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How To Do Youtube SEO With TubeBuddy & VidIQ?

Posted 2 years ago

What is SEO? It is a procedure where you can optimize your videos to the top side of the search section. For example because of SEO anybody searches about a relevant topic to your Youtube video then there is a chance that your video will appear on the top 10 videos in searches. 

This is SEO and this is YouTube SEO. There are several techniques to do SEO for your Youtube channel and videos but the most effective tool is TubeBuddy and VidIQ.

So in this article, we are going to discuss them in detail to understand better and enhance the traffic on your YouTube channel.

How to use VidIQ for YouTube SEO?


It is a smart assistant that can suggest you some keywords to put in your title and description.

This is the basic explanation for this tool and if we dig deep inside the toll then you will have several options that can aid you in enhancing the SEO of your particular video.

Such as if there is a need for a keyword that is searched frequently and your video is related to that then VidIQ will suggest you use that keyword for enhancing the SEO search for your video.

Other than that, this can also suggest you some vital keywords to insert in your description for better SEO results. 

Not only that, but there is also a checklist that you need to follow and a set of tags that you need to input before uploading that is suggested by VidIQ.

The checklist has some simple instructions such as “insert a video card in your video, put an end screen video” these tasks are simple yet they are effective hence you might want to follow that checklist for better SEO results.

These are the reasons why I recommend you to use VidIQ for better understanding and for better SEO results.

Disadvantages of VidIQ


The disadvantage of using VidIQ is that you will get limited. You might wonder why?

This is because they have a limited quota of applying tags on a video in a month.

For example, you upload daily so you will be limited by this quota system that lets you upload a particular amount of videos per month using VidIQ tags. This is the only disadvantage of using VidIQ.

How to use TubeBuddy for YouTube SEO?



The thing with TubeBuddy is that it doesn’t limit you with a monthly quota of uploading videos. Unlike VidIQ it has some perks to it such as you can use unlimited video tags that can enhance the SEO searches of your video.

Secondly, you can use TubeBuddy for inserting some advantageous tags and keywords like VidIQ but the keyword suggestion is more responsive and more accurate than VidIQ. 

Other than that, this is more like VidIQ hence the integration of TubeBuddy with Youtube Studio is simple and easy and with TubeBuddy you can also enhance your video searches to your required need.

This also has some perks with a list that you can follow to achieve a more desired result and traffic control on your channel or video. The list is more accurate and in-depth than the VidIQ so, you can follow that list for better SEO search results on your video and channel.

Disadvantages of TubeBuddy


The only disadvantage of TubeBuddy is that this tool is not for free.

What did you think that every special feature is for free, everything and every feature that is provided by TubeBuddy is for a price.

I know it is for an affordable price but when it comes to comparing TubeBuddy and VidIQ head to head then you might want to opt for TubeBuddy.

The pricing plan is on a monthly basis but the pricing is also affordable and cheap.

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