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Clickfunnels Review [2020]: Read This Before You Sign Up!

Posted 3 years ago

Disclosure: I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.

Today we are going to provide you a properly structured and detailed review of the remarkable software named Clickfunnels.

This amazing software is becoming the backbone of many businesses that are doing amazingly fine in the market using the integrations and tools clickfunnels provide them.

When it comes to creating attractive landing pages along with effecting and immersive sales funnels, no other software can match the grandeur and working ability of the Clickfunnels.

People know about the name clickfunnels but usually are unaware of the facts of its working and the advantages it provides to its users.

Want to know the interesting part?

You don’t need to worry about anything if you are unaware of clickfunnels because we have the perfect solution for you.

In this article, you will have proper insight related to the best and effective funnel generating software named clickfunnels.

It is one of the leading funnel generation software which harnesses the quality of creating the best landing pages and boosting your sales to enhance its normal yield.

So, Let’s Get Started.with the Good Stuff!!!

The first and the foremost thing before getting started, let’s have an overview of what Clickfunnels is and what are the misconceptions about it.

Clickfunnels is a profound software which allows its user to make better and effective funnels. More will be described as you go further.

The name of this software is also miss-spelled too. Whether it is clicked funnel of click funnels people sometimes get confused in it.

Well, say goodbye to that notion, people, because we give you a proper and in house tour of the clickfunnels

What is Clickfunnels?

What is clickfunnels

Clickfunnels is remarkable software that provides users to generate pre-defined funnels and even create their own according to their will.  It allows you to create landing pages, effective sales funnels, and pages with just going through some simple processes.

This amazing software also helps you to create a proper and effective funnel that will market your product better and convert a viewer into potential customers. It can be an evident step towards the success of your business in the digital world.

Clickfunnels also let the users manage all their sales funnels from targeting customers to generating leads from them.

It is a powerful software with unimaginable power and integrations.

Hence it is one of the most powerful tools making a business successful and generate more sales.

Clickfunnels Review Overview

Clickfunnels Logo

You will have a proper introduction of the click funnels and you will have a fine understanding of What is Clickfunnels. We will also provide a fine understanding of the fact that Is Clickfunnels Worth It and how does Clickfunnels actually work.

We will also tell you about who can use Clickfunnels, why you should use a sales funnel along with the top features of Clickfunnels in a fine and detailed manner. You will also get a proper guide to Setup Clickfunnels for your business too.

It will include how to set up your first ClickFunnels Sales Funnel along with the proper steps to follow when making your first Sales Funnel. This will give you a proper understanding of how to use Clickfunnels and how much does it cost.

You will also get to know about ClickFunnels Platinum, Funnelflix too. The Clickfunnels FAQs will explain all your short queries about these amazing software in a profound manner.

You will also have a proper final verdict on why clickfunnels are the best software for you in which you want to dominate the market.

Is Clickfunnels Worth It?

Is Clickfunnels Worth It

The biggest question in every person’s mind is that is clickfunnels worth it. Well, the best thing is to try it your self and don’t believe the chitter-chatter you hear about it.

The best thing about clickfunnels is that they know their product is best which is why they provide a 14day trial for the users.

This allows users to know what they are buying and what they are getting themselves into.

It is important that you experience the whole funnel generation process and powerful integrations that comes with the clickfunnels. We will help you understand whether clickfunnels are effective for your business or not.

It is the best thing about click funnels because going through a proper trial will help you understand and clear all your doubts about clickfunnels.

It also increases your experience which will help you to compare clickfunnels with its alternatives and know that clickfunnels are actually worth investing your money.

They have a long list of important integrations and tools which will allow the user to dominate the market without a doubt.

The landing pages generated through clickfunnels are highly attractive which helps the users to convert their viewers into potential customers in the shortest span of time.

How Does Clickfunnels Work?

How Does Clickfunnels Work

As you have known that clickfunnels is a powerful online software which helps to create amazing and effective funnels for your products.

They are on the pinnacle of quality when it comes to generating landing pages for a product.

