Make your process enjoyable.

Posted 2 years ago

Have you ever try to reach a big goal – maybe you want to lose weight, to learn a foreign language, or you want to 10x your business.

At first, you feel motivated, and you get lots of momentum.

But over time, you start losing willpower, and you eventually burn out.

I can feel you because I have been there,

For years, I believed the slogan “work hard, play hard.”

And I tried to hassle my way to success.

I want to lose weight, so I ran on the treadmill daily.

I want to grow my business, so I worked 12 hours a day.

I want to build a reading habit, so I forced myself to read one chapter per day.

I ended up burn out and feel deeply depressed.

One day, I read a book by Tony Robbins. He shared four steps to reach your goal.

1. Set your goal

2. Break it down to daily habit

3. Come up with a way to make your habit enjoyable

4.Then. Stop focusing on your goal and focus on the process.

That’s a life-changing moment for me.

I started asking – how can I make my journey to success fun and enjoyable.

So instead of running on the treadmill, I started cycling.

And since I love building a system, I start building systems and SOP for my business and outsource things I don’t want to do.

I started to find the book I love reading, and soon I read every day.

Those changes made such a significant difference for me and my business.

Our willpower is finite.

No matter what you do, if you can not enjoy the process, it’s hard to persist.

That’s why you should find a way to enjoy the process.

Stop being overly possessed by your goal.

Focus on the process and enjoy it,

Before you realized it, you will reach your goal without even noticing it

Nick Tsai

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