challenge Funnel. So this is similar to webinar, but they break this semester down to multiple days. Right, so they don’t deliver all message at once, right, but the end of the challenge, they will also have some offer as well, so that’s a too common type that you can implement to your business, and the last one is Call Funnel. So if you don’t want to write sales copy, if you don’t like to maybe be on a webinar, maybe you don’t want to be on camera. You can try Cold Funnel, so you can provide a free strategy call to your audience. You can say, “Book a call with us, and we can talk to you about the problem,” and during this call, you want to help your ideal prospect identify what’s their dream, their goal, and what are the desire, what are the obstacles, and you can sell them, “We can actually help you.”
So you present them an offer at the end of the call, right. So that’s another way for you, and this one works really well for high-ticket items. So right now let me show you some examples of a Call Funnel. So the key here is we don’t want any random people to call our team, we don’t want any random people to book a call with us, what we want is the serious people. We don’t want tire kickers. So what we want to do is you want to set up a process so that we can vet out people who are tire kicker, people who are not serious about buying. Right, So the key here is you want to put some barriers, so the common barriers where I use it, it’s video.
Right so we will use some videos and you’ve really don’t watch the entire video to the end, they don’t have this button to book a call with us. So sometimes we can even hide the entire button, so they have to watch the entire video, and sometimes we will have this kind of application form. So they not only have to watch the entire video, they also have to apply to call with us. Right, so that’s the reason why we want to create this kind of process because we only want people who are qualified are they are ready, they are serious about buying to book a call with us so that you don’t waste time to talk though with those tire kickers. So which funnel should I choose. Right, so if we are selling low-ticket item, you should use Unboxing Funnel, but you are selling like mid-ticket item, you can try Presentation Funnel, and if you are selling high-ticket item, because it requires more trust, you have to use Call Funnel.
Right, so you can choose the funnel based on the price range. So after implementing a sales funnel, it’s works really well before using that. I was struggling to make sales, but after using sales funnel, as you can see, there’s acute difference of before and after. So I highly recommend you to use sales funnel. So that’s do a quick recap. So don’t send traffic to your homepage or order form, send them to a funnel. And they have three major types of sales funnel, the Unboxing Funnel, the Presentation Funnel, and the Call Funnel, and you can choose them based on the price points. Right, s0 if you’re selling low-ticket item, then use unboxing funnel, if you’re selling a mid-ticket item, so use Presentation Funnel. If you are selling high-ticket item, use a Call Funnel. Right, so that’s it how you can use sales funnel to convert your email list, your audience into your clients.
So if you want to build your own funnel, but you don’t know how to get started, I do recommend you to join a One Funnel Away Challenge. So this is a 30-days challenge, and we’ll show you all the details, and all principles how you can build a really profitable sales funnel, because it’s impossible for me to cover everything in the one short video so that I highly recommend you to go to sign up for the One Funnel Away Challenge, and trust me, this one is well worth it. I personally joined that for three times, and every time I learned so much, so you can go to sign up for the One Funnel Away Challenge. I hope you enjoyed that, I will see you soon in the next video.

How To Generate Leads From Ads – Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Youtube Ads, Instagram Ads Native Ads

Posted 1 year ago

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Speaker 1: Do you want to generate leads from the internet? Hey, what’s going on it’s Nick Tsai here, so today I want to share for you how you can generate leads are from internet and what are the things you want to keep in mind before buying ads, right? So few years ago I got a friend. He was in education industry. He was teaching people how to invest in real estate, right? So by then he didn’t know how to really buy ads really around online ad. So he tried to do everything he can come up with, right? So he was at TV, he was on radio, he was on magazine he’s everywhere, but he was losing money, right? So he was really frustrated. He was like, “Hey, why I’m losing money. I tried so many things. I’m building a brand,” so he reached out to me.