Well, this amazing and remarkable software is more powerful than only doing this stuff.It not only allows you to generate effective landing pages and funnels but helps you to control every part of the process you plan in your funnels.

It means that you have the control of generating and altering anything in the template funnels. Not only this you can also create new and effective funnels of your own.

These funnels will allow you to make sure you get the best landing page for all your products along with explaining it properly.

This allows the user to understand your product and result in generating more leads and sales at the end. The integrations of clickfunnels not only allow you to design funnels but also create amazing websites and helps in ranking better in the search engine.

The better and optimized the funnel gets the better response of the users will come of your products.

Who Can Use Clickfunnels?

Who can use Clickfunnels

This is the best question because you will be amazed to know the answer. As it is online software that seems to be a bit confusing when you hear about it. On the contrary, it is extremely easy to use in every manner.

Clickfunnels provide a trial of some of its important services which creates a proper overview of the software in user’s minds. They also have guidelines to make sure the users understand all the steps and processes of this software.

The best part is that anyone can use clickfunnels to increase their sales by creating effective and efficient funnels for their products.

It doesn’t matter that you are a sole entrepreneur or a profound business owner with an effectively implemented business.

You can easily use all kinds of services from clickfunnels without worrying about any problem.

Clickfunnels also provide better assistance to let the users understand every part of the process of funnel generation.

It helps even a lay-man to understand the processes and work on clickfunnels without the help of professionals. The predefined templates also allow the user to use them on need without getting into any hassle of designing the landing page or funnel for themselves.

Why Use A Sales Funnel?

Sales Funnels

Business is like a strict game which is easy for those who enjoy it in every manner. Like every game, it has rules and need strategies to win. The one who applies the right type of strategies can conquer this game to an amazing extent.

This is where clickfunnels drops in. Clickfunnels is an effective and efficient sales funnel generating software which allows the users to have a proper insight into the buying journey.

It is like a helper which can help you excel at the game of business and make you a leader in it. The sales funnel five you a proper step by step integration of the whole buying process.

It builds a great chance of converting the viewers into subscribers on your website.

After that those subscribers can be converted into potential customers with better and efficient persuasions.

Top Features Of Clickfunnels 

Clickfunnels features

Clickfunnels is a leading funnel generation software in the world. This is only because it comes with a wide range of effective and remarkable features.

People are unaware of their capabilities and features. Well, there is no need to worry about it as here are some of the leading features which will help you know why Clickfunnels is so much amazing for your business.

1- Free of Cost Training

The first and foremost thing is that clickfunnels provides free of cost training which means that anyone can learn it. This makes it efficient not only for the users but also a useful tool to learn funnel generation strategies along with creating funnels for their businesses.

The free of cost training also comes with the trial version which makes sure that anyone can operate this software without any professional help.

2- High-End Integrations

The second most amazing feature of clickfunnels is that it comes with highly powerful and amazing integrations that are top-notch in every field.

They are the key in making sure that the users of clickfunnels get the best quality in executing their ideal funnels in an extremely simple and easy manner.

Clickfunnels support almost all the essential integrations from small to high-end extensions. This makes sure that your landing pages and sales funnel provide the expected results in a lesser span of time.

3- Marketing and Sales Funnels

The marketing and sales funnels are the biggest factor when it comes to the sales of a product of the respective business.

Clickfunnels allows their user the best marketing and sales funnels as a pre-generated template which suits their product in every manner.

The best part is that you have total control over the whole safes and marketing funnels to make sure that if there are some alterations needed, you can do it there and then.

They also give you proper assistance in making your very own sales and marketing funnel without facing any dead end.

4- Email Auto-Responder

Email Auto-Responder

The best thing is that you are blessed with the email auto-responder service when you buy the click funnel packages. It is one of those features which makes your customer handling hassle-free.

This allows you to send predefined messages to the email list of your subscribers even when you are not there to monitor them.

This is a remarkable integration that paves the way for more engagement of audience on your website and is better for your business.

5- Incredible Community

Click funnels also provide a community to its users in which you can share all your problems to find the right type of solutions.

