Clickfunnels Pricing Plans: How To Get it for [50%] In 2020

Posted 3 years ago

Disclosure: I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.

If you are scouting for the best pricing for and affordable pricing packages for ClickFunnels? Here is a proper and detailed breakdown of the pricing and how you can get an affordable package on ClickFunnels.

With the help of this article, you can get the best and affordable price on your ClickFunnel.

Clickfunnels Pricing Plans & Review

Clickfunnels Pricing

Lets get it..

For a long time, I have been paying the full payment for ClickFunnel. But when I found out about the packages that I can get for lower pricing I was stunned.

With this discovery, I will show you how you can get affordable pricing. And I will also tell you all the tactics that you can get yourself the most affordable and budget-friendly pricing on your ClickFunnel.

This Software can be an ideal option for you to get your business started as it provides you with essential requirements and features that you can get from ClickFunnels.

Before we dig deep inside the pricing for ClickFunnels and by this I’m sure that you will enjoy it. But first, let’s take an overview of what ClickFunnels is and what does it do the best.

What Exactly Clickfunnels Is?

Clickfunnels Logo

When it comes to having an online e-commerce website it can be a hassle for making that website to provide you with some results and some better ones.

But with ClickFunnel you are getting all of that in a flesh.

As an ordinary e-commerce website, you need different marketing strategies to implement on that website so that you can interact with your traffic and increase your sales.

But with the help of ClickFunnels that is made easy as all the marketing strategies that you want are built-in in one pack either it can be premium or basic.

I will discuss these plans later in this article so stay tuned and be sure you read the complete article.

So, with ClickFunnels you won’t require any knowledge of marketing you just leave that department on ClickFunnel program as it can provide you editable landing page with various strategies and tactics implied form the start sot hat you can have an established e-commerce business.

When you compel yourself and devote yourself into this software and you are determined to establish a successful business then you should be able to learn all the skills and tactics that ClickFunnels provide.

As if you don’t know some skills and tactics or what they do then this can not help you create a successful e-commerce website with all the marketing strategies.

ClickFunnels Pricing

Hence knowing what you are playing with is important if your game is marketing.

With that said, you will have an unlimited tactical portal through ClickFunnel and this can cost a bit but this article will help you get all those strategies and tactics for reasonable pricing and this will help you with multiple business ideas.

How ClickFunnels Pricing Works?


When you look in the plans of ClickFunnels, you will see they offer you with two plans these plans that they offer can be effective and helpful in getting yourself a ClickFunnel.

There are multiple plans that they offer and every plan has its unique feature and some plans even offer you with the complete package you can get everything you want and need.

With this said, in this article, we are going to discuss various plans and what can you get with those plans with the pricing.

With different features of every plan, this depends upon you that what plan can be perfect and ideal for you hence if you are looking for the best pricing with explained features.

Then this article can help you to decide and make your decision to get yourself a ClickFunnel.

ClickFunnels Pricing Plans

Clickfunnels Pricing

There are several packages that you will see when you proceed to ClickFunnel website and there is a free trial offer that you can use it for experiencing and trying out the ClickFunel and how would it work for you.

If you are interested then you can proceed with the trial option you will get 14 days of a free trial of ClickFunnel.

Free Plan

With this free plan, this includes around 14 days of trial. This is completely free and you can use complete features of ClickFunnel yes with some drawbacks but this is perfect and ideal deal for you to understand and dig deep inside the ClickFunnel.

Free Plan

This can help you understand about ClickFunnels all the tactics and features that ClickFunnel is providing you,

Other than this ClickFunnels provides you with two different plans that can provide you with various features and both plans offers different tactics and options to go with hence this can vary on the requirement that which plan will suit you.

Basic Plan

Basic Plan

This plan offers you more than you can imagine and for a starter. By starter, I mean that this plan can be ideal for any entrepreneur who is new in this marketing game and wants to start his firm.

Well, this plan is available in just $97 per month but the features that it provides are more than enough.

  • For sure you will have a Share Funnel.
  • You can create up to 20 Funnels that is more than enough for just starting.
  • There are 100 pages available at one time.
  • Unfortunately, you can add up to 1 user at a time.
  • You would 3 different payment gateways.
  • It allows you to add 3 domains at a time.
  • There is chat support.
  • You would have access to Funnel hacker forum.
  • There is also the option of Funnel flix.

There are enough opportunities to gain from this plan and this can help you in several ways and tactics to enhance your business skills and to enhance your marketing tactics even more.

Platinum Plan:

Clickfunnels Platinum

Here this plan is more of a professional package but this withholds an ultimate package that covers some additional features and covering all the features from the basic plan.