So I just asked him, “Hey, what happened?” He say, “Oh, I tried to run ad there. I tried to run an ad here, but I’m losing money. What can I do?” So I said, “Hey, wait a minute. So did you have a number? Did you know which media brings you the most high quality leads?” And he replied, “I don’t know.” He reply, “I just know that I spent that money and I guess on leads, but I’m not sure which one brings me on the most,” and that’s exactly the problem of most traditional marketing, because they just want you to build your brand. It just wants you to get your name out there, but they don’t really have track of the number. They don’t really let you know which media is working, which one is not, right? So the advantage of online advertising is now you can track the number so you can know which platform brings you the most high quality leads, right?
So before you buy any ad there, you want to keep in mind the three golden rules. The first one is you want to know your number. The second one is you want to know your audience. And also you want to track the number. You always be tracking, testing and optimizing. So let’s talk about the first rule, know your number. So online advertising is totally a math game. So which means all you need to know is how much money you can make from each lead. So you want to know your number, so the first question you have to ask yourself is how much averagely is a lead worth to you. For example, if you can make one 1000 sale for every 100 leads, then each lead worth $10 to you, right? And if you can generate one lead for every $5 ad spend, then cost per lead, your CPL, is $5.
So if you can have this kind of number you can run ad for all day, because you are making money from those lead. So the number one goal for buying ads for media buying is not to get your name out there, even though it’s important. But if you do that without knowing your number, you will become a disaster. So you really want to know your number. You want to know which media is working for you, right? So the goal is you want to make sure you are CPL, your cost per lead, is lower than you ALV, your average lead value, so that you can make money from your leads, right?
So there are two direction we have to go in order to make this happen. The first one is you want to decrease your CPL, your cost per lead. So there are many thing you can do. The first one is you can try to optimize your opt-in page, right? You can try two different tests, different layout and see which one performed the best. And also you can come up with a better lead magnet. So sometimes we found that by changing the offer alone, you can change the end result of the entire funnel, the entire selling process, because different lead marketing can attract different kinds of audience.
So you do want to test different lead magnet and to see which one brings you the best results. And also, you can target a different audience and see which one bring you more high quality leads, right? So sometimes by changing the target, you can lower your CPL dramatically. And also you always want to do A/B testing, which means you want to test different version, maybe test different highlight, test different layout, test different lead magnet, and things like that. And you want to see which one works better, right? And also you want to implement exit pop-up, which means when someone tried to leave your website, you want to show a pop-up say, “Hey, with minutes, we have another offer,” so when they try to leave, your opt-in page you can show them some different lead magnet and then maybe they like it, right?
Or you can try to run retargeting ad, which means when someone visited your site, if they don’t sign up right away, you can try to run ad to them, right? All you need to do is install a pixel on your site, so that you can run ad targeting people who visited your site, but they didn’t sign up. Another thing we can do is we can try to increase our ALV, our average lead value, because the ad cost can only increase over time. So sometimes it will become harder and harder for you to get a cheap CPL, so that’s the reason why it’s really important for you to optimize your business so that you can have a really high ALV, right? So there are many things you can do.
The first thing is you can try to increase the price of your product and service. So if you are selling some maybe e-commerce product, maybe you can try to increase the price and test if you can still make money from that. Because guess what? There are many people that are underestimating the value of their product and service. So they under priced their product and service. And guess what? That’s a big mistake. You are leaving a bunch of money on the table because you didn’t test the price point. So you always want to test different price points and see which brings you the most revenue. And also you try to sell more different product and service, right?
So sometimes if you only have one product, then every time you want to make more sell, you have to generate more lead. But if you have multiple different product and service, then all you can do is sell to your existing clients. And guess what? That’s way easier for you to sell to your existing client, especially if you did a great job to deliver great value the first time, right? And also you want to target better audience, because if we all can target someone who is affluent, they will be willing to pay for high cost product for higher price. So you really want to test different audience and sometimes the results can surprise you, and also you can optimize your sales process. So it is always important for you to keep in mind you have to optimize your sales process. No matter if I use the webinar, or using phone call, you always want to learn new tricks, new skills to make your sales process more optimized.