This is a community of all the developers and users of clickfunnels which contains many experts in it.

It can be the best place not only to learn but to make a connection with the like-minded people that are running their businesses using clickfunnels.

6- Responsive Support

Last but not least clickfunnels also provide the best and efficient customer support. they are highly responsive and are eager to help you in every manner they can.

The Clickfunnels support also gives a proper platform for the users to get assisted by experts whenever they need help with anything related to the clickfunnels funnel generation processes or integrations.

How To Setup Clickfunnels?

Setup Clickfunnels

Clickfunnels is an amazing online funnel generating software which helps in creating effective marketing and sales funnels. The best part about it is that it is extremely easy to set up without a doubt.

The first thing to set up clickfunnels is to choose the right type of package of services. Choose the one according to your requirements that will allow you all the privileges to generate sales funnels.

After the payment procedures, you will be able to create your very own sales and marketing funnels. there will also be template funnels to easy your way in making your product the best seller.

Clickfunnels also provides access to every step of the buying process in a funnel.

It means that you can easily alter each and everything you decide to add in a funnel. Whether it is a self-generated one or a template that is given by Clickfunnels.

How to Set Up Your First ClickFunnels Sales Funnel?

Clickfunnels Review

Setting up your very first funnel is extremely easy when you are making it in clickfunnels. The proper assistance and training also make sure that you do everything properly when you plan to build a sales and marketing funnel for your product.

The whole sales funnel creating process is a simple option selecting process the rest of the work is done automatically with the software.

You just need to fill out the content and features that you need to add on the landing pages to grab more audience engagement from the visitors. The funnel generation process also allow the user to optimize their landing pages in just a few clicks processes.

They just need to add the required keywords, links and the essential things which the crawler of the browser needs to rank the website higher in the search engine results.

Hence a funnel us set up and generated to use in some easy steps. 

Steps to Follow When Making Your First Sales Funnel
Honest clickfunnels review

There are some simple steps through which you can set up your very first funnel in an easy and simple manner. We will describe everything step by step here.

Step 1

The first and foremost thing you need to do to set up your very first funnel is to log in to your account and choose the type of funnel you want to create.

There will be many choices in the template funnels and you can implement them after that make changes accordingly.

Step 2

The second step is to create your landing page in the funnel.

Clickfunnel provides amazing and attractive landing pages with their funnel templates but if you want to make alterations then you are free to have at it.

Step 3

After generating a proper and effective landing page you need to make it look more attractive for the visitors.

This can easily happen by adding images and other attractive pieces of content related to your product.

Step 4

The fourth step is to optimize your funnels to make it rank better in the search engine results.

There will be an option in the menu bar. These options will allow you to address all the things which are essential for SEO of the landing page and your website.

You can add keywords links and all the other stuff which is essential for the crawlers to help you rank better in the search engine results.

How to Use Clickfunnels?

Clickfunnels Logo

Clickfunnels is an automated process that requires just the main and essential information to generate effective sales and marketing funnels.

They are the best way to target the required users and make them potential customers using attractive landing pages and sales funnels.

Clickfunnels are easy to the user as they have training and assistance features on every step.

In this way, you can work and generate new and effective funnels while learning a large number of things related to the whole marketing and funnel generation software.

How Much Does Clickfunnels Cost?

Clickfunnels Pricing

One of the biggest things that people compare when they plan to buy any plan or services with others is the cost of the service. Well here is a complete overview of all the packages that click funnels provide to their users.

You will get to know about the costs and the services which will come with that complete plan you purchase to create marketing and sales funnel.

1- Standard ClickFunnels Plan – $97

The basic and widely sold plan of Clickfunnels that provide efficient and remarkable services to the users in generating sales funnel for their products.

This plan includes a sum of 20 working funnels which you can apply to products not only to generate leads but also increase your sales.

You will also avail the service for generating 100 landing pages to make sure that you gather better audience engagement for your products.

The click funnel software also guarantees 20000 visitors every month on your landing pages which have a higher chance to get converted into potential customers.

