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How To Start A Blog On WordPress? (Beginner Friendly)

Posted 2 years ago

If you are one of those guys who is in trouble when it comes to creating your personal WordPress site.

Well, here we are going to discuss the basic and easy method that you can follow to create a proper and perfect WordPress site so that you don’t have to deal with creating and coding for it.

This trick is for those who are not interested in programming and does not know anything about codes. Basically this trick is perfect food those newbies who are looking to create a perfect portfolio or website through an easy method.

Creating a WordPress Blog Quickly and Easily

I have been asked several times how we can create a perfect blog on WordPress and we don’t want to get inside the details and coding section? It is easy and convenient at the same time. 

You need to visit https://www.myfirstwpblog.com and there you can see a search bar in which you will type in your domain name.

Creating a WordPress Blog

If the name is available then it will give an error and suggest you choose another domain name but if the name is available then you can easily proceed forward to the next step.

When you have found the perfect and available name for the domain of your blog or website then you will click on the build my free Website button to proceed forward on to the next step.

This website is basically an affiliate marketing platform through which you can easily get affiliate marketing tips and commission on the basis of what you have sold.

But if you want a WordPress blog or website then you can use this website as well. Moving on when you have reached the next step there it will ask you to enter your details to create an account.

And in the input field, the requirements are simple just enter your user name and the email on which you want your WordPress account. Then you need to set a password for protection.

This website is perfect when you want to create a blog page why? Because it can host up to 50 blogging pages thus you can create a website through this platform.

Other than that, it also offers you service, community, and the most important thing that is you can see training videos on how you can easily monetize your WordPress site through affiliate marketing.

But when you have signed up then it will take you to the dashboard where you can view all your stats and numbers. On the left side menu, you can see a Website option there you will select that option and in that tab, you will see an option of Built new Website on the right-hand side. 

When you have clicked it will take you to a page that will have all the information hat your website needs including the domain feature.

There will be three options for the domain you will choose the free domain option. Then select the domain name that you have selected at the start and enter the details accordingly.

Click on building my website, it will take the time I know but when it is completed then you will be able to select a theme and a template for your blog website. There are several free templates available on this platform.

When everything is done it will directly log you into your WordPress and from there you can easily change what you want and if you know WordPress then you might know to edit the template is pretty simple on it.

So there you can easily edit the template and start your blogging website.

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