And also you want to implement the cross- sale and upsell, which means whenever someone buys something from you, you want to ask them if they want to buy anything else, like related product, right? And you can offer them some discount. You can say, “Hey, right now things that are here right now these things you’re just purchased. In order for me to thank you, I want to give you a special offer.” Then you can present them some offer, right? So always try to cross sell and upsell. And also you can try to steal other people’s products as an affiliate or as a JV partner, right? So you can try to reach out to your competitors, say, “Hey, I got the audience and we are sharing the same audience. Maybe I can promote your product, and every time I sell your product you give me some commission.” So that’s how you can make the most from your leads.
And also you can always ask for referral. So if they join your email list, maybe you can invite them to become your affiliate. You can say, “Hey, we are giving you some bonuses or are giving you some a commission if you can refer your friend or family to our business,” right, so that’s how you can make your leads more valuable. So after making your leads more valuable, the next thing you want to know is who is your target audience, right? Because when people are different platform, they actually on different mode. So when people are using Google, they are solving a problem and they’re in the problem solving mode. But when people are using Facebook, they are in a social mode. So they are hanging out with friends, they are chatting, they’re watching some funny videos. So because they’re in totally different mode, it’s really hard for you to move one ad from Google and to Facebook and still make it work.
So you want to create different ad for different platform. And the key here is you want to enter the conversation that is happening in your audience’s mind, right? So if they’re searching for a keyword, maybe how to lose weight, then you can show them ad about how to lose weight. But if they’re using Facebook, maybe you want to show ads, make them aware of the problem of overweight. Then you can introduce them, your solution. So you want to use different creative on different platform. And also you want to show up where your target audience is, so there’s no simple answer for all business, right? So some business, they are targeting younger age so they can use Tik Tok, But if you are targeting entrepreneur, maybe it’s better for you to LinkedIn, right? So all business are different. So you really want to know who is your audience and also what platform are they using, right?
So if they don’t use Tik Tok, don’t use Tik Tok, right? So, don’t do something because it’s trending, do something that makes sense. And also what keywords are they using while they are searching for, and who they are following, right? So that’s really important question you want to keep in mind so that you can know your audience better. And you always want to be tracking, testing, and optimizing your ad, so like I said before, the mistake my friend was making is that he didn’t know his number. He didn’t know which platform, which media works better for him, so even though he spent lots of money, he didn’t know how to optimize the ad. And that’s a problem, that’s the mistake he was making. So if you don’t track, you will have no idea which platform or which media is working for you, so you always want to test and optimize your ad.
And it’s okay to lose money at the beginning, because you are collecting data, so if you run ad in 10 platform, the first 90 days it’s all about collecting data. You want to run ad so that you know which platform is actually making you money, then you can focus on those platforms. So that’s the magic of testing. So right now we have learned the three golden rules of paid advertising. How do we actually run that, what other platforms we can choose? So there are many different platforms.
So the first type is interruptive ads, so which means when people are using those platform, those app, those media, they’re not looking for the content of your ad. They’re looking for something else, right? So for example, Facebook, for example, YouTube or Instagram or LinkedIn or Twitter, or Tik Tok. So when you are targeting those platforms, you really want to grab the attention first. So the key here is you want to make your ad interesting and you can trigger your curiosity so they can click on your ad.
Another type is search intent, so when people are using on those platform, they already want to find something. So maybe for example, Google ads or Amazon, they are searching for a product, or a Pinterest ad or Bing ad or Quora. So when people are using those platform, they are searching for an answer or a product. So all you need to do is you want to make sure you can show them the most relevant results. And also you want to put a hook in your title, in your headline so you can make them curious about your content, then they can click on your ad.
Another type is others, right? So it includes a Google email or solo ad, which means you can pay someone to send emails to their own list on your behalf. And also you can run banner ads, so if someone have a blog, you can reach out to them, say, “Hey, I want to run ads on your blog.” Also forum ad, or a native ad, which means there are some news website, there are some news they actually add, but they pretend to be news, right? So they’re two different type of ads you can run. So you may say, “Well, there’s a lot. How do we actually get started?” So I would recommend you to start with the big four. So they are Facebook, Instagram, Google, and YouTube, because the majority of our audience will be on these four, no matter what other platform they are using. No matter if they use LinkedIn or no matter if they use like Tik Tok or not, they will always be on these four platforms, so that’s a great way to get started.