This plan is for one month and it charges $97 per month from the users for granting them the above-mentioned services.

It is an amazing and effective product which is a steal at this cost. It can be the best choice for your business. If you are a small business owner and want to excel you business then this plan is accurate for you in every aspect.

2- ClickFunnels Platinum (Previously Etison Suite) – $297

ClickFunnels Platinum

Clickfunnels also provide the high-performance plan too. This plan was previously called the Etison Suite but now its name is changed to clickfunnels platinum plan.

This plan requires the users to pay $297 every month but the product for it is too exciting. In this Clickfunnels Platinum plan, the clickfunnels provides an unlimited potential of every service and integration it has in its reach.

The users get unlimited visitor range for their customers which can be converted into potential customers with the help of proper and effective landing pages and sales funnel strategies.

It also gives you the pleasure of having unlimited funnels for your products which can be the best way to market and sell your products in an effective manner.

This plan also give the user access to create unlimited landing pages which is the most important thing in the whole buying process of the sales funnel.

It is the main reason where the user is converted into a subscriber and them a potential customer.

It also allows you to add different kinds of integrations with powerful actions just with a click on it.

3- Share Funnel Plan – $19

Lastly, clickfunnels also introduces the share funnel plan. It is an accurate plan for the users who only need a small set of effective funnels which are readily built for them.

In this plan, clickfunnels provide limited access to users. It only gives some predefined funnels with the templates that can easily be implemented and brought to use.

They can only use the funnels which are shared with them. They also have limited privileges too. It is ideal for users who have a low budget and do not have the need for a large set of funnels for themselves.

What Is ClickFunnels Platinum?

ClickFunnels Review

Clickfunnels platinum is the elite package plan for funnel building services that clickfunnels provide to their users. It is the most luxurious plan which a person can have access to.

In this plan clickfunnels gives all the access to the users to avail the resources at hand.

The users can generate unlimited landing pages and marketing funnels to make sure their sales gets increased. The landing pages are the key source in making the visitor potential customers.

The platinum plan also provides the user with complete access to all the integrations they want to add on the funnels. It is the best way to lure customers into the buying process.

This whole package costs just $297 per month with amazing integrations at hand. It can be the best chance to enhance the sales of your business to an unimaginable extent.

In this plan, the user also gets unlimited visitor access too which increases the odds of the increase in sakes percentage.

What Is Funnelflix?


When it comes to learning about different types of courses and having effective training no other thing can match Funnelflix. It is a collection of the best courses and pieces of training modules for every type of funnel in the market.

Funnelflix also provides assistance in the courses and training in the genre of marketing systems, sales, copywriting, business strategy, mindset, and peak performance.

It is a brainchild of Russel Brunson and he has tried his best to help you in making your business life amazing in every manner.

Is There A Clickfunnels Bonus Or Coupon?

Well, the sad thing is that there are no other types of coupons for clickfunnels but there are some bonuses involved. Clickfunnels also provide these bonuses when you but a proper subscription of their product.

It is an essential thing if you want to avail of these types of bonuses.

These bonuses usually include some privileges related to the integrations and funnels that will ease your process of understanding and implementing your sales funnel in a better and effective manner.

So consider that there are no bonuses or coupons free of charge in clickfunnels. But you can always try the free trial for clickfunnels without any cost.

Clickfunnels FAQs

Clickfunnels FAQs

People all around the world find some problems while using this amazing software to create sales and marketing funnels for their products.

Here are some of the important and essential frequently asked questions about clickfunnels along with the answers which will help you in making sure all your doubts get cleared.

1- Is Clickfunnels A Pyramid Scheme?

No Clickfunnels is not a pyramid scheme in any way. Clickfunnels is a proper brand with legitimate products that provide effective results.

You get all the things which are essential in building your very own sales and marketing funnel and make sure products sell better.

It is efficient in every manner and have authentic products which have remarkable results. This is the reason why clickfunnels is the leading sales funnel generation software in the market.

This is the biggest proof that clickfunnels is not a pyramid scheme in any manner.

