One Funnel Away Mantra

Is “You Are One Funnel Away” A B.S? My Opinions

Posted 3 years ago

You Are One Funnel Away this was the basic Mantra that was repeated by Russel Brunson. This Mantra is a special one as it tells you you should not quite before the results.

You might wonder how does it says that we can’t see the help in this Mantra well, I’m here to explain that. 

“One Funnel Away” Mantra

One Funnel Away

When we talk about this mantra you should know that we are not actually talking about Funnels we are taking Funnel as an example to understand that the peek is not that far. What I mean let me elaborate.

Have you ever visited camping or hiking with any family member who is older and wiser than you? They keep you focus in one place while making you travel 100 miles through hiking. Have you ever wondered how did they do that? 

With this mantra, they keep your focus in one place and keep saying that the endpoint is near right around the corner. Even though the corner is far and the endpoint is nowhere to be seen but they keep you focused in the time that you forget to ask that.

Eventually, you reach the endpoint and you wonder have we travelled that much distance? Well, if you had the same incident then go and ask you would have travelled a long distance.

This Mantra says that you should not quite without trying as you should think that the job is easy and you should have the confidence in you that you can do it. And in the end, your results would be fascinating.

This Mantra has been the slogan of Russel Brunson and through this, he is teaching you that when you start a business you would feel more tired and slow.

But when you follow this mantra and use ClickFunnels your endpoint will be around the corner and you have to hustle to get there. This is what the Mantra explains to us.

When started then you should hustle but never quite because quite is a loser and nobody in this world wants to become one.

Follow this and for sure it will take some time but when you are reciting this mantra everything and every step will look easy and in business every step you take you to progress exactly like hiking.


With this Mantra, Russel Brunson has taught us the way to ease your life problems. As this Mantra does not help you with the business it also helps you with your daily life problems and who doesn’t want to relieve themselves with their daily problems. 

No, I’m not saying that this is a magical Mantra and this will solve your any problem it just gives you hope that the endpoint is near one leap of faith and there you are.

You just need to have confidence in yourself and on the people that you are on this life’s ride. So, I won’t say to follow Russel Brunson just follow this mantra for better and beautiful results.

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