Funnel Script Pricing

Funnel Script Pricing – How To Get The Best Deal Of It?

Posted 2 years ago

Disclosure: I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.

Funnel Script is a tool that can help you to have a best copy written script that you can use to enhance your product sales and gain more visitors on your website.

Funnel Script has been helping several low scale and high scale businesses to establish a proper community of Copywriting and this is extremely advantageous because now you can get this toll for a low price.

And yes, we will discuss the pricing later but let me first explain what is Funnel Script.

What is Funnel Script?

Funnel Script

As I said, this is a tool that helps you write your original description and promotional messages for your product this helps in copywriting.

This Copywriting is not similar to the Copywriting that causes copyrights and legal issues. 

This tool is not related to that but it provides you with some extremely helpful information that you can use to enhance the sale of your product.

This is a short summary on Funnel Scripts and now let’s move on to the pricing criteria of this tool.

Funnel Script works evidently as it suggests you to find a perfect and matching tag that can help you gain a source of reliable customers.

This gives you produce an image of a star as this tool has the power to persuade your customers and the market to buy your product.

Funnel Scripts Pricing

Funnel Script Pricing

At first, when it was gaining popularity the pricing was expensive and most of the new business owners couldn’t afford to get this tool. New entrepreneurs were not able to use this tool for better.

This tool was used by high-level businesses. But something changed and that change was good for everyone. The features and the products that this toll included were perfect for the pricing that was set on this tool.

When they saw that most of the community of a business empire can’t use this because of the budget problem then they lowered the pricing keeping all the perks and features in this tool. Now you will only pay $797 as a one-time payment fee.

With all of this accessibility to Funnel Scripts, you can also get some fascinating bonuses and a free trial that we will discuss right after this topic. And about the bonuses, we will also discuss them later in this article so don’t worry just relax and stay tuned with this article.

Funnel Scripts Free Trial

Funnel Scripts Pricing

When it comes to free trial everybody wants it. Activating a free trial option was the best decision for everybody.

You might ask why because this was a tool that most of the entrepreneurs were after and with the trial version they didn’t have to buy this tool to understand it.

Moreover, it was advantageous for the team that creating Script Funnels as they were getting more traffic to their website just after Funnel Scripts that was great for everybody. 

Now coming towards the main part of this heading that how much time you are getting as a free trial of this tool.

You can use the Free Trial version of this tool for a limited period of time but as the trial version, you are not getting all the perks of this tool. 

You will be getting some popular scripts and formats that you can play around understanding the algorithms of how it works and then determining whether the full version is for you or not.

Now the question is that how you can get the Trial version of this tool it is quite simple you just need to apply for the trial version of Script Funnels when you are on the ClickFunnels website.

That’s it you will have a Trial Version of this tool.

Money-Back Guarantee


There are another feature and feasibility that you will get when you first time purchases this tool. The capability of Money-Back Guarantee. 

This can be extremely advantageous for those small firms and entrepreneurs that want to try out this tool and suppose they purchased it because they liked the trial version. 

And when the payment is done after a few days of using it the tool is not for their use then you can apply for a Money-Back Guarantee within 30 days according to the policy.

Script Funnel Special Offer

Funnel Scripts Pricing

As we are talking about the silver lining of this tool then we should also discuss a special offer of which most of the people are not aware.

But here we will elaborate on that special offer for you. The special offer is called Funnel Builder Secrets.

It is not a complex offer but to achieve that you have to buy the ClickFunnels and Script Funnels side by side. This specials offer can be advantageous and I will explain how.

What is Funnel Builder Secrets?

Funnel Scripts Pricing

It is a pack or package that is achieved by buying ClickFunnels and Script Funnels. With this pack, you are going to get several options and features that you can use for your advantage thus this can.

But this pack or a special offer is paid and if you can afford then you can get this offer. There are two pricing plans for this offer.

1- 06-month Payment Plan

The 6-month payment option is you have to pay $1,997 for some additional features such as:

  • 6-months of ClickFunnels Enterprise plan.
  • Funnel hacks masterclass.
  • Funnel Builder secrets training program.
  • You are getting traffic Secrets membership.
  • 12-month access to Funnel Scripts.
  • Unlimited Funnels Bonus.
  • 30-days money-back guarantee.

2- 12-month Payment Plan:

This payment plan is of 12-month and you have to pay up to $2,997. But it can be expensive are there are some additional perks for this plan.

The only difference between the 6-month plan and 12-month plan is that you are getting 12-months of Enterprise plan of ClickFunnels account.

Discount Offers of Funnel Script

For your convenience here are some discount offers that you can get on this tool. This discount is available for the yearly package payment plan. The things you can get is worth about $8,485 that you can get for $497/ year. 

This bonus or you can say a discount can be extremely advantageous when you want to apply a loathsome of features and tactics in your business strategies. The features that you are getting are:

  • A 12-month account of Funnel Scripts.
  • Perfect Webinar Wizard.
  • Star, Story Solution wizard.
  • 5 Fast Funnel Templates.
  • Funnel Script blueprints.

This discount is when you decide you should pay yearly payment but if you have the investment then you should invest directly in Funnel Script and should not opt for other bonus offers.

Because they can be a hassle to keep track of. With the simple purchase of Funnel Script, you can enhance the game of copywriting.


There are several reasons why people opt for Funnel Script as they see a goal of enhancement of their product.

With Funnel script you will be able to target markets and people evidently and make sure that they are willing to by your service or product. It is a source of persuasion to your customers.

As it has been around this market for a time it has created a persona of itself among the community that gives this tool a respectable image among other similar tools.

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