2- Is Clickfunnels Legit?

Is Clickfunnels Legit

Yes, clickfunnels is one of the best authentic and legitimate businesses. The biggest proof is that more than fifty thousand businesses use this amazing software all over the world.

The services of the clickfunnels are authentic in every manner and to make sure you are getting what you are paying for, clickfunnels provide a 14-day free trial for its services.

It is properly legit in every manner. They provide the best services for creating sales and marketing funnels along with the landing pages and other integrations.

This helps the businesses to make sure their sale surges to the peaks.

3- Why Is Clickfunnels So Expensive?

Clickfunnels is one of the most amazing funnel generation software in the whole world. They provide effective sales funnels to their users along with the pre-made templates to make sure their products get the proper traction.

Clickfunnels also provide high-end integrations to make sure the users are able to access every part of the buying process and alter it according to their needs.

With all these services there are a bundle of many other privileges too which benefits the user’s business.

In light of these things, clickfunnels do not seem expensive at all. This is because the other services which are lower in price also have low-quality product.

4- Why Is Clickfunnels So Popular?

Clickfunnels is popular because of its authentic product.

It is one of the leading funnel generation software in the world. This software allows you to have amazing landing pages and proper sales funnels for your products.

As it provides the best results people love clickfunnels and this is the main reason why it is so popular among the business community of the world.

5- Is Clickfunnels A CRM?

No, it is not a CRM in any aspect or manner. The clickfunnels software is a complete marketing automation software that allows people to create funnels for their businesses.

This helps in making sure the users get the best quality product which they require in the field of sales and marketing.

6- Can I Use My Email Autoresponder?

Yes, you can add and use your own email auto responder with clickfunnels. As clickfunnels support a number of powerful integrations there is no need to add your own email auto responder because it has its own.

7- Can I Use SMTP?

The best thing about clickfunnels other than its funnel generation capability is its powerful integration which helps the user to perform almost everything.

This is the main reason which allows you to add SMTP to your funnel for email management and transmission through landing pages. It can be a remarkable thing in order to gain better audience engagements

8- How Is The Clickfunnels Support?

Clickfunnels Support

When it comes to providing value to the customers, no one can beat clickfunnels. They have the best and responsive customer support that any other software can have.

You get instant replies and get assistance from experts in any manner without any costs. The experts are supportive and resolve all your queries in the least span of time.

You can also get help from the clickfunnels community as they are highly collaborative and helpful. They make sure their users should not face any kind of problem in any way.

9- What Is Better Than Clickfunnels?

When it comes to quality and performance in generating sales funnels no other product can match the effectiveness of the clickfunnels. They have the most amazing and legitimate products that have powerful integrations.

If you want efficiency in your sales funnels then choose clickfunnels. Otherwise, there are some other funnel building software which are a little cheaper than Clickfunnels. Some of them are also explained below.

10- Can I See A Clickfunnels Example Funnel?

Yes, you can see and have the proper experience of building a funnel for yourself. Clickfunnels provides the perfect opportunity for every user to have all the things they need to experience a working funnel.

It provides a 14-day trial period for every user to create learn and use a funnel. This allows the customers to know the importance of clickfunnels for their businesses.

It also helps the analyze whether clickfunnels is good for their businesses or not.

What Are Some Clickfunnels Alternatives?

There are some famous alternatives to clickfunnels in the market which provide somewhat similar services like clickfunnels to the users. They also allow the user to build landing pages sales funnels and much more for their products.

The purpose is to market their product for a large number of people in order to turn them into subscribers and eventually potential buyers of the product.


It is one of the best funnel generation and website development software known all over the world. It is so famous and considered to be the alternative of clickfunnels because it has a wide scope of services.

Builderall is a legit digital marketing platform and thousands of entrepreneurs trust it with many services. It helps to build effective sales funnels but the only thing is that you need to design the most part of the landing pages.


When it comes to lead pages generation the only software that can compete with clickfunnels is Leadpages. They are the best in their respective field.

As landing pages are the main source of lead generation it surely makes Leadpages of the best platform for increasing revenue of the businesses of the customers.