With that said, you can have several tactics applied to your e-commerce site that will help you to gain more traffic and enhance your sales.

Other than that, the platinum plan starts with $297 per month but this offers you a great deal of p[ackages and features that you can apply.

And reminding you that this is picked and chosen by well-established businesses so if you want to make your business more professional then you can opt-out for this plan.

Furthermore, here are some vital and advantaging features that you can have by getting a platinum plan:

  • For sure you will get a Share Funnel.
  • In this Plan, you can have unlimited Funnels to boost your business.
  • The limit of pages that you can create is unlimited.
  • Same is with the pages you can create them unlimited.
  • The user that you can add is up to 3.
  • About the payment gateways, you can have 9 of them.
  • This feature you won’t see in basic plan but this follow-up Funnel is exclusive in the platinum plan. You can have unlimited.
  • With the chat support, you can have Priority Support.
  • This is another additional feature as you are getting Weekly Peer Review Hackathons.
  • You will also have Funnel hacker Forum.
  • If you want additional training courses in Funnel Flix.

Difference Between ClickFunnel Pricing Plans

ClickFunnels Pricing Plans

There are many differences in the pricing plans of ClickFunnels and here are some difference highlighted. Well, mainly both the plans offer you the main software, and if you bought Etison Suite this will grant you with the access to BackPack (this is an affiliate program software) and for an extra buck or dollar you can have Actionetics (this provides you with the email marketing software).

With all the similarities of the features and methods provided by each plan here are some limitations that you can face in the basic or starter plan.

In the basic plan, you can create only 100 pages. Of 20 Funnels as these pages are commonly referred to as Funnel step hence combining them you can get a Funnel and on starter package, you can create only 20 Funnels

With that, the starter plan will also restrict you to have 20,000 traffic at a month time this can be disadvantaging as you would loose some of your traffic if you have a proper e-commerce business. 

Other than that the main features are the same and effective but some features might restrict you to perform regular tasks and provide you, customers, with an effective e-commerce platform.

Methods of Getting ClickFunnels on Cheaper Rates:


Here are the most anticipated questions that can you acquire ClickFunnels at a cheaper and more budget-friendly rate?

When I mentioned and I was researching about this article I came across a couple of ways to retain ClickFunnels at a cheaper rate, there are alternatives and methods from which you can do this process. 

Well, if you want to achieve those methods and techniques then you have to perform a series of choices and select your preferred option hence in simple words you have to go through a cycle of the process to achieve that.

Now: if you are looking for an option to start your ClickFunnel account with a lower and affordable rate then these are the methods that you should follow.

The first method is to scout and shop for better deals that have a complete package of ClickFunnel hacks. This can be effective to provide you with plans and features that can help you to have a budget-friendly Funnel.

Not stalling but another way of getting ClickFunnel is secret and not much of a use.

This method is not been tested and used to ensure you to have a cheaper ClickFunnel Account.

But when you gain a cheaper ClickFunnel account you would have to compromise on some features. These hacked ClickFunnels Package would be effective but will be available with some restrictions

There would be limitations on pages, funnels strategies and much more. And when you can creating a ClickFunnel you would want to have several pages and Funnels at a time hence when performing this method you should consider it for thorough thinking.

Etison Suite Pricing for ClickFunnels

Clickfunnels Etison Suite

If you are opting for enterprise option then you should take a look at the ClickFunnel suits that can aid you with that.

When you feel the need of stepping up your business game then you should be able to relate with an affordable yet effective ClickFunel Suit for better and faster results.

Other than that, the enterprise package provided by ClickFunnels can be compared with the starter package according to the services and strategies that this package provide.

Well, when you are buying such a package deal then you should consider that there might be some exceptions that you can face while using such an upgrade for your business.

Aside from all the enterprise services and startup services this step can be a leap for your business to gain more and more providing you with sufficient results.

The main highlight of such a package deal and suit is that you will be able to create up to 70 Funnels that can help you gain more traffic than normal Funnels, You will be able to create up to 300 pages of your e-commerce store and this will also allow you to have a more sophisticated sales chain than the normal plan.

This deal is more surreal than a normal ClickFunel plan and ClickFunnel Cost. as this suit can be bought on the monthly payment basis in $297 per month pricing.

What Can You Achieve from Actionetics MD Suit in ClickFunnels

Clickfunnels Actionetics

The common name is Actionetics MD or when elaborated then this can be called Actionetics Multi-Dimensional.

This can provide you with powerful channel marketing that is done via e-mails. As this also withholds the feature of automation and other pleasant features that can help you to market your store and gain more traffic to your Funnel.