So let’s recap. The first thing you want to know isn’t the number. You want to know how much money you can make from each lead, and you want to optimize your process so that you can get lead for lower costs, but also you can increase how much each lead worth to you. And also you want to know your audience, right? So you want to target them based on who they are and where they are, right? And also you want to track and test and optimize your ads. And also if you don’t know how to get started, you can start with the big four: Facebook, Instagram, Google, and YouTube ad, right?
So that’s it, and if you need help, maybe you want someone to help you create and manage your ad, my team available are for you. So we have agency service so that you can hire my team to create and manage your ad for you. So if you got interest in working with my team, you can go to to book a consultation call. So I hope you enjoyed that. I will see you soon in the next video.

Social Media Marketing – How To Borrow Traffic From Facebook, Instagram LinkedIn Twitter Pinterest

Posted 1 year ago

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Nick Tsai: Hey, what’s going Nick Tsai here. So today I want to share for you how you can generate lots of leads and traffic from Facebook, from Twitter, from social media, with traffic borrowing. So what do I mean by that? So I remember a few years ago I tried to learn social media marketing. So I started with Facebook and so I built many, many fan page and buy then because I was totally new, I didn’t know how to grow those pages. So all I did was I post lots of content every single day. And guess what? Yeah, it’s really frustrating. I didn’t know how to grow that. So sometimes I can post many content and only get one or two more likes every single day. So as you can see, I was really frustrated. I didn’t know what to do then I noticed there’s a friend of mine.
He got a really massive fan page and he growed that rapidly every single day. So I was really curious about how he did that. So I reached out to him say, “Hey, I noticed you’ve got a giant fan page, how did you do to grow that?” He said, “Oh, all I did was, I go to different groups. I joined bunch of groups. Then I just go, I could share the content to all the groups, so that they would go to my page”. So I was like, “Whoa, isn’t that spam?” He said, “Yeah, maybe but it works.” But I was like, well, I don’t know, because I don’t want to spam other people. So maybe I will not do that.
But after a few years, I noticed there are some Asper, there are some gurus they actually are the same thing. So all they did was they go to different groups, but they don’t spam. They share relevant and informatic of content on those groups. And they get lots of traffic and followers in a short time. So that’s the time I realized, wow, we can actually revise my friend’s strategy and make it work.
So today I want to share with you how you can actually optimize your social media profile and leverage other people’s traffic. So here is a framework. So the first thing you want to do is you want to optimize your social media profile so that you can generate leads from your profile. Then you want to create share-worthy content. So those content are great and people want to share that. And also you want to leverage OPT, but not other people’s time, but other people’s traffic. So how do we do about that?
So the first one is you want to optimize your social media profile. So you want to edit your intro because on every social media, like, LinkedIn, like on Facebook, on Instagram, you can edit your intro. So you have to make something like, I help someone to do something with something. So then you have a call to action, go to my website to get my free report, things like that. So here’s the example. I help business owners generate leads with digital marketing. So you can go to to grab my free training, things like that. So you can basically edit your intro. So you can introduce yourself, you can position yourself. Then you can ask your audience to visit your site.
Then you also want to post regularly on your profile so you look like a human. So you don’t want to be a robot, you want to post valuable content on your social media every single day. And also you want to optimize your social media cover photo. So for some social media, like Twitter, , like LinkedIn, you can have a cover photo on your profile. So you want to optimize that, you want to make it look professional. You can even have a call to action on your social media cover. So I didn’t have that in my cover, but I do have my website URL and also my social media account ID on those profiles. So you can do that. Or you can say something like, Oh, go to my website to get a free report, things like that. So that’s how you can optimize your social media profile photo.