Thrive Themes

It is one of the fastest landing page builders because it supports WordPress themes and plugins on a wider scope. This allows this software to have better optimizing ability and making sure that the sales of the product are increased.


This amazing funnel generation software is considered to be the alternative of clickfunnels because it has the ability to match the optimization of clickfunnels products.

It provides the best optimization services along with automated integrations to enhance your funnel performance in a great deal.

Pros of Clickfunnels

Click funnels is an amazing automatic software that makes it really easy for the users to have an amazing funnel for their products.

This remarkable software allows the users to create efficient and attractive landing pages that lure the customers in for your products.

It is also an important reason why clickfunnels create the best landing and sales pages along with powerful integrations to increase the user experience.

  • Easy and Simple to Use

The clickfunnels provides proper training and assistance to the users and a 14-day trial to make sure the user learns and gets familiar with the product.

It is the best thing that a user can gain before buying any funnel generation services.

  • Prebuilt Sales Funnels

The best thing about click funnels is that it provides funnel templates that are changeable in every manner. This ensures that the user will have pre-built sales funnels which he can alter at will.

  • Save Money and Time

Well, this is evident that clickfunnels provide every service at your doorstep. You don’t need to worry about anything in order to make sure your product becomes successful.

These amazing software along with powerful integrations can easily save a lot of your money and precious time.

  • Get Multiple Templates

With the purchase of even a standard plan clickfunnels provides its users with a wide range of templates for funnels and landing pages without any costs.

  • Ideal for Internet marketing

Clickfunnels provide a proper funnel generation in which you can control the whole buying process. they also provide better visitor outreach and lead pages generation.

All these qualities make this software ideal for internet marketing.

  • Manage Your Sales

This software not only helps you to generate leads and makes more sales but it also helps the users to manage their sales in order to have the best output.

  • Simple and Quality Web designing

As clickfunnels provide the best and authentic way of creating better landing pages it provides simple but high-quality web designing in some simple and easy ways.

  • Multiple Applications

As clickfunnels is a powerful software and have multiple integrations with it, this software can support many different applications in order to build a better and enhances sales and marketing funnels.

  • A/B Split Testing

This helps in making sure the funnels are ready for the real-time visitor load. This session is important because the funnel generation needs to be perfect if the user wants to generate more leads.

The A/B split testing in clickfunnels makes this happen and helps the user to analyze the funnel performance through proper testing.

Final Clickfunnels Review Verdict

Clickfunnels is an amazing software that is an efficient and productive tool for your business. Going through all the aspects of the clickfunnels and comparing it to other competitors we can simply say that i is one of the best funnel production for your business.

There are many alternatives for clickfunnels but as it has a number of advantages that its competitors lack, it makes clickfunnels the best choice.

This is remarkable software that is highly powerful along with a wide number of integrations that can help you to generate better landing pages.

It has the best percentage of increasing the sales number to an unbelievable amount. This is the reason why it is the best choice when it comes to funnel generation software in the whole market.

So, in the end, our final verdict is that with all the goodness of it, clickfunnels is the leading and best funnel generation software that you can use for your business propagation.

Wrapping It All Up!!!

So here you have a proper profound and in-depth accumulation of information on Clickfunnels with all its integrations and advantages. Clickfunnels is an amazing software to create amazing and efficient funnels for your business.

I am sure that you will love all the contents of this article to the extent of your heart. This is because all the content here is proper;y researched and authentic in every manner.

All the doubts you have in your mind related to clickfunnels will be cleared as you will get to know each and every speck of it without a problem. But if there is still something which you find really difficult to understand then there is no need to worry about it at all.

You can simply ask us all the things which are bothering you for a longer duration of time. We will thoroughly research all the aspects related to your queries. After proper analysis, we will give you the perfect solutions for your problems.

In this manner, you will be able to understand all the aspects of clickfunnels along with its amazing integrations. So we want you to stay tuned with us if you are interested in getting all the in-depth knowledge about Clickfunnels and other things related to it.

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