This allows you to have effective customer support as they use the right medium to contact you and you can easily respond to them.

Features Of Actionetics MD Package

Here are some salient features that are provided with Actionetics MD package.

  • You would get a ClickFunnels complete suit.
  • There is Actionetics SMTP for perfect and on the point deliverability.
  • There are unlimited Funnels at your hand for creating.
  • You can have unlimited E-mail sequences and there is also additional follow-up funnel.
  • With a messenger Bot, you can be able to link all your chat and media with Facebook.
  • With these, you will have other feature as well.

Pricing of Actionetics

Pricing of Actionetics

If by now you don’t reckon the pricing of Actionetics suit then no worries. Because here I’m going to tell you that with a whole lot of other features.

When it comes to upgrading then it gets as simple as it could as you just have to upgrade you ClickFunnel to a $297 monthly plan this can automatically include Actionetics Suit.

Now you can crush that digital marketing game by yourself.

How To Make Actionectics MD Work for You?


When you are interested in buying an Actionectics MD suit then you would be interested in making it work for you right? Well, it is quite simple and easy.

Well, what I’m about to say is the most straightforward talk and claim then there ever could be.

You don’t have to remove the present ClickFunnels you just need to upgrade that ClickFUnnel account to a better plan so that you can achieve more and more every day.

With this, you just need to pay $297 per month to activate Etison suit and through that, you will be able to achieve this package deal.

When you upgrade you CLickFunnel package you will be provided with multiple backpacks, a personalized ClickFunnels Affiliate program for marketing, there is a follow-up funnel tool and Funnel follow-up marketing automation tool, the renowned funnel, and page builder, with all these features you would be able to use ClickFunnels in a more twisted and versatile way possible.

As there are also an advance CRM tool and a wasabi integration that can further provide you with versatility.

How Can I save Money on ClickFunnels?


If you want to save money with ClickFunnels there are plenty of ways to do that so. If you have a budget to buy a ClickFunnel then you can get it for reasonable and affordable pricing.

With that said, if you want to save money then you should check into plans that can help you to save money and be in your budget.

With that said, I have listed some plans that can aid you in doing this method. The plans that I mentioned above are all the plans that can help you get proper deals and save your money.

With a deal and package, you can have your desired plan at an effective and budget-friendly cost.

This can help you to have a Funnel with your desired cost and in your budget.

A proper and effective Funnel can help you gain more traffic and enhance your sales, by providing you with a proper engagement to your e-commerce website or your online store.

How To Get ClickFunnels Free Trial?

When you signup you will get 14 days of a free trial.

On the main page of ClickFunnels, you have to sign up to the ClickFunnels and when you do that there you would see an option of payment method.

clickfunnels free trial

That option is a key as at that particular page you would see an option of a free trial.

Basically, it is advertised on the website and you just have to select the preferred plan and choose the trail method this can help you to get a trail of 14 days hence you can try out all the theories and all your strategies on your Funnel this will allow you to have a proper ClickFunnel and you can try out the methods and ways that it works with.

A 14 days trial is enough fo you to figure it out how a ClickFunnel program works and how does works to enhance your traffic and sales, what type of strategies that ClickFunnel is providing.

Hence a 14-day trial is enough for you to understand how does it works and how does it provide you with all the strategies.

Pricing for Other ClickFunnels Marketed Products

ClickFunnels Marketed Products

When you buy a ClickFunnel then you can witness several products that are provided by it and you can have multiple options to learn about ClickFunnels and other marketing strategies by these products.

Under this heading, I would explain each product with their pricing so that you make up your mind and clear your decisions in which product can be useful for you.

‘Multiple products can help you in several ways to enhance your either ClickFunnel skills or your business skills.

Now this is completely up to you there are no obligations on buying these products but if you think that you need them then for sure you should buy such a product that can affect your way of dealing and business positively.

Here is the list of product that is mentioned with ClickFunnels:

  • One Funnel Away Challange Pricing.
  • Dotcom Secrets book by Russell Brunson.
  • Expert Secrets book by Russell Brunson.
  • Software Secrets and its pricing.
  • Funnel Scripts and their pricing.
  • Detailed pricing of ClickFunnel Platinum plan.
  • Network Marketing Secrets.
  • Cookbook of Funnels Hackers.
  • Copywriting Secrets.

All of these products are made to ensure that you don’t make a mistake on your ClickFunnel and they help provide you with effective plans, ideas and strategies to go with.

One Funnel Away Challenge

One Funnel Away Challenge

When you are into buying a One Funnel Away Challenge then that will cost you around $100.

