10 Different Types of Content You Can Create – Beginner Friendly

Posted 2 years ago

Do you want to create content for your marketing schemes and technique but you are confused that from which niche or content marketing should you start.

Well, I agree there are several and here I’m going to share with you the top 10 best content marketing niches so that you can decide for yourself which one is best and ideal for you.

Content Marketing Strategy and Tips

Content Marketing Strategy

Here is top of the line 10 niches that you can try for yourself to teat either it suits your criteria or not.

1- Create Blog Content

Now: the first one I want to mention is blogs. Blogging is a niche where you market your product through content that is written.

You write the pros and cons of your product to make sure the targeted audience is reading that blog post to eventually buy it. It has been an effective method as most people turn to a blog post if they want to research any product.

Create Blog Content

So Blogging can be the best option. But here you have to describe your product in detail and you have to write each and every detail that your product or even service possesses. 

Because the people who read the blog consider you the final verdict before buying any product or service. 

2- Create Videos Content

Have you ever used YouTube or any other video platform? Well, if yes then there you might have seen different videos that are product or explanation videos. 

These videos are considered to be Video marketing. Through these videos, they are doing what you would do by writing but they are targeting a more conceived audience.

3- Create Audio Content

Audios are also a content marketing niche but are done by scarce people and the audience in this marketing niche is also scarce. 

So, if you want to do audio marketing then you have to target different platforms that are audio-based and you can create either a podcast or an informative audio file for your audience.

4- Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing is now a common practice that is done by several marketers. So, if you don’t know anything about Email marketing then you should not call yourself a marketer.

5- Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has been practised by several marketers as you are using every social media platform to spread awareness of your product. This has been the most effective method for marketing.

6- Create Courses

You can create courses that can help you market your product or service. Through courses, you can earn some extra money. But creating them is a highly professional job and not everyone can create courses.

7- Create an eBook Content

You can also create or start an eBook content marketing scheme through which you can easily market your product by providing slight and minimal mentions in that book to create awareness.

Create an eBook Content

8- Start Questionnaire

If you are more of a question and answer person the I would suggest you start a Q&A on your page to interact with your audience and in a subtle manner create or market your product.

9- Join Forums

You can also join forums that are related to your product niche as there you can find an audience and market your product tot hem in a subtle way possible.

10- Create Advertisements

In the last, you can opt for creating advertisements as it is currently the best method that is being used by several firms and agencies to market their product.

So, I would suggest you if you have money to spare then use advertisements as your main content marketing method.

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