5 Ways To Monetize Your WordPress Blog

Posted 2 years ago

I know that there are some people who don’t think that they can earn a proper income through blogging and I also felt that way a few years back.


Because when it comes to blogging you need to follow way too many obligations in order to get your Blog page monetized.

But! When I was doing marketing research then I came across a few tips and to be exact 5 methods that you can also follow to achieve what I have.

Now: through blogging, I’m earning way more than I was previously.

Warning Note

There is nothing that serious but if you are using this method then you should know and it’s my obligation to tell you that these ways may not work and not applicable on free blogging platforms thus you need to register on some paid ones like WordPress and more. 

5 Ways to Monetize your WordPress Blog

Monetize your WordPress Blog

Here are 5 ways that you can follow to make yourself rich and earn easy money through just blogging. 

1- PPC (Pay Per Click)

PPC as the name suggests what you think of it? It is completely related to Google Adsense. Pay Per Click is a way that you can earn income suppose you placed an ad on your page and someone clicks on those ads. 

When someone clicks on them you will be paid through Google for that Click. Ain’t that helpful now you can easily make sure that you have enough clicks on your blog that can generate you enough money and a stable income. 

This can be the perfect way for you to get started when you don’t know how to monetize your blog page. 

2- Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing works on a commission basis.

Affiliate Marketing

Let’s suppose you visit ClickBank or any other affiliate marketing related website where you found the right client who is willing to let you sponsor their product and through that sponsorship, you can earn money. 


Well, they will provide you with a unique link that you will use in your blogs, and when someone clicks on them or buy that product that is affiliate marketing and you will receive your commission.

3- Sell Blog Post

It is simple you can simply sell a properly written blog. Yes! It happens there are people who are selling on Fiverr.

Basically you are giving them all the copyrights of that specific blog for a price thus it can be extremely beneficial for you and the one you are selling. 

4- Sell Website

Same as the blog you can also sell your website for a price. The catch is that your website must have a well-established content portfolio, with all the necessary posts and blogs.

With that, the pricing for your Website will depend according to the content that your website has. 

5- Building your Own Following

In this last step, if you have courage and ability then you can create your own fan base through your blog.

The more people visit your blog posts the more sooner will the monetization will activate on your blog page. 

Thus this can also have a long time effect on your website as you will have a proper fan following and you can easily endorse products that are affiliate marketing.


All of these ways are tested and verified by various bloggers and now they are happy with a stable earning through blogging.

So, why not try it by yourself and test these theories out to earn more than you can now.

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