The Ugly Truth of Selling On Udemy (Don’t Depend on It)

Posted 2 years ago

If you are depending on Udemy for earning money then you are going to in big trouble. Let me tell my experience of Udemy as a few years back I started using Udemy as the main selling platform of my content and to be true it was effective as effective as I was earning a sufficient amount of money every month thus I was happy with those results.

I was that much satisfied that I hired other content creators to work for me and uploaded my content on a regular basis hence every good thing comes to an end.

As I regularly uploaded my content my revenue started to decrease day by and then I was earning approximately around 100 US Dollars per month which was not enough.

The Ugly Truth of Selling on Udemy


When I was facing various problems when I was selling on Udemy then I started my research on that. I wanted to know why Udemy is not as effective as it was.

So, I came across 3 main factors because of which Udemy was not working properly. But I would say that you can still earn money on a daily basis from Udemy but depending on it is not an excellent idea.

1- Discounts:

If you visit Udemy now as a buyer you would encounter various deals and discounts on different products. And you can notice discounts frequently and regularly hence this can be a disadvantage. Discounts are the moth to attract traffic or audience but in Udemy with frequent discounts offer the buyers or the audience of Udemy are trained to wait for a discount offer.

Now You might wonder what could go wrong?

Everything is wrong with this as when a buyer comes across your product and he would feel it expensive then he/she would think that its the right time to wait for a sale so that they can buy hence resulting is disadvantaging you are decreasing your revenue.

It’s like when a product is costing $20 on Udemy you are getting only 10$ per sale that can be disadvantaging to your skill.

2- Opting Out

Let’s suppose you want to opt-out from this discount campaign and does not want to take part in that this can be also disadvantaging as when you try or want to leave this discount offer then you would be excluded from the competition.

For example when you opt-out then you would also be excluded from the competition that helps you maintain your sales. And when you opt-out then your sales will also decrease resulting is no income.

3- Competition

As we discussed competition on the previous heading but in this factor, I would explain to you about what is a competition.

Competition helps you to gain to maintain a perfect sales as you will increase your sale there would be more competition on that particular product hence competition is necessary. 

Without competition your sale would go down drastically hence this would happen when you are selling in Udemy as many publishers and content creators and switching they selling platform hence you would have less competition for selling your product.


 You would have a sufficient sale on Udemy but depending on that platform is a bad and insufficient idea as this can’t provide you with low income and less revenue generated day by day.

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