The Power Of Content Marketing

Posted 1 year ago

If you ask me, “Nick, If one day you lost everything and have to restart your business, what would you do.”

I would definitely answer “publishing” and “content marketing.”

Content is a powerful tool for marketing. In fact, I made my first six-figure from nothing but blogging.

I discover the power of content very early; I recall when I first start my business, I have a minimal budget for advertising.

I was struggled to get more website visitors, and I need to find a way to promote my business.

I jumped on Facebook groups, forums, and Yahoo Answer to seek help. I got many replies. And not surprisingly, many of them are nothing but spam.


Then I found a guy from Singapore who answered all my questions professionally; He posted professional content related to my questions; I started to follow him and added him as a Facebook friend.

And within few days, I became his customer and bought his course.

His course isn’t really impressive, but I suddenly realized what he was doing to promote his business – he answered my questions with valuable content and led me to his website.

I decided to give this strategy a try.

I started to go to Yahoo Answers to answer questions, and within few days, I got my first customer, and Yahoo Answers marketing became one of my core marketing strategies to get clients.

That is the first time I realized the power of content marketing.

Although a few years later, Yahoo restricted the usage of the links and became less effective, I started implementing different kinds of publishing strategies to get clients.


  • Blogging
  • YouTube
  • Podcast
  • Or even eBook


Even today, Content marketing is still one of my best marketing strategies that brings me new clients regularly.


So, if you haven’t done content marketing, I highly recommend you put them into your marketing strategy

And if you need a team to help you create content, feel free to contact me

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The Power Of Content Marketing

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