Then you want to create share worthy content. So it all depends what your market really want and what media you are choosing. So if you are using Instagram or you are using Pinterest, maybe infographic is great for you. Or maybe motivational content, maybe a motivational like posts or sometimes articles can be great. ade. And also you can create a long article, long posters. And also you can share some life lesson and some case study can work, if you are in some professional niche or you are in some marketing niche. Video can work as well, so you can share your live, share some information with videos. So those can work really well.
Then the next thing you want to do is you want to make sure those content have high value. So it must be relevant to your niche. So you can not just post memes to the marketing groups. You can not just post memes to a weight loss group. You want to make sure the content is relevant and you want to be personal. So you don’t just want to like create a blog post. You want to do it as if you are telling a personal story. So your content must be engaging, right? People want to engage with your content and don’t spam. Don’t post spamming content.
Then the next thing you want to do is you want to leverage other people’s traffic. So there are many things you can do, depend on the platform you’re using. So if you are using Instagram, or you are you using TikTok, guess what, you can use hashtag because hashtag is really powerful on TikTok, on Instagram. So you can… Because people can basically follow hashtag, right? So you can go to find those top hashtags that people are following and you can use them on your posts. And also you can share content to related groups. So if you are using LinkedIn, or if you are using Facebook or you are using forums, guess what, you can go to [inaudible 00:05:47] group to share your content.
And the key here is don’t put a link here, right? Because people can click on your profile picture to go to your profile and that’s how do they see your offer. That’s how they see your free report. That’s how they see your link. So don’t put link on those content. What you want to do is you want to share valuable content and when people see your content they say, “Wow, this guy’s so great. I want to learn more from him.” They will add you as a friend, they will follow you. And also they will check your profile and that’s how they get into your funnel. And also you can answer questions in other people’s group. So if there are some people need your help, you can go answer that. So it can also position you as an expert. And also you can interact with our other people’s content.
So if like one of the expert, or one of the influencer, they post something on their own board on their own social media account. Guess what? You can go to and reply to him with your personal story, with your case study and make it relevant. You can say, “Wow, thanks for sharing. I got the same experience.” Then you share with your experience. So if you can provide great value on those reply, guess what? Yeah, people can also see that and some people will try to follow you and they will check your profile and that’s how they see your offer, your link. So that’s how you get traffic from social media as well.
So let me show you some examples. So this guy is Dan Henry. He’s one of my mentor. As you can see on his profile, he has the cover photo that position himself as a successful entrepreneur. So as you can see, you can just use some photo. If you can use the photo to tell some stories. And also, on his intro, he introduce himself as a pizza boy turned multi-millionaires. And also he had a call to action. So as you can see, he leverage his profile to get traffic, to get leads, right? Then you can go to some groups. So this group is called Click Funnels. So it’s a group for marketers. So, all he does is he shares lots of information to this group every single day. So he posts like his life lessons, valuable lessons, like some mistake he made, like something he learned in the past few days. So he shares so much content. And that’s how he gets so much following in a short time. So you can do the same on your Facebook and your LinkedIn or on other social media to get more followers.
But let’s take a look at another example. So this guy is Ping Jun. He got 1 million followers on Instagram. And as you can see, on each of his posts, he got so much hashtags. So as you can see on Instagram, they don’t have something like group. So, all you can leverage are those hashtag because people can literally just subscribed or they can follow hashtags. So if you tag those hashtag, guess what, yeah people who follow this hashtag will see your posts on here. So that’s how you’d leverage Instagram and that’s why you can get so much free traffic from Instagram as well.
So let’s do a quick recap. So the first thing you want to do is you want to optimize your social media profile. So which means you will need to have an intro, have a call to action, a professional looking cover photo. Then you want to post on content regularly on your profile. Then you want to create, a bunch of share worthy content, so that you can share to other people’s group. Or you can use some hashtag to get people to see it. Then you want to leverage other people’s traffic. So you want to either use hashtags or you want to post the content to other people’s group, but don’t put link because it would be spam. So what you want to do is you want to just share. And when people see your content, they like it, they will click on your profile and they would try to go to your websites. And that’s how you generate leads from social media, by traffic borrowing. I hope you enjoyed that. I will see you soon in the next video.

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