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Marketing Tips Disney & Nintendo Teach Me – How To Maximize Your Life Time Value With This

Posted 2 years ago

Now when we talk about tips for marketing there are many people using different techniques and methods to market their product.

And as far as Disney and Nintendo go they use a more traditional method that is forgotten by time. What is that method? We are going to discuss that in this article.

Marketing Tips that Disney and Nintendo Use

They have a simple concept to sell their products they will regain the cost and make that product worthy again. How that is possible.

Well, when I went to their seminar or a meetup we can call it. There I noticed a person who is playing games and not participating in any the work or conversation.

Marketing Tips

I was intrigued by this behaviour a person who is attending Disney seminar not even care to talk with people just olay games that he can do at home why come this far.

When I was shocked then I thought he is the person of interest for me and I want to create a conversation with him. So, I waited to trust me for a long time to finish his game.

And when he was finished I approached him and started the conversation by introducing myself. When the conversation became casual then I asked him which game were you playing.

He replied Mario.

Well, I was again shocked because Mario was an ancient game in this era and he was playing that game on Nintendo. As I was confused he explained that there was a new Mario game that has new features and updated graphics.

I disbelieved him as the trend for Mario is long gone and when he showed me I was surprised yes it was Mario but remastered. Then that struck me their technique for marketing.

They use a more traditional way as I said that is called repurposing. Repuspiing is a method where you reintroduce any product or service with a more refined and attractive look according to the time period.

That was done by Disney as they refined Mario and inserted some more features and released it again now they don’t have to target a different audience or even find a different audience.

They just need to repurpose their game and present it to their current present audience who are a fan of this legendary game.


This method is traditional and it is still being used by several high-level firms. And that can be advantageous for you if you start using this method that is used by Disney.

Because it can help you launch your product that is already in the market. You just need to refine or remaster it and voila people will buy it right away.

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