And if you are looking for an OFA challenge kit then you have to pay just for shipping that can cost you $29.95 if you are shipping outside the US, and if you are shipping to domestically then you have to pay $19.95.

Now: you can also buy a digital version of OFA challenge that doesn’t come with the kit.

And if you are not satisfied with your challenge kit then you can return that kit within 30 days and get your $100 refund easily.

With that, One Funnel Away Challenge can be a perfect and ideal affiliate program for your ClickFunnel. This also can be the perfect solution for recovering the original cost of OFA that you paid.

You might wonder why? As it provides you with a 100% commission rate you just need to sell a course to another client of the customer to regain your invested money.

As the ideal way of training in a short period, the One Funnel Away Challenge can help you understand them better and the worst sides of CLickFunnel.

This can be sold forward to another ClickFunnel user pretty easily hence you can regain your money back that you invested.

But it is recommended to go through this training program thoroughly to better understand the use of this program and you will be able to learn how to use ClickFunnels and understand the techniques through which this software works in a less to no time.

With all these sections objectified this program can be the perfect option for you to go through if you don’t want to study ClickFunnels and if you want to start ClickFunnel immediately.

Dotcom Secrets and Pricing

Dotcom Secrets

I have written a detailed review on Dotcom secrets but if you have not read it then no worries because here I will be telling you a summary of the book hence you can have a vivid idea that what is it and what can this do.

Dotcom Secrets is a god book written by Russell Brunson to provide in-stage developing entrepreneurs with various strategies and several methods of enhancing their business techniques.

When you understand Dotcom Secrets you would see the world with an eye of a businessman and you can understand several aspects of business by just reading this book.

Such a book is a junction of information for those who are interested in changing their traditional way of living and the traditional style of business.

Talking about the business by reading this book and understanding it you can open your mind for various and unique ideas while you will be able to determine the profit and loss of business.

Either way when understood Dotcom secrets you will see the world with a different eye.

With that being said, let’s talk about the pricing of Dotcom Secrets. When you are buying this book from the online market then this will cost you $11.34 and if you want the Kindle version then this can cost you less but will kill some additional features. 

But if you want the original version of the book and doesn’t want to pay $11.34 you can get it for free but you have to pay for shipping.

This is only possible if you order this book from Russell Brunson website itself as He is providing this book and another book for free but you have to pay $7.95 for shipping and when you want to ship this book internationally then that can cost you around $12 .95. 

I would say this is effective as you are in total paying for shipping not for the book and this can be cheaper.

As if you order this book from an online store such as amazon then you would have to pay for the book and the shipping and that can depend on the seller hence costing enough to run out of your budget range.

Expert Secrets and Pricing

Expert Secrets

Now: coming towards the second Book written by the world-renown and famous entrepreneur Russel Brunson, Expert Secrets. This book has changed the life and mindset of every entrepreneur that there is in the market.

Now it has become a fashion for reading this book in the community of entrepreneurs.

As this book changes the mindset of an entrepreneur as it can help you achieve several life objectives by showing determination.

I have also written a review on this book so here is the overview and general points of this book.

Firstly when you read this book you are effected with the results that it can change your mind and your vision to think and perform better. 

With the secrets provided in this book those help you in gaining knowledge that how other famous entrepreneurs have come through ad are standing on the top with all the measures and decisions that they have to take to make themselves more successful than you.

All these secrets will help you to determine that what you can do with a business and they also provide you with the knowledge of consistency to make your business climb on the top of the ladder.

This book is referred to as the bible for marketing and for entrepreneurs as this provides them with all the knowledge that they ask for hence making it more flexible and effective.

Not only that by just changing a mindset is not enough this book inserts various ideas and strategies in a particular mind who is willing to understand this book.

With all these expert strategies he/she would be able to create a business from scratch and built it to the top. Now the question is that are you willing to understand this book? Well if yes then here is the pricing criteria of this Book.

If you are ordering this book from Amazon or any other online shopping store then you will get this book for $19.95 and you have to pay for shipping.

But same as the previous book Russell Brunson is providing this book for free and you just have to pay for shipping. The pricing for that is if ordering in the US then you have to pay $7.95 and if ordering internationally then you would have to pay $12.95.

Software Secrets and Pricing

Software Secrets

As the name suggests this book covers everything that there is to understand the software through which you are creating an online store and yes I’m talking about ClickFunnel.

Take this book as a guide and training program that you can get for a cost obviously but this can provide you with everything you want to know about the Software and that are the main and basic strategies that a software implements to make your store more reliable and grown.

You will be able to know all about the software and all the training programs that you can achieve from buying this book and reading it.

