How to Get Your Website to Rank Higher With Dental SEO Services

Posted 1 year ago

You’ve embraced online dental marketing, revamped your Web site, and then looked at what comes next. Get your site to appear high up in search engine results pages should be the next step. How do you do that? What keywords should you use? Should you blog? Should you run Google ads? If you aren’t sure, you can look to a search engine optimization (SEO) company for help.

Dental SEO Basics

In brief, search engines find and deliver content relevant to whatever the user searched for, based on whatever terms the user typed in. Google’s search results page will list sites based on, well, on some secret formula that uses keywords, links, and quality of content. SEO companies specialize in using links, tags, and great content to help their clients improve their rankings.

The point of dental search engine optimization is to make your dental site show up when someone types in relevant keywords. Sounds easy enough, doesn’t it? Well, it isn’t quite that easy. SEO is a process, not an activity, so you also need the time and skill to keep working on your dental Website SEO.

An SEO for Dentists Primer

Appearing high up on the online search results page is the point of a dental SEO campaign. You can promote your dental services to prospective patients by using these SEO strategies.

Focus on specific services or practice areas, products, and services in your Website content. You run a dental practice, but so do other dentists, who you want to outrank. Be specific. If you offer a particular brand of professional teeth whitening, mention that. If you do same-day crowns, mention these. Digital marketing experts work hard to find those “long-tail” keywords in client sites.

Emphasize your location, including nearby places, with some local SEO. If you just opened an orthodontics practice in Franklin, TN, you want potential new patients in the area to see your Website. Put your location and your specialties in your meta-tags, title tags, and meta descriptions. This is how you get higher up in local search rankings.

Start a blog to share knowledge and ideas. Search engines love fresh, quality content. If you have an interesting blog updated regularly, your practice Web site will show up in more searches. If you can, put relevant tags in your posts. Tag that post about Halloween candy, for example.

Google loves sites that get lots of links from other sites, so relevant link building is important. You can get those links by emailing some industry experts and some influencers to see if they would share a specific piece of content with their followers. You might contact some non-competing businesses in your area with the same request in mind.

The Value of an SEO Services Agency

Some dental professionals prefer a DIY approach to search engine rankings, but hiring a dental SEO marketing agency to run the campaign can really pay off. Like any form of marketing, Internet marketing is an ongoing commitment. Your dental SEO service can implement all of the strategies that you read about here.

Dental Marketing Services You Can Count On

Let us help you with your digital marketing and get more visitors without doing SEO marketing yourself. Get in touch to find out how our agency can get your dental practice in front of more patients.


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How to Get Your Website to Rank Higher With Dental SEO Services

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