With such a guide there is no need for you to sort out software by yourself you just need to understand this book and implement all those tactics that you learned with this book and implement those tactics on your store or business.

With this book, you can see all the strategies that will help you in understanding software and with the expert secrets provided in this book they help you to implement various tactics on your ClickFunnel to have a better and effective result.

And if you are interested in buying such a book then here is the pricing of the book.

If you are buying this book from any online store you would get this book for $27 and if you are into all those e-books and audible books then this version of this book can be availed for free.

Yes, there is no cost included but you have to go through a process to achieve that version for free.

  • You have to register for free on the Software Secrets Webinar.
  • Then you just can claim the book and it will be delivered to your place depending on the shipping partners.

Funnel Script and Pricing

Funnel Script

If you are interested in such a platform then this can be the perfect solution for you as this can be effective and unique in its way. Now, what is a Funnel Script?

This is a software where Russell Brunson and Jim Edwards associate of Russell Brunson created a platform to share their experience and motivations to engage people in taking some life-changing actions. 

Their collaboration is phenomenal as they are the guru of marketing and when they shared their personal experience then you can have a determined mindset about what you want to do and which road in the marketing industry you want to ride.

Well, why do you have to buy it? 

A quite simple answer to that is that you need it for taking some difficult decisions in your business and making those tactics work in your business.

With the experience shared from the two of the best entrepreneurs, you will feel free to listen to your will and act upon it instantly without second-guessing.

This software removes the ability to second-guess your decision and will help you to act upon it instantly.

Now there won’t be any consequences if your head is clear and determined to perform a task hence making it effective in taking decisions and show how you can change your business with a clear head and determined mind.

If you are serious about this software then you can get this software with various and multiple plans opportunity. First, there is a yearly subscription plan to which you would have to pay $497 but recently there are some changes made to one-time payment option in which you would have to pay $797.

This is one-time payment hence saving your ton of money when looked from a wide-angle.

Detailed Pricing for ClickFunnels Platinum

Clickfunnels Platinum

There is not much to talk about this heading as I have mentioned all the details and features of every plan that there is from a free plan to the platinum.

But if you want it then here it is, when you are buying a platinum account on ClickFunnels then you would be getting several features and options to start your ClickFunnel. 

All the services and strategies of the platinum plan have been discussed in the section of ClickFunnel Pricing hence I will not discuss them here but I would say one thing that you can have an unlimited world of ClickFunnel with several strategies, tactics and opportunities to avail and to implement on your Funnel. 

But when it comes to pricing you would have to pay only $297 per month to start a platinum ClickFunnel account and avail all the features that there are.

Network Marketing Secrets

Network Marketing Secrets

As the name suggests itself that this book is a complete guide of marketing and networks. It withholds all the secrets about network marketing and all the strategies that you can use for your online business.

When understood proper then and only then this book will help you to implement various strategies and tactics on your business to restore your traffic or even gain more hence making this book to be the perfect combination of marketing and tactics.

As this book is written from Russell Brunson what do you expect it is a perfect and ideal guide for all those new entrepreneurs.

Coming towards the pricing of this book can cost you for free.

Did not expect that right, well yes this book can be availed for free you would just have to pay shipping cost that is same as the other books shipping cost.

Funnels Hackers Cookbook

Funnels Hackers Cookbook

Here is another book from Russell Brunson and this is a perfect book that withholds all the secret Funnel strategies that you can implement privately on your Funnels to enhance your Funnel and to gain more traffic.

It can be effective to help you understand what is a power of funnel and what can you do to make it even more powerful with all the secret strategies and tactics that can help you in gaining more traffic and enhancing sales.

Now coming towards the pricing it can cost you up to $37 without shipping cost so in you are eager to order it online then you would have to pay more than just the original price.

But there is a solution for you as you can have this book for free in the PDF version hence no more shipping cost and not more book cost it can be achieved completely for free.

Copywriting Secrets

Copywriting Secrets

It is a powerful book from Jim Edwards as this book allows you to have control over what you use and provide. It defines all the complications of copywriting mistake that most of the content creators do and it also clears some grey area of copywriting.

With this book, your mind would be clear of what you can use and what can be claimed as a Copywrite.

Now the pricing is more exquisite as this can cost you for a hardcover around $19.88 and paperback it will cost you around $16.99.


Now the final verdict is that ClickFunnel provides you with various features with advanced feasibility options and to buy one there are several loopholes through which you can get yourself a ClickFunnel for cheaper rates.

And if you are interested in buying such software then you should click on this link to buy and start you 14 